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iqor and ebay debt - what a joke

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I've just had the pleasure of a conversation with a threat monkey from iqor and what a joke it was.


Its was over a small amount owing to ebay who kept trying to take it at the end of the month just before i get paid so there's never anything left, i wasn't avoiding the debt i really had meant to pay them I just never got around to it


i digress

the telephone conversation started well enough right up to the point when he finished the security questions and demanded i made a payment there and then, which got my blood pressure up a bit.


I tried explaining to him that if ebay tried again on a certain date there would be money available but he then went on one of the strangest rants ever about how i thought the worlds rules and regulations meant nothing to me and that the world should bend to my will.


Now i thought he was taking the urine at this point

but the jist of it was they only want the money straight away or on their payment dates, not when i can afford to pay


i said fair enough don't have the money then to which he replied with another aimless rant which ended in me calling him some choice names and telling him and ebay to ram it and i put the phone down.


after calling three more times and listening to my tv i think he got the hint


I actually offered to pay but because he didnt like when i could pay he turned me down.


i just thought i'd share that with you all cos it made me laugh

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Had simlar with a Paypal charge back once, DCA to DCA all for £35 which i had already disputed with Paypal, eventually after 18 months they gave up, i don't think Paypal or eBay are regulated under the CCA so can not use any of the forms of collection the CCA act allows and just send letter after letter with pointless threats

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Just do not confirm your id and either hang up or waste there time discussing football or something.

But seriously when you have the money, just log into ebay and there will be a way of paying them direct. Iqor will be screwing as they miss out on there cut and you and ebay will be as if it never happened.

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