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I had a PCN issued to me for not displaying my parking ticket correctly (although if you looked properly you could see it was valid). Anyway I appealed to the Council within the time period enclosing the original parking ticket (which I now can't find!!!!) and heard nothing back from them until a couple of months ago when I received a letter from the bailiffs. Before the week was out my daughter (who is 17) was going out of the house when she was handed a letter by a youth in a motorcycle helmet who then promptly got on his moped and ran off. (The reason I know this was because I was standing behind the door on the telephone and wondered who we knew with a moped!!!)


Anyway it was an attendance notice (undated). I appealed to the TEC with TE3 and TE7 which were refused. I requested a breakdown of fees from the bailiffs and they sent a typed list but without any dates, etc including a first visit fee and an attendance notice fee.


I have since requested a screenshot from the bailiffs and written to the Council to request permission to pay by installments (Although working I am a single parent with 4 dependents). Anyway Council have informed me the debt is with Bailiffs and I can only speak with them but they note my offer to pay. Bailiffs didn't understand what I meant by a screenshot but sent me a page of what I believe is a screenshot of the first visit made by their bailiff (showing a different date to when the letter was handed to my daughter). They also informed me that a different bailiff was taking over the case and to speak to him. I have spoken to him and offered to pay by installments and he doesn' want to know. He wants the full amount.


So the Council tell me to talk to the bailiff and the bailiff won't accept installments. I can't afford to pay the full amount so can I pay the original parking fine directly to the Council or do I just pay the installments that I was going to pay to the bailiffs anyway? If I pay the Council directly I know this will cheese the bailiff off and I expect he will start knocking at my door or looking for my car (which I have moved from outside my house). I don't actually disagree with the fees that they have charged for the letter and the DVLA search fee but believe the first visit and attendance fees are the one and the same which I will not pay.


Also does anyone know how long it is before a bailiff returns a debt back to the council?

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