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    • Hi I am after some help and advice regarding issues faced with Advantage Finance   Ive dealt with it on my own up to now, but now feel im being fobbed off   I purchased a caravan last august on finance and had nothing but trouble with it from the off minor things - heating not working, hot water not working, toilet not flushing   Messaged the seller who just ignored my concerns basically so I had to pay another caravan engineer to look at the caravan to fix said issues   Upon the inspection the engineer found extreme damp in the frame and floor of caravan as well as the other issues mentioned above although this  could not be seen by the eye.   I immediately called the finance company and the seller to inform of findings and paid the £700 bill to fix the other issues. The engineer said the caravan was sold dangerously and not set up correctly. Hence why things never worked for us. We had only been out in it three times at this point due to work and family commitments.   Seller and finance company stated I had to pay for another independent inspection to go in depth with the findings at another cost of £75. I done this and provided both of them the report which shown even more damp than first anticipated to different areas of the van over 90%.   Finance company agreed to then send out there independent inspector who found exactly the same faults and drew up a report to send back. Finance company then offered seller chance to repair. Seller received caravan back from us and only took blame for the front part of the van and stated they could not find anything wrong with the rest. Finance company stated for them to fix the areas they take responsibility for.   Caravan was fixed and returned to us but I was still not happy as they didn't fix all areas, Finance company  agreed to send out another inspector to look.   Inspector stated the fix was not sufficient and not waterproof and basically a bodge job which I was fully aware of and stated the caravan now needs to be rejected due to the seller having a chance to repair and it not being sufficient. I thought ok great finally, Im winning. Caravan was collected last week and I then sent an email to the finance company thanking them for the rejection and that I would look forward to receiving my payments made over the last year towards the caravan, repair costs, compensation for lost holidays etc   They have replied that I am not entitled to anything and the £5000 in payments they have had from me will go towards the usage of the van, Research I had done up until this point all stated I would receive money back due to van not being fit for purpose? So i am very shocked and annoyed I have paid all that money and I am not entitled to anything back. I have tried to be basic here in what has went on so forgive me if It does not make sense. Any help or advice greatly receievd on next steps    I have told the finance company I am not happy to have lost all that money here is there responses Thank you for sending over the information regarding the caravan being collected and taken back to Newark Auctions.  We will now start the process of removing you from the existing credit agreement and will notify the relevant credit agencies to remove our entry from your file. This therefore removes any responsibility you have regarding this agreement. In terms of any refunds owed to you we have reviewed the account and there are no payments that need to be refunded. There were no payments made whilst the complaint was open and the payments made prior to the complaint being raised will be retained for usage. Whilst you advised us that you have not used the caravan, this was your choice and the caravan was available for use and in your possession since the start of the hire purchase agreement, it is reasonable that the payments that would have been due during that period are retained.  As a suitable resolution is in place we will now close the complaint.   I replied with -  Please do not close the complaint down I am not happy to pay for something that was not fit for purpose I will still be liaising with the financial ombudsman to seek out my refund. I also hold legal cover with my house insurance so I will commence court proceedings in regards to this complaint could you please forward me any relevant paperwork needed to inform you of this or if indeed this email is sufficient. I do thank you for rejecting the caravan on our behalf but do not see how I am not entitled to my refund. I was not Aware it had damp until I paid for service. Your inspector stated the damp was there at point of sale meaning it was not fit for purpose so how can you say I happily used it   They have just then replied with this Thank you for your email, However we must advise that based on the information provided we will consider the matter closed as soon as the caravan is confirmed on site at Newark Auction. A final response will be posted to you that will contain all the details of where the complaint can be referred to if you disagree. Kind Regards        
    • Its just that Dido can't add up,  She is to the Lords what Diane Abbott is to the Commons.
    • Outstanding Questions the Government need to answer   If Hancock and sercos test and trace has a (repeatedly claimed) capacity of 240,000/300,000 a day : Why are only 81,000 people a day being tested?   Every single minister that has claimed that capacity needs to be held responsible for an answer - thats well in excess of 1 MILLION tests a week unaccounted for
    • Ok, thank you very much for your help. I really do appreciate it.
    • The CMA has today published further detail on its views on the law in relation to cancellations and refunds during the pandemic. View the full article
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      I bought some clothes online in may through Evans and paid through PayPal
      returned them all seven days later
      I waited the 14days for my refund and no refund came
      I put in a dispute through PayPal but I didn’t get any emails to escalate the case - PayPal closed it. 
      evans said they couldn’t refund the money because PayPal have cancelled the refund because of the open dispute
      I contacted PayPal
      they said the dispute had been closed but Evans at no point had attempted a refund.
      fast forward to today
      I’ve got copies of numerous messages sent to and from twitter messages as it’s the only way I can contact them
      I’ve also contacted their customer service too
      all I get is PayPal have cancelled refund because dispute is still open.
      I have proved that the dispute is closed
      I have got an email saying that if Evans sent the refund they would accept it
      but up until the date I got the email they have not once attempted a refund .
       I have sent them a letter before court email
      I have even offered to have the full refund as a gift card just to get this sorted !
      I’m literally at the end of my tether and don’t know where to turn next !
      i suffer with mental health issues and this is affecting my health and I’d saved the money for a year to buy these clothes as I’m on a low income .
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BlindJP vs Abbey vs Financial Ombudsman - HELP!

