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To all who have been wronged by the DVLA/Inter-Credit - Follow these steps


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Another thread about the organisation that, by their own claim, never make any mistakes, the DVLA. My story started out like many others have experienced. Last year my tax disc was coming close to running out so I sent in the SORN declaration well in time dated for when the tax runs out. After 4 weeks I received no confirmation letter so as instructed I called them to follow up. Another 4 weeks the SORN confirmation letter finally arrives, only it’s dated for the SORN to begin 2 months after I made the SORN declaration when the tax disc ran out, and the DVLA demand payment of £80 for “my” offence of late SORN declaration. I write to them to explain and resolve the situation, and they respond with another generic letter demanding payment of £80. I try calling them and they hang up on me.


Shortly after the last Welsh man slammed the phone down on me, I receive my first letter from Inter-Credit International Ltd, the DVLA’s Debt Collection Agency, saying as I’ve ignored all previous letters I need to make payment of £80 to them immediately. I call Inter-Credit and they don’t seem to have any other words in their vocabulary than, “How will you be making payment today?”.


I call the DVLA again, to try and resolve this incorrect record, and to my pleasant surprise I speak to the first half reasonable I’ve ever spoken to from the DVLA or any of their counterparts. I explained the situation to her, and she said that she would halt proceedings while she orders a copy of my SORN declaration as that would have the date stamped on it that would clear this matter up and she would write to me within 2 weeks. “Two weeks, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your help.” Fair enough, I thought.


4 weeks later I still haven’t heard anything, after being patient that it could just be delayed in the post or they’re probably dealing with a lot of complaints, I call them again and ask to speak to Katherine again. She’s not in today so I explain the situation to this person and she reads up on the notes on the account. It turns out the organisation that makes no mistakes has made some mistakes. They ordered a copy of the declaration from the department and they lost it, so they ordered another copy 2 weeks ago and they lost it again! They’ve now ordered it for a third time and it’s taking a long time to arrive so they may have to order it again! She tells me they’ll write to me in about 2 weeks. I make absolutely certain with her that I will hear back from them and I won’t just receive a court summons or debt demand in a couple of months, because that’s my concern, I don’t care about how long the inadequacies of their departments take I just don’t want to receive a court demand out of the blue one day because they haven’t bothered to get back to me and have some excuse that I haven’t followed up properly. I’m really trying not to give them anything to use against me.


So, 8 weeks later I still haven’t heard anything about this matter. Just today a new letter from Inter-Credit arrives demanding payment otherwise they WILL issue legal proceedings for the amount and costs. So I call the DVLA again today and speak to Adrian who tells me that he doesn’t know why it’s taking so long for them to receive from their Swansea department but they still haven’t got it and he’s going to order it again but this time there’s going to be an urgent mark put on it so they will definitely respond this time and if they haven’t received the papers from the department they will actually chase it up this time (I guess they don’t chase things up unless it has “urgent” marked on it) and I will definitely hear from them within 2 weeks this time. I asked if the DVLA was regulated by anyone such as the Office of Fair Trading, he said he had no idea. I asked about the letter from Inter-Credit he said that’s just because after it’s been on hold for a while they revert to sending letters that they WILL take you to court if you don’t pay them.


Well, after I get off the phone from that enlightening conversation I call the Office of Fair Trading and they advise all the correct steps to take to complain, they were very helpful, and I’m not going to wait for the DVLA to fail again. Additionally they’ve upset me with this nonsense so I’ve just spent the last hour compiling my written correspondence to the following addresses and organisations that everybody should follow if they wish to complain about the DVLA;


Email the Office of Fair Trading to open the complaint. I’ve complained about the DVLA and Inter-Credit’s misleading attempts, write to this address;

[email protected]

As the DVLA are a government organisation it’s slightly out of the OFT’s realm but it’s worth opening a complaint with them.


Go to www.direct.gov.uk/emaildvla

Raise the complaint to their Customer Service Manager, you can to their Chief Executive but you’ll get the same response. Email your complaint and then;


Contact your local MP. For those of you who haven’t done it before it’s really easy, look them up, you can probably email them, write to them at W1 or at their local constituent or you can call them to arrange a meeting. I’ve called my MP, Jeremy Hunt to arrange a meeting at which point he’ll give me referral rights to;



[email protected]

This is the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman where you can complain about Government departments like the DVLA. You must speak to your MP first in order to have followed the procedure to complain to these though, but you can speak to them at the same time you follow the above steps for any clarification or assistance.


If anybody knows any other steps that I, or any of the other victims of the DVLA’s incompetence can take to complain and take action and against them please contribute.



Thank you for reading.

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Looks like you have exhausted everything and I bet are exhausted yourself after all this.

If they WERE to litigate,then based on your story it seems they wouldnt have a leg to stand on.

If you can show loss or damages/harm - then why not sue them ?


I have always done my Sorns online after hearing of these nightmare stories you tell of here-and have never had any problems-it would seem to be the best way to do it.

To late for you though.

All you can do for the moment is wait for them and in the meantime get all the evidence together to show their handling of this should you need it later.

