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Would anyone be kind enough to look up and read website

and advise just WHAT the personal risks might possibly be regarding the offer of £29.99 for CCJ

'setaside' that 'everyone' who is 'anyone' seems as warning against in the extreme All looks

very innocent stuff(with money back guarantee if not 'set aside')assuming 'no previous action',

as said, being prior 'condition' for application - could it be worth a sensible risk if 'conditions' do apply

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First impressions, a money making site.


If you look at the Loans page, the link provided is an affiliate link, they are getting a kick back if you apply for a loan.


The fact it is made with Mr Site software, with a maximum cost price of £99 says it all really.


Anyone with a CCJ and finds that site, is possiblly after a loan anyway, and seeing a site that says it is possible with CCJ's to get a loan can then see a glimmer of hope.


It looks like (to me anyway) they are just preying on desperate people.


No offence to anyone in this predicament, it's just the easiest way of explaining it.

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Hmmmm, Not quite as I was reading it - if anyone taking out a loan anywhere then borrower is at 'risk' of sharks anyway,

so a loan is a loan and borrower beware Impression gained was people warning on 'other' grounds as NEVER

getting involved with such FIRMS So taking away the 'loan' factor, what else is it in the 'words and actions'

that causes people to be so vociferous about NOT getting involved with such Firms offering to 'set aside' a CCJ

for £29.99 based upon their(sensible)stated 'conditions' Just WHAT ARE the perceived problems likely to be

incurred by taking up that offer I take the point that still left with problem after such 'set aside' re paying back

original debt, so that when sharks could jump in - yeah get that Is that what everyone's stated concerns are???

Otherwise presume doing it 'all the time' so they confident then of achieving the 'set-aside' whatever, OR . are

they not worried if THEY lose the £29.99 as they confident of getting it back as an inflated Loan afterwards anyway

Yeah, can see that and making more sense But how confident a record of they achieving 'set-aside' anyway(90%???)

Very interesting dilemma Any more advice/information out there either one way or the other?

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simple answer is do it yourself .


if the DN is faulty then it should be plain sailing.


pers something smells here,


bit like the reclaim co's



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


if everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's tomorrow

the biggest financial industry in the UK, DCA;s would collapse overnight.



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Thx dx100uk for your thoughts But just what is it that 'smells' If they so 'expert' then it MUST be worth £29.99

of ANYONE'S money to take that up at 90% success rate(my figure, not their's)to make use of their expertise - or is it,

as long as keeping weather eye open regarding LETSDOTHIS valid point regarding avoiding any Loan [problem] Just what

is the 'mechanism' used then that everyone who is anyone is warning against Please please let the cat out of the bag

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Hmmmm Looks like no-one got the faintest idea then????!!!!

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