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Didn't even realise u cud claim charges??

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Just stumbled across this part of the forum I bet I look stupid but I didn't know you could claim charges I have had a credit card with Halifax and bank account which on both I was gettin charged then gettin charged for goin unauthorised overdraft this was about 5 years ago and in the end my parents bailed me out and cleared the credit card and got my balance sorted on my account the question I have is was it to long ago to claim these charges back if not is there a step by step guide on here of how I go about claiming these charges back thank you




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Hi All,


Same here really.


I have a current account with the Halifax, which I have received umpteen charges on over the years. (About 10 I think).


I used to have two accounts with them, one as a bill account. I stopped using this one, but it was in debt as at the maximum of its o/d. Only £500, so not HUGE!


I mistakenly used an online payment, it went on the maxed account and the charges started. I came to an agreement with them that I would pay £60 a month, but they kept chargiong me charges each month for being o/d. I was actually only clearing £30 p/m on the balance. This went on for several months until I kicked up. They told me that if I failed to make the payment further action would be taken, and a default given / applied to the account. Eventually I spoke to another person who agreed the repayment schedule, froze the account and it's now cleared (early as I paid extra too!).


I also had a c/card which had about £2500 on and I changed jobs. I agreed to pay certain amounts etc but lost touch and didn't make the correct payments. This cost me a default notice. I later agreed to make payments again, paid more than the agreed and have also cleared this debt too. I am sure I was charged several times on this account as well!?


In short.....asCraigybaby says, is there an application or step by step guide to find out what to do and if we are entitled to anything? I've had literrally hundreds of charges of the years and it would be really nice to get something back!


Also.......does anyone know the best way to improve my credit?


Sorry to rabbit on....and thanks all!

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Claiming back Credit Card charges should not be a problem, claiming back your Current Account one's will be a lot more difficult.


If you do not have all your statements, you should send a Subject Access Request to your Bank, if you have more than one account with them the payment of £10 fee will cover them all.


Here's the SAR template.................




They have 40 days to comply with your request, once you total up all your charges you should then send your Bank a Prelim letter, asking for the money back, include a spreadsheet with the amounts your claiming.


Here's the prelim template for the Credit Card.................




Come back and update this thread and you'll get more help.






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cheers for the info its v helpful ive just gotta try and find my credit card account number as it was a long time ago i have since cancelled the card also which address do i send the letter to

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