Keep us posted.

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Unless you have a copy of the SORN declaration you sent originally, then send them a Subject Access Request (£10) and you will get back a copy of your declaration.

If the copy isn't there, then they have not fulfilled their statutory duty.


After 12 days if you haven't received anything then collection attempts must cease. If they haven't sent it by a further 30 days, then they have committed an offence.


Once you have a copy and can show that you declared in time, then you can take them or let them take you to court. You can claim your expenses for all these phone calls as well.

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An easy way to contact your MP, councillor or other elected representatives is to go here:


WriteToThem - Email or fax your Councillor, MP, MEP, MSP or Welsh, NI, London Assembly Member for free

We could do with some help from you.



Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread


The bailiff: A 12th Century solution re-branded as Enforcement Agents for the 21st Century to seize and sell debtors goods as before Oh so Dickensian!

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Well, that finally got some response. Today a 3 line letter telling me "under these circumstances, no further action will be taken."


Not even an apology for this 10 month long harassment of debt collectors and so on. Outrageous. People really need to stand up to this horrendous organisation more and follow the steps I've outlined above if you have any problems with them at all. So many of you go unheard, it's the only way to change this dreadful outfit.


I'd like to continue pursuing a complaint against them, not even an apology. I've never gone to court before, could somebody please tell me on the basis of the information provided, am I really likely to achieve anything significant by taking them to court, in terms of financial settlement, likelihood of winning, change, etc?

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I knew I was just going to hear more excuses from these crooks, but I had to include a letter of complaint directly to the head customer service manager at the DVLA as part of my complaint procedure to follow through with my MP and the PHSO. Staying true to form with the DVLA, the response was a really flimsy letter remaining vague in addressing the points of my complaint, and carefully written to apologise for any inconvenience something else may have caused. The best one was their excuse for why people at their offices had slammed the phone down on me (see story above), apparently they're concerned about us incurring phone charges! They're probably just concerned that it's money they could otherwise fine us for and don't want to miss out. Various other excuses and no real explanation or substance to address my complaints. I'm sure they have some "avoid the question" training program like whenever they've appeared on Watchdog the many, many times.


Unfortunately, I haven't yet received a response from my MP, how long should I wait? I'll ask the PHSO and OFT if we can continue with that in mind. Does anybody have any experience of the PHSO?


If I were to sue the DVLA, what kind of damages could I reclaim? Idoubt a few stamps and phone records would amount to much, what has been past success rates?



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Since DVLA seem to be as active as ever bullying people on false claims and more people turning up here for help, I'm just bringing this old thread back to the forefront.


Can anyone help me with my dealings with INTER CREDIT FINANCE then??

back in early October, i received a letter out of the blue from INTER CREDIT FINANCE saying that i owed £80.00 for outstanding to DVLA for not declaring my Diahatsu Van SORN.

My vans timing belt went about 3 years ago, and had been sat on my driveway (off road) since then. As soon as the tax ran out, i declared it SORN 2009/10.

I sold my van to a scrap dealer in MAY 2012. Filled in the relevant docs. and sent my slip to DVLA, no idea what scrap dealer did with his bit of the log book??

Anyway, this letter from IFC arrived out of the blue in OCTOBER 2012, saying that i owed £80.00 to DVLA.

So i ring the DVLA to find out what it is all about? and i am informed that i didnt declare my van SORN in 2010/11 !!

Now i know i did- but how do i PROVE it? as the DVLA say that they have no record of SORN for that year!!

I ve been rung on numerous occasions by ICF (nearly DAILY last week- but i have answered to them, they have left messages on my answer phone to ring them)

then on Friday - i got a letter saying that quote -

"We note from our records that your agreed payment has not been forthcoming" (WHAT AGREEMENT I DIDNT AGREE TO ANYTHING??

and quote " In view of your failure to honour this commitment, we are not longer prepared to accept your inability to pay and have no alternative but to commence legal proceedings "


Now i panicked on FRIDAY and sent a cheque to them 1st CLASS recorded, which, arrived with them MONDAY at 0800.



DO I HAVE A CASE? are this ICF acting illegally?

IS IT SOME CAN OF [problem]- im reading this thread, and thinking i ve been DONE??





many thanks,


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SORN has to be declared every year, not just the once when you take it off the road (although only doing it once should be a perfectly logical system to use to most of us common people!)


Did you send a new SORN every year?

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SORN has to be declared every year, not just the once when you take it off the road (although only doing it once should be a perfectly logical system to use to most of us common people!)


Did you send a new SORN every year?


YES. That was my point...

I know how it works and you have to declare SORN EVERY YEAR...

But the DVLA say they have no record of it, even though I know I did it. Hence I can't prove it, because I can't find a conformation letter from DVLA.

I think it's too late to cancel cheque now anyway...

So that's ANOTHER £80 ICF have got from someone...

WHAT A [problem]!!!

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Rather than worrying, appealing or losing sleep, i sent the following back to them, i've heard nothing back since. Feel free to adjust and use as a template.



Your ref: ******/********


Re: OurClient DVLA


Vehicle: *******


To P.W.Moody


I received your letter with your ref no above on 30/08/12. After I stopped laughing at it I decided to reply as opposed to ignoring you, which was my first alternative.


You state you are acting for the DVLA for an outstanding amount of £80.00,and I must settle in the course of the next 7 days or you will institute legal proceedings against me (whatever that means).


You also state court and solicitors costs pursuant to Section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984.


I am not familiar with sections and acts with dates attached, (to which you will be relying on in court), therefore I require you to forward copies of these sections/acts/dates to myself so that I may familiarise myself with them.


I understand this will take me over your 7 day deadline, as you state, but I would appreciate if you could halt or offset any additional expenses, as you state, until I can establish that I do indeed have to give you any of my jobseekers allowance for an alleged debt, that you will be submitting in court as a legally enforced debt (being asolicitor).


I’m not a solicitor, (unlike yourself), but I do understand (after taking advice from a proper solicitor)that I can charge for my time and research to any correspondence to an“alleged” debt that I dispute, deny or contest.


Therefore, P.W. Moody(solicitor), I require you to submit to myself all steps you have taken to confirm that there is an actual debt owed to your client, (DVLA).


If you cannot provide any debt exists I require you to forward me your regulatory body, as I feel you may be acting illegally by trying to extort money by deception judging by your letter.


I also require the address ofyour local TSO, (that’s Trading Standards Office, being a solicitor you would know that), also the watchdog address would be useful if you don’t mind.


Now I state MY terms: - this is what WILL happen, unlike your “intentions”:-


You have 14 days beginning with the date this letter is served to reply.


You will reply stating :-


a)You will not be pursuing any “alleged debt”


b)You have passed “alleged debt” to “client”


c)You provide information I require to submit defence


d)You retreat to a corner and stamp your feet


e)You agree to be invoiced at £19 per hour of my time


Any other correspondence from yourself will be treated as harassment under statute law, (which you are aware of being a solicitor. Only reply if you agree to my T + C’s.)


I really look forward to your reply.


Mr Coyls

I've heard nothing back since.

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Can anyone help. I am frantic. I am yet another victim of these shysters DVLA and Inter-Credit International Ltd. I am being pursued for payment of a fine (£80) for not SORN a vehicle in 2009. The vehicle in question never required a SORN as it was legally on the road until it broke down (critically) and was removed by a local 'breakers' company where the car was scrapped. I sent the V5 to DVLA, apparently I now learn that I should have had a letter of confirmation, I have absolutely no recollection wether I did or didn't. However, the follwoing February, I received a V11 form to either SORN or re-tax. I went to the post office and they receipted the form and sent off to DVLA to say the car had been scrapped. From then until now I heard nothing then out of the blue ICF sent a demand for an £80 fine. Obviously I rang them immediately to find out what on earth this was? As I read from everyone else their response was negative and extremely unhelpful unless I was willing tp pay up and shut up.


Several exhanges of correspondence later, with computer generated responses from ICF, no replies from DVLA whatsoever. Yesterday I again received a 'nasty' demand from ICF so again I telephoned, and spoke to someone who identified himself as a Manager. This person went on to coerce me into agreeing to make fortnightly payments 'to settle my debt' and if you like get them off my back! They ICF & DVLA have never yet accepted any of my replies and details/proof etc. They just want to extort money from me they are not entitled to. I am quite sure that this sort of harrassment or should I say professional bullying is not exactly what the DVLA profess their aims are in the form of collective registrations of millions of vehicles, well in the real world they, DVLA and ICF are tantamount to fraudulent practice of extorting money by menaces.


I am about to follow some advice on here and take this into a higher level. I simply can't afford to pay a automated fine for something I have not done. I sent off the V5 at the outset and I again registered a V11 at a much later date but even so I had done all I could and yet I, and many others, as I read, have these problems from a so called trustworthy government organisation. I totally dispute that I am at fault and the system within this department is seriously flawed as far as I am concerned.


'madsam' you have given me hope. 'johnpaul1970' - thanks for relating your experiences. 'coyls' - brilliant template. Away I go to join the throngs of court proceedings agaisnt this band of thieves and shysters. Now who is my M.P? Where is this ombudsman and office of fair trading...bryn is on the warpath too.

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Update: - I've just spoken to another ICF employee. Notifying the company that I have ben advised to get further advice and information concerning my duty to pay a fine for something I'm not responsible for. DVLA seem to be the lynch pin in all this. You can tell how well my conversation went when this person was shouting over me then told me to stop shouting over him. I said I objected to his colleague coercing me into a payment plan the previous day. Our conversation ended by my advising him it is far better to be courteous rather than obnoxious and obstructive. He said they would see me in court! Oh little do they know! Hope its gonna be soon or they'll be coffin chasing.

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Do you have a dated receipt from the breakers ??


It's been said in just about every forum and every subject, Never ever phone these people, insist in letter only. If they ring tell them 'in writing only' and put the phone down.

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