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urgent help needed hsbc have sent me a ccj

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I really need help, I don't know what to do. The end of last year I had to change banks. I was over my overdraft limit and hsbc were declining council tax payments and other direct debits. I fell behind in my council tax and as I work in local government they went directly for an attachment of earnings and took £300 a month from me (this crippled me and my husband) and we had a very hard time just trying to keep a roof over our heads, fell behind with all our bills, and had rent arreas because of it.

During this time I opened up a new bank account with natwest, as my salary was being swallowed by my o/d, charges were increasing and bill payments were not being paid.


Now I've received a county court claim form Northampton, for the sum of £2446.79 (£400 of which is charges). I have serveral other debts and do owe around £20,000. My husband is unable to work (he doesn't receive any benefits) so my salary is all we have.


currently after paying all our essential bills, rent, healthcare, food and travel I don't have anything remaining at the end of the month. Although I don't have an overdraft anymore my bank balance is £0 long before payday comes back round.


So I'm now panicking about the court order, and what to do next. Im worried about what they will order me to pay, and that I won't be able to afford it.


If anyone could offer any help I would be very gratefull.


Many thanks , Jo.

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Hi Ziggy


Welcome to the CAG


I'm sure others will respond shortly, it's the weekend so be patient.

With regards to your other debts, if you have credit card debts, have you sent a CCA Request? Have you got any Penalty Charges you could claim back with interest, going back at least

6 years. Have you been mis-sold any PPI that you could claim back with interest. With a CCA Request you can find out if the agreement is enforceable , if it isn't you can put the account in dispute. All templates and spreadsheet can be found on this site.

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The Consumer Forums - Library


If you need to get hold of statements, you can send a SAR request, for each company you would have to send £10, but well worth it if you've got penalty charges.

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Please can anyone help me with advice, the court order was dated 21/07 so I'm running out of time to respond.


Ive done a full income and expenditure that clearly shows after basic shopping, bills, food and rent I have nothing remaining.


Do i need to get the court juristiction moved from Northampton? and will they take my income and expenditure into account?


They only asset I own is my car, and without this I will not be able to do my job. I really worried they may take it.


any advice. thanks , jo

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I've bumped the thread to the site team, so someone should be along shortly.


Did you look into and send off the CCA requests as Rebel commented?




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Have you completed the AOS ?


Have you sent a CPR 31.14 request ?


Have you done a search on the site for problems similar to your own ?


What is the claim for ? ( overdraft, credit card etc.. )


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