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    • I am at a loss. Last week I received a letter from Virgin Money saying they are closing my account in 60 days but no explanation. I called and was told to go into branch so I travelled 25 miles to the branch to be told it was nothing to do with them.    Bit of background I opened a Yorkshire bank account in 2014 as my town had a branch (long since closed)   A little while later I opened a Yorkshire bank credit card with a small credit limit   More recently I opened a B credit card as it had zero non sterling transaction fees , this was just before they closed that type of card to new applicants.   So Virgin money come along and transfer all my accounts to virgin money.    I opened another virgin credit card with 12 months 0% as I had drowned my old iPad and wanted a new one.   Almost two months ago I found out by looking at my statement that the B credit card had changed its terms and conditions and now was only zero non sterling if the transaction was in euro's Swedish Kr and Romanian Lee. I called and queried this to be told it was a commercial decision but the call handler did acknowledge that I had not been told about this.   I made a complaint - to be honest this was the reason for keeping the card open . They have about another 3 weeks before the 8 weeks are up and I take it to the FOS   Anyway, after getting the letter giving me 60 days I made a complaint that they a) sent me round the houses b) were unable to tell me why. I was told I would get a call back within 4 days    After 7 I called to be told the complaint had been closed as it had no standing and that the reason my account was closed was something really serious and someone would call me before the end of the 60 days.     Just to confirm, I usually keep £1000 minimum in my account (to get the interest) , have never once been overdrawn and my wages get paid in every month. I pay all my bills from the account . I admit I did a bit of moving money around a couple of months ago and also made a couple of 1K cash deposits.   Is there anything I can do? Oddly they have not closed my credit cards   I have now opened a student bank account with HSBC and also checked my credit file. HSBC are doing a switch to move all my DD's. I have also opened another credit card that gives no charges on non sterling transactions or cash withdrawals ( I can't quite believe it as it nots Halifax).   I want closure but I also want the B******s to pay.   Sorry for the long rant  
    • “seems that rather than making fossil fuel companies pay their fair share, the public purse will actually be subsidising this climate wrecking investment to the tune of almost £6 billion. This is obscene.” - Mark Ruskell, a member of the Scottish parliament
    • This is a copy of the appeal letter sent to Smart Parking.  Still trying to sort out how to sent copy of PCN
    • So anyone heard whether Alok Sharma has submitted a letter of no confidence and resigned his cabinet position? .. given Sunaks uk TAXPAYER FUNDED tax relief for oil and gas drilling in the north sea while Sharma and the UK still hold the presidency of COP, and of course the demonstrably utter bollocks stated at COP in the name of the UK?   or perhaps he's just another conscience and moral free scummy self serving Johnsonite liar  
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