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OK Folks I would appreciate any advice that can be given on this one.

Way back in the good old days of people getting their charges back I put a claim in for mine against the Abbey, the total was then around 6.5K inc interest. At the same time (within around 10 days) of this the Abbey withdrew my overdraft saying it wasn't being managed correctly. I work on Oil Rigs and at the time it was very difficult to speak to anybody at a bank or even to monitor my balance as phone calls were limited to 10 mins with an auto cut off and internet wasnt always available onboard. Thus I incurred a fair few charges. I was advised to put the 1600 overdraft that had been withdrawn into dispute as I was claiming such a larger amount through the courts. This I duly did.

Posted guaranteed signed for delivery, all in order etc etc. So far so good.

A while later while trying to get a mortgage I was informed that I had a defaulted account on my credit file that would basically prevent me from getting any credit but they could tell me who what or why.

I went to credit expert.com to find out as much as I could and lo and behold the default was from Abbey! Issued AFTER I had written to them to put the account into dispute. I tried in vain to get hold of somebody at the Abbey but as I officially no longer had an account with them they simply refused to deal with me, in any way shape or form. So I went to the Ombudsman to complain and to try to get the default removed.

This was over two years ago and since then the Abbey have sent their debt collectors in three times. Each time I have simply informed them that the account was in dispute, sent a letter confirming this and that was that.

I informed the ombudsman who told me they should NOT be doing this on a disputed account and to forward the details to him. Which again I did.

Then, last week I received a phone call from them to say that they had still heard nothing from the Abbey as they had requested and as the deadline was the following day it was going to be escalated further.

Three days later I had another phone call to say that the Ombudsman dealing with this saying that he had just received a pile of info from the Abbey (yes, after his deadline) that he now HAD to take into account.

This week I receive a letter from the ombudsman saying that he had reviewed the case notes including telephone call transcriptions, letters etc and that although Abbey could produce all this information but somehow could NOT produce any form of the actual letter they allegedly sent to me informing me that they were putting my account into default and, due to the fact (unbeknownst to me) Abbey did not and had never recognised my request for the account to be put into default he was finding in their favour as he believed and I quote from the conversation I had with him today "in my opinion they probably sent the letter even though you didnt get it" he has found in their favour!

When I asked him how he came to this decision he simply said "its my opinion".

When I asked him if it was standard practice for banks to simply refuse to recognise a customers request without informing them and basically ignoring them where does that leave the consumer, as if this is the case it gives the Banks carte blanche to do anything they feel like (yes I know they