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bounced mortgage standing order cash taken from account.

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I seem to be having an ongoing dispute with Lloyds.

I am self employied, use to working in England, now work in Brussels.

Forgot to make a payment of my credit card before I went to Brussels(8 weeks ago)

Paid normal amount on credit card last month.


Ensured there was enough money in my account to payment mortage on 30/7/2010.

Discover on 2/8/2010 that Lloyds have extracted 92 pounds from my current account.

They have bounced my mortage standing order to C&G(another part of Lloyds)


Spent about 2 hours yesterday on mobile phone trying to find out which bit off Lloyds to talk to. Finally get through the right part, 'the collections center' , discover what is going on.

I did my research on your web site, discovered the 'Lending code' noticed sections 163,164.

Called collections center, attempt to explain about 'Lending code', got cut off 3 times, the 3 different managers I spoke cliamed not to have heared of the 'Lending code' and that they were allowed to take cash as per section 7 of my 'agreement with them'.


I did ask them to study the lending code and call me back and got the reply 'we don't call back'.


After being cut off for a third time(I am calling using a mobile, its never dropped out like that before), am wondering what to do next?


Does anybody have any useful suggestions?


I have no desire to speak to these people again, I get the impression


1. They are not there to help.

2. The seem to be rather ignorante of the rules about banking

3. They won't call you back.

4. They are law un to themselves. Normally branchs of Lloyds do not want to get intrested, to them it is some elses problems.


I have been a customer of Lloyds since 1986, I have never had any problems before this.

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Tried talking to variours bits of Lloyds results. Everybody at Lloyds knowns about their ability to take money out of an account. I have then asked about the Lending code, and have received some very intresting anwers. Mainily along the lines, whats what, it does not apply. I have then pointed out that it does, it was plastered all over your all web site.

Current status, its with their complains secation.


I have tried talking to a 'manager at collections', my first question was to ask them what they did and to try to define their role. They seem to be very suprised as such a question, but evetual agreed they they were at 'expert a credit control and therefore an expert at how the law and bank policy codes applied'. I then quoted the lending code and asked what they were going to do next, she did not have an answer.


My reponse who the 'heck' can you be an expert at credit control and not known about agreements signed by your employeer

I am beging to wonder if I should just start to inform people like the Daily Mail, BBC , the Lebding Standards board,the Financial Ombudsman.


My morgague is with another part of Lloyds, they have robbed Peter to pay Paul.


I have opened a new bank account.


What is anonyinig me, is that this is being treated as 'not my problem' we don't kneed to talk to you etc. I expect if I close my bank account with the charges left unpaid, they will just 'say its not closed' you owe us this money.


Just how the heck can I force these clowns to take action, admit that there is a problem?


Currently I am considering turning up at their collection center and blocking the entrace with my car etc until something happens.

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mmm interesting one. I presume the credit card is with LLoyds? They subscribe to the Lending Code but am not sure it's so much a legal document so much as a Best Practice guide. Your credit card was one month in arrears? Was this the first missed payment on mortgage? Why didn't you pay the missing payment on credit card? I hear what you are saying re section 164 but is missing one payment on your mortgage putting your house at risk?

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What they have done is known as "Offsetting" and they are allowed to do it as long as it is quoted in their T&C's.


I'd advise getting another bank account sorted out ASAP well away from LTSB


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Hi Hackedoff, take Supasnoopers advice and change banks. Lloyds are the lowest of the low. Out and out trash. I asked a company to send me a cheque last year but they paid the monies direct in my bank account. It went in one day and these scumbags took it out the next leaving me with virtually nothing. As a reult, I left a penny in the account and been nowhere near them since. My cc is in dispute and they havent got a copy of the agreement (what a pity) so they wont be getting another penny out of me (unless they take whats left in my account)

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