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    • He's apparently closing all his pubs in Wales apart from 8 as Drakeford has banned them from selling alcohol, and some in the Chapel set want him to ban all alcohol sales ina USA style prohibition.
    • Well I have no idea whats actually happening regarding the Brexit negotiations, but I cant see any substantial meal deal occurring as Johnson is planning on not only bringing back the highly reported international agreement and law breaking legislation back next week - but also adding some more agreement trashing legislation (Taxation (Post Transition Period) Bill)   https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-eu-legislation/britain-to-press-ahead-with-brexit-treaty-breaking-laws-next-week-idUKKBN28D1KB https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cdp-2020-0164/ https://uk.practicallaw.thomsonreuters.com/w-004-6057?contextData=(sc.Default)&transitionType=Default&firstPage=true     Its 'interesting that many companies are planning on cutting/pausing supplies to NI, not only because they have no idea whatsoever what the UK mechanisms are going to be, but most are (of course) international companies and so unlike the Johnson Government, will be loath to break international agreements.   https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/dec/03/four-in-10-uk-food-firms-to-cut-supplies-to-northern-ireland-poll-brexit     Of course, theres also the 'other side of the world' trading group - but as well as being thousands of miles away, they also have rules and wont take kindly to agreement breakers   https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/what-trans-pacific-partnership-tpp   https://www.aseanbriefing.com/news/new-rcep-free-trade-agreement-rules-of-origin-to-boost-finishing-of-products-investment-into-cambodia-laos-myanmar/   and who gains most from that 'thousands of miles away agreement? - as we already know with the UK-Japan deal .. https://www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2020/11/21/who-gains-from-rcep-asias-new-trade-pact    
    • Brilliant thank you. So if I pay £2000 on credit card and the remaining 18k via BACs, I'm protected for the full 36k of the invoice price (16k part ex, 2k credit card and 18k bacs) is what I'm reading ?
    • Share price in scotch egg companies doubles as Witheredspoons orders thousands of 'substantial meal' scotch eggs to serve alongside their microwave curries that don't meet the requirements ...
    • I understand that you may not have much time to spare – but somebody will need to engage with this and to take on the work of getting this all prepared. There is likely to be quite a lot of work. Are your daughters competent with computers and do they have the necessary computer/scanner/printer to help? Would they be prepared to register with this forum under separate user identities and get involved in this discussion? I'm afraid that contacting action fraud is useless – unless you have a body of evidence and that is what we will help you put together. So far you have identified one train company – Arriva North. Please can you tell us about that. Post up the story of the problem with Arriva North in a separate post  
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Debt Collection - Mobile Phone Contract - Urgent

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I would really appreciate any help or advice please.


My boyfriend had a contract with 02 a couple of years ago. He began getting lots of texts from strange numbers, containing, porn, ringtones, dating etc. He sent texts back saying STOP as someone advised him and still they kept coming. He got a massive phone bill from 02. He called them numerous times complaining about this and they basically said to him theres nothing they can do to stop them and he would have to pay the bill. My boyfriend got into a bit of an argument with them and told them he will not pay for something he didnt ask for and had had tried to stop.


He then stopped paying them and heard nothing else from this.


Anyway (a bit of background). My boyfriend at time time had overstayed his visa in the UK. He has subsequently gone back to his country and we applied through the correct channels and he is now back in the country legally on a fiance visa.


A week before he arrived back in the UK, he received a letter from 02 saying he owed £1,032. £532 in call charges and the rest was early termination of the contract. The letter was sent to my address (I have no idea how they tracked him to this address as he has never had correspondence sent here before). He has now received 3 more letters. Two from a debt collection company called RED and the third from a solicitors threatening court.


He went to see the citizens advice bureau but they cant help at the moment as he doesnt have any proof that he is from this borough as he currently cant work as you are not permitted to do so on the fiance visa and I rent the flat in my name.


We are just so lost as to what to do. The charges are completely unfair and unjust but we are very worried about what is coming next.


Can anyone give us any help? thank you in advance.

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OK, RED cannot do a lot against your boyfriend. The worst that will happen already has, your boyfriends credit file will be trashed by o2 for non-payment (and as he has not paid for a couple of years it will be hard for your boyfriend to correct this). The solicitors will probably be another office of RED. Get your boyfriend to write to RED saying he disputed this at the time and still does, and trying to enforce a disputed debt is against the OFT guidelines of debt collection, and any further demands will be met with official complaints. Do not phone them, deal with it in writing.

If in doubt, contact a qualified insured legal professional (or my wife... she knows EVERYTHING)


Or send a cheque or postal order payable to Reclaim the Right Ltd.


923 Finchley Road London NW11 7PE



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