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Ok so im an Electrician and I work for a facility management company who maintain properties for a high profile family whom holiday in the UK 5 months of the year.

So recently received my permanent employment contract after serving a year but im a little concerned that they are trying to get me to commit to a contract saying they can make me do anything , anytime , anyway and anyhow they want.

So some details well im paid a salary plus I get an overtime allowance which originally cover any unforeseen overtime but now im being told that I will be required to work shift , weekends and all sorts of hours but on my contract in regards to hours its all if buts and maybes so when I raise the issue over overtime pay they just say well its not guaranteed yet in the next breath they say its is.

Next issue it states they can lay me off for a short periods unpaid if they deem it necessary but dont specify under what circumstance and how long they would it also states in my contract im not allowed to get another job whilst employed by them.

As far as my duties the contract leaves it wide open saying I am an electrician or any duties the company sees fit.


There are lots of other concerns but these are the main ones if anyone has any tips or ideas of how to approach this id greatly appreciate it also if this is confusing I do apologise and just request you ask for clarification if it makes no sense.

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Hello and thank you for joining the forum.


You could check out the directgov and ACAS websites about contracts. ACAS also have a confidential helpline. Or you could talk to your local CAB.


Other caggers may be along later to comment.



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All that I can suggest is that you put in writing precisely the parts that you need clarifying. You say that you have only just received a contract, however you have already effectively been working under one for the last year - they do not need to be written in order to be binding - you may have a certain degree of protection under the principle of Custom and Practice.


Basically, in addition to a basic statement of main terms (pay, holiday, hours of work etc which should by law have been provided at the start of your employment), there should be a more full list of clauses which formed your Contract. If that is not supplied to you, then you can claim that over time, the fact that you have performed certain duties, worked certain hours or more improtantly have not been required to do certain things, and therefore they are implied contract terms. To then try to enforce different conditions now, may represent a breach of contract and you are entitled to resist.

Any advice given is done so on the assumption that recipients will also take professional advice where appropriate.






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