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Excel fine for ticket fallen off dashboard

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I had a parking ticket from Excel, I appealled as I had actually purchased a ticket, but they have refused to grant the appeal as it was my responsibility to ensure it was on display. Has anyone else been in this situation?

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1000's have its a [problem]


read the many posts of how the who [problem] work


firstly it is NOT A PARKING TICKET, it is nothing more than an INVOCE which as for being en-forcible that is their problem ITS NOT


stop contacting them full stop


all you need to do is






3) GO TO 1


All you will get is a load of silly letter claiming they will do this and that MAYBE or WE MAY , even claiming to be solicitors , even if they were they cannot demand you do anything


once you have read how the [problem] works you can sit back and laugh about it


and if you want to see what happens when the try court google them , i think most Judge's have said one thing to them " your the weekest link goodbye" :D





Help Our Hero's Website








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If I buy some milk and Can't find the receipt in my pocket afterwards, can Tesco fine me?


Of course not. Ignore Excel, it's a [problem].


The appeals process is phoney. It's a trick to make you think their ticket has any legitimacy.

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Tesco don't erect signs saying they'll charge you for not displaying your purchase receipt. Because they do not, they cannot. It may be a [problem] in your view, but remains slightly legitimate that under contract law it is valid, but only if the parker accepted the terms of parking at that locus. If they can prove they didn't - there is no problem.


[problem] is too strong a word, 'opportunistic additional parking charges' would be more accurate.

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