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Landlord going back on Written consent for us to erect a shed

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Sorry but this is a bit long-winded:

In march we wrote to our landlord to gain permission to erect a shed on our driveway. We live in a park home (wooden clad caravan) and don't have much room. This shed was to be used for storage. They wrote back saying we could have a shed as long as it wasn't wooden because of the fire-risk.

We duely carried out lots of reseach and found a metal shed, which looks like it is clad in wood. This cost us £400.00. We then had to purchase wood to make the base which cost a further £280.00.

I might add at this point that the shed is 10X12' but is a shed, not a garage. The shed has been up for approx 3 weeks and hasn;t been sealed so everything inside is getting wet.


approx 2 days after shed was finished the park manager visisted (my mum is staying) and asked to speak to either my husband or myself regarding the shed. I arranged to meet him the next morning. He said he didn't realise how big the shed was going to be. He wasn't unhappy with how it looked but was worried about setting a precedent with regards to other people putting up these sheds. He also said he had seen my husband building the base.

He said he needed to speak to his boss, who was away until the next day, and he would ring me and let me know. Despite several calls and messages left for him he never came back to us.


We also had agreement to put up a fence (to keep our dog from wandering) and we have been waiting for an answer from him before we shell-out more money on the place.


Today we have received a hand-delivered letter (dated 20/7) stating:


"I apologise for the delay in replying but unfortunately our Managing Director has been away. We visited the outside of the property yesterday to make a decision as to the erection of this shed. I am sorry to inform you that we cannot allow this as it does not comply with silimar green metal garden sheds that are predominantly supplied in ...... and if we were to allow this it would set a precedent, particularly to the size and the type of shed you have erected. In your original letter your request was purely to provide a shed on the driveway which we quite rightly assumed was for general storage of garden equipment as is the norm. I can only assume that the size of the shed you have now erected is for storage of your husbands work equipment, which of course is not allowed and should therefore be removed. I am sorry if this puts you to some inconvenience"


He has also added that they have recieved a complaint about our dog wandering around the road.


I have several points/questions; (in no particular order as my mind is racing at the mo!)

  • If he saw my husband building the base (same size as shed) why didn't he mention it then?
  • In our original letter we never implied it was for storage of garden tools (they provide a sm green metal shed for this). In fact we had an old white van that we said was an eye-sore and we wanted to move the stuff into a shed. There was no way the stuff in the van was going to fit into a 8X6' shed. In fact we have a tumble dryer, household tools etc in there, and my husband (who is a mechanic) keeps his tools at work. Why does he assume we are storing his tools in there? If they assumed this then surely thats there problem not ours
  • As far as we are aware there have been no complaints from neighbours about it.
  • There are blatently wooden sheds on our road (even though we have been told they were a fire-risk), so how can they say we haven;t complied?
  • If size was an issue, surely they should have told us to the maximum size we could erect in their letter of agreement? They should have also said it must be a green metal shed too.
  • If they insist we take the shed down, can we insist they compensate us for our loss as they have gone back on their promise, to the detrament of ourselves?
  • We are on an assured shorthold tenancy for 6 months. Can they throw us out if we put up a fight about this shed. I am quite prepare to go to court (unless they pay for it) but we actually quite like living here.

Thanks for anyone looking at this. I am going to pen a letter tonight as the man will not return our calls.

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Hi. Has anyone got anything they could add as we have a meeting

Next week. Thanks

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