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Need Advice on Money Claim Online

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Hi Guys


please help me ............as I received Money Claim Court order by a company called Global Visas, .........


I will tell you the story first :D


Me and my wife were planning for Australian Immigration and found this company in google. We made an enquiry to them on line and they mail me back and phoned me saying I could be in Australia in Less than one year, also said for their service I have to pay them 300 pounds in advance and rest in 3 months time total of 1175 pounds. So I paid them 300 pounds using my credit card. also the guy over the phone said their consultant will call me next day.


next day when the consultant called she said it will take more than two years and also she dont like we are asking any doubts to her. she said don't bombard questions to me you have to send all the required papers on line. including their contract.


after that me and my were not happy about their dealings and thought we will cancel their service. also I google about australian Immigration and seen Australia was stop taking new applications. that means he was trying to sell me something not active at the time. and also found lots of complaints about them in internet. So we decided to call them back & said we don't need your service and need our 300 pounds deposit back. then the guy start threatening me and said I have to pay them full fee (1175 pounds) or ready to go to court. I cant cancel it that is what he meant. I told him I didnt sign the contract yet and I have my rights to cancel it through distance selling act.


I informed my credit card company and claim a dispute against them..it is still processing for my 300 pounds refund.


yesterday I got a claim form from Money claim online, Northampton county court, asking for the remaining money for Global visas (875 pounds and 60 pounds court fee in total 935 pounds.) I am shocked and actually I need my 300 pounds back and they forcing me to pay full fee...


The claim form send by them is in wrong salutation. as Mr. (my wifes name)


there is no such person...so can I ignore this letter or what to do........really..


please advice me friends....my brain not working properly after this...any advice will be appreciated






I dont know

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Your thread has been moved to the legal forums.


When was the date of issue on the claim form. You will find that at the top left hand corner of the form under the claim number.


If you are going to dispute this claim then you will need to acknowledge service online.


From the date of issue (date on the claim form) you will have 5 days allowed for delivery of the form to you. You will then have a further 14 days in which to acknowledge the claim and that you are going to defend the claim (if that is so)


You will then have a further 14 days in which to submit a defence.


So first and most important of all, we need to know what the date of issue is on the claim form.


Then you need to tell us what is actually being claimed for. On the left hand side of the form under the names and addresses you will see


Particulars of claim..


Can you tell us what is being said there. Dont put any personal details such as your name, address, account numbers on the forum. :)

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So you want to go south?


Money claim... Here is an interesting spin on this one -- if the letter is actually addressed to someone who is not you, you are breaking the law opening it... It is a bit late now, but after my experiences, I would answer every claim with a big counter claim. Fill it out, and say you don't even recognize who is being accused, but you do recognize the company, and in the case as you described it above, you might add that this is looking like vexatious litigation.


Just remember, whoever sues you has no more rights than you.. And less actually, because they need to make their case in the eyes of the court. If you wait and then seek an appeal, the onus switches to the defence. Not nice and not fair... but so it is. So best to answer. You can ALSO answer with a letter... just make sure you record the posting and keep all the details in a safe place.


Cheers and Merry Xmas


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Could you tell us exactly who the claimant is please as Global Visas Ltd is listed as a dormant company.

you'll probably already know that Liam Clifford and Carl thomas the men behind this operation are disqualified from being a company director.

As of 03/03/12 please do not under any circumstances wait for my further input or guidance on any current thread or defence of a court claim I might have been involved in on or through Cag.


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