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Muck spreading Landlord trying to force me and my family out.

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Here goes...

We moved into our current property in October '09 and since we have been here there has always been a nasty smell in the basement, we have mentioned this to the landlord on numerous occasions, we have also had problems with flooding downstairs.


Last weekend this all culminated with the mother of all floods in my sons room which turned out to be raw sewage from the flats above and from the mains pipe.


I immediately contacted my landlord to rectify the problem and he sent out a drain flusher. I then requested that he contact environmental health to work out what was spoilt and what germs we were dealing with as my wife and children have both been ill. On this request he went away and phoned back an hour later to say that he had another flat for us to move to whilst he got the problem sorted.


It then transpired that this had happened before, firstly the drain guy with his limited knowledge of plumbing told me the pipes were massively inadequate to deal with seage and there is another pipe running the length of the downstairs that is incorrectly laid, when questioned my landlord admitted it had happened before and he had failed to rectify it.


so we moved into this other property, he also stated that I could carry on running my office from the previous place to keep my business going.


He originally stated we could stay there until the beginning of August, however the other night whilst I was working I had a call from my wife telling me that a lady had let herself in and accused her of being a squatter. This is the future tenant for the property we have been moved to.


She eventually left and I contacted the landlord who didnt say much.


Last night we had arranged an meeting that I had to cancel, however the landlord turned up with the future tenant, let themselves in and even though I had asked them to wait they both started shouting, swearing and bawling at me. Basically they were trying to bully me into moving out of both properties. The landlord had bought with him some kind of device for checking for damp, whilst she stood in front of me to block me he hurried downstairs to do some tests.


** (this may be a separate issue) Whilst he was upstairs my blood was beginning to boil and I am afraid reason by the point had all but failed me. I asked her to leave, she refused, I asked her again and mentioned that as she was trespassing I was able to use reasonable force to remove her as she was not welcome, she still refused so I held both her arms and walked her towards the door, she then started to fight back so rather than descend into violence I backed off and decided to phone the police. After this my landlord came upstairs and said he saw me hitting her and I would be done for ABH (yeah right, luckily I know my rights to a certain dgree)***


After this the Landlord exclaimed you F'ing T**T there is no damp down there at all, threw a letter at me and demanded I move out. Luckily at this point the police turned up as I was really losing my temper, I have 2 children, one of them registered disabled and I really feel pushed against the wall as you can imagine.


The fact of the matter is I am not concerned about the damp, it is the germs, I did not ask to be moved out it was his idea and I feel frightened in my own home now.


I have been to the council and have a meeting on Wednesday and they have said for me to send him a letter and have no further contact until then.


My main questions are, what rights do I have at the temporary property? Does my tenancy agreement cover this property?


As you can imagine I am now very angry, wheras before last night I was not thinking about taking him to the cleaners, after the stress and heartache he has put my family through, I want to see him get his rewards!


I also wonder what I can do about the intrusion?


I know I am quite a scatterbrain so I hope someone can pick up the pieces here and help me get back to normal, I just want to feel safe with my family again.


Many thanks



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