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    • Hi CAG,   First time poster here.   I would like to start off by saying that I've read through various threads and it's quite heartwarming to see the level of attention and support you give to people dealing with often stressful and anxiety inducing circumstances. I'll certainly be making a donation as this is truly a valuable resource.   I've read several similar threads to my own situation but I thought I'd seek your advice.   I opened a letter just a few hours ago from London Collection and Compliance Centre which is dated 11th January 2022 for an amount totalling £870.68. I'll attach a copy below. I can't quite remember the date of the initial offence. For context, I boarded a bus (I believe in 2018) and unbeknownst to me, my contactless card did not register correctly on the reader. I had my headphones in with music playing and was sat for my journey and then was approached by a ticket inspector who informed me that I did not tap and therefore was unable to provide proof of a valid ticket. Despite explaining the circumstances, I was asked for my details which I provided in full. I was honest and forthcoming with the ticket inspector but I wasn't aware this would amount to a fine as I was provided with a printed pass for the remainder of my journey. I accept liability for not being able to provide proof of a valid ticket and do not wish to dispute this regardless of intent.    I'm not entirely sure why I didn't pay the fine upon receipt of TfL's initial correspondence but I'm a long time sufferer of anxiety and depression which at times is so debilitating that I'm unable to make the best decisions or carry out simple actions. Some of which would mean I wouldn't need to make this post. I struggled financially at the time of receiving this letter and further correspondence which placed I did not deal with correctly because of the mental state I was in. I struggled to cope with and stupidly I neglected my responsibility and buried my head in the sand. I made an error in judgement that I wholeheartedly regret.   As of writing (early hours of 26th January 2022), the 10 working days given in the 'Further steps notice' has elapsed (25th January 2022). I rarely receive mail and therefore I don't regularly check my mailbox. However, I decided to take a look today as I suspected I missed a Royal Mail delivery. I intend on calling the number on the letter at the earliest appropriate time in the morning and dealing with this matter. I'm desperate to right my previous wrongs as I've worked hard to deal with my anxiety by beginning therapy. However, like many others in this thread, I'm worried about the prospect of having a criminal record. I'm 26 years only and I don't have any previous convictions nor have I had any trouble with the law. I have a real love for the service TfL provides and I'm capable of listing off an endless stream of related trivia. I have no previous run ins with TfL and regularly travel on the network and pay the correct, full fare each time.    I'm worried about how this will affect my future in regards to employment and my intention of naturalising as a British citizen (I've been in the UK for 20 years now).   I'll note my primary questions below and would truly appreciate your advice.   a) If I get in contact with the number on the letter as soon as possible, will that be too late despite the close proximity to the deadline?   b) What would be the best potential approach to resolving this issue? (I'm unable to pay the amount in as a lump sum.)   c) If I were successful in arranging a payment plan/somehow paying the amount in full, how would that affect the court proceedings? Would this still result in a criminal record?   d) I've seen other threads which mention OOC settlements with TfL, would this be an option despite receipt of a 'Further steps notice' letter?   e) Should I end up in court or have the opportunity to speak to someone over the phone - will I be able to explain my circumstance and plead for leniency?   f) What other general steps would you suggest I take at this stage to mitigate the consequences?   Apologies for this post being so long, I wanted to include as much relevant detail as possible and I'm more than happy to provide any that's missing. I don't want to make excuses for myself. I completely accept I'm in the wrong for allowing things to get to this stage, despite the difficulty I had with my mental state but I want to do right by myself and deal with this. I'll post regular updates and be sure to include a conclusion once I deal with the matter regardless of the outcome.   Thank you in advance for looking at this post, I really do appreciate what you do.   IMG_2609.pdf
    • The worrying aspect is that they could well run away ... then a few months down the line, knowing full well you'd moved, sue you at your old address, knowing you would lose by default.  Therefore I suggest sending the above letter off on Thursday if the other regulars don't disagree, then on Saturday another one to just UKPM     Dear UK Car Park Management Limited,   re: PCN no.XXXXX   please note that I no longer live at XXXXX but that my new address is XXXXX.   Yours,
    • How about -     Dear Will & John,   Re: your reference XXXXX, vehicle registration XXXXX   cheers for your Letter Before Claim.  I rolled around on the floor in mirth at the idea you thought I would actually take such bilge seriously and then cough up.   Now you know and I know and now you know that I know all the reasons why these residential parking claims are utter pants.   Your thicko client, UKPM, have been hammered in court so many times in these cases, but if they haven't learnt their lesson and want another thrashing, fine, bring it on.   I see the government this week dropped tests for fully-vaccinated travellers returning to the UK, so if your client is daft enough to take me to court then I will delight in tolchocking them, then obtaining an unreasonable costs order under CPR 27.14(2)(g), spending it all on a foreign holiday, and then laughing at your client's expense while I down my aperitivi.   I look forward to your deafening silence.   COPIED TO UK CAR PARK MANAGEMENT LIMITED     Gladstone's and UKPM are well aware of where these letters originate from and that they would have a real battle on in court, so lately have always run away ... although of course there are no guarantees.   However, hang on through tomorrow and see what the other regulars think.
    • 'Walk the ice, take risks and do it quickly'View the full article
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Halifax £1/£5 day charges

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As I am sure a lot of other people have on here I have been hit by th hike in Halifax bank charges.


Went they announced they were bringing them in I went into my branch and told them I did not accept their charges and wanted to close the account, obviously they wouldnt let me as overdrawn so informed them that I wished to stick to my old agreement as per agreement when signed up for overdraft. I also mentioned UTCC regs. The woman I spoke to seemed pretty cluesless!


Fast forward 2 months and they have charged me the new interest rate despite my meeting with them!!! I am obviously furious.




1) Has anyone taken them to task on this? If so how did they get on?


2) Can I get my extertionate charges back from them considering I have already told them I didnt agree with their new rates and wished to stick to my old agreement?


Thanks in advance!



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1) Many including myself. Any positive progress in my favour so far? None whatsoever. I get a weekly reminder that I'm overdrawn. I did receive several letters warning of a default, they then issued a default but didn't follow the correct regulations over the timeframe so technically an invalid default. However, it hasn't appeared on my credit record so I'm assumeing that they've either realised their mistake, or it was just an empty threat.


2) You never agreed to the new charges, so you don't owe them in the first place and anything they claim to the contrary is null and void. Any charges they have added that may appear on statements are also meaningless. No more than you could write to them and say your account is £600 in credit and that you want to close the account so please send me a cheque. I've told them about 5 times that I don't accept the changes before they started applying the new charges so it's not like they didn't receive any warning.

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Hi Yeti,


Indeed, I have already closed the account in question but not before they demanded 2 months @ £30 to close it in 'charges'. I am following it up but I certainlywant my money back off them, I never agreed to the charging regime. I am also thinking of complaining to the FOS which even if it gets nowhere will cost HBOS for my complaint to be investigated!



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Hi, i've noticed this also. it was on my last statement saying that arranged overdrafts were now subject to a £1 per day charge until back in credit. I have a bit of a history with this 'bank' over charges (which I believe are panalties) and was extramely dissapointed by the outcome of the test case. Anyway, I opened an account with another bank a couple of years ago and transfered all my banking activity there so I was just trying to reduce my overdraft with Halifax and then this hits me! I have already written to them saying that I could not sustain these charges each month and reduce the overdraft. I'm wondering if this is totally legit for them to do this on arranged overdrafts which are within their limits. I will ppost back when I get a reply.


Please Note



The advice I offer will be based on the information given by the person needing it. All my advice is based on my experiences and knowledge gained in working in the motor and passenger transport industries in various capacities. Although my advice will always be sincere, it should be used as guidence only.

I would always urge to seek professional advice for clarification prior to taking any action.



Please click my reputation button at the bottom of my profile window on the left if you found my advice useful.

Please Note


The advice I offer will be based on the information given by the person needing it. All my advice is based on my experiences and knowledge gained in working in the motor and passenger transport industries in various capacities. Although my advice will always be sincere, it should be used as guidence only.


I would always urge to seek face to face professional advice for clarification prior to taking any action.


Please click my reputation 'star' button at the bottom of my profile window on the left if you found my advice useful.

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I’m currently being charged £5 per day for being over an arranged overdraft which I never arranged! £155 was charged to the account last month alone. They’re ringing me daily but I just cannot be bothered to communicate with these idiots anymore, I’d rather deal with the debt company. I’ve had 3 agreements setup which have all been done incorrectly by Halifax staff and I never agreed to the charges in the first place, although they say I did.


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