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David Lloyd Leisure Brighton Health & Safety / Service Delivery

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I highlighted issues regards H & S in their Brighton Gym over 4 months ago, these being:

- No supervision in the gym &, therefore, no gym rules / etiquette were being enforced / promoted

- Members, staff and PTs using olympic bars without collars

- Seeing, on two occassions, 20kg weights fall off bars and roll along the floor


I spoke to Mgt Team on 4 occassions, tried to speak with their GM, George Byers on 5; after being told that my H & S was 'my issue, not theirs; that if I saw someone training in this manor (sic) I should not train near them'.


I escalated the matter to their Directors informing them I was cancelling by DD on the grounds there was no change in their operational methods, I could therefore not safely use the facility. Finally, I felt that the time taken to respond and their inaction did not reflect those of a 'Premium' facility. It appears the Directors support their GMs without question and failed to investigate my 'escalation'.


Would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced similar issues.


Currently playing letter tennis with John Kohn (RD) & their CEO.

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Hi Trevlik and welcome to CAG.


Have you spoken to your local council and/or Trading Standards about your concerns.


May be worth also speaking to the HSE.


If you have problems cancelling the membership, we can help with this if you need.


No doubt the gym will have a DCA on your case saying you cannot cancel and that you owe for m/ship until xxdate.


Other threads here will assist you with cancelling issues.



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Thanks !:-)

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Thx for the response; currently penning a letter stating this course of action should they not just drop the matter.





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Having been a member there for nearly 2 years now, I think you are being unreasonable. There is always someone around, especially near the stretching area.


The olympic bar is confined to one area of the gym and is rarely used! Even if you didn't want to train in that area, you still have a huge range of machines and cardio gear, as well as the pool.


What rules/etiquette are you referring to? Yea, sometimes free weights aren't put back and occasionally mobile phones are used - I'm yet to see any gross breaches.

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You obviously haven't used many gyms with olmpic bars. This is the only facility I have ever used (in over 26 years) that does not enforce / educate members to use collars. On three occassions I have witnessed weights fall off and roll across the gym floor with not an instructor in sight! I have also seen Personal Trainers and off-duty staff training without collars.


It may be one area, but it's a pretty big area; no one should have to engineer a workout around others lack of consideration. Rarely used - you're kidding?!? There are 6 olympic bars - they are the big ones on the chest press & squat rack... Not sure how the pool comes into an issue with gym supervision / safety?


There is no culture of 'working-in', spotting other members and the safe use of equipment is self explainatory.


Signage requests members to wipe down equipment, replace weights & prohibits the use of phone; I have never seen these rules enforced.


Sincerely hope you are no where near someone doing a military press with 60kgs loaded on the bar as I witnessed a couple of months ago!!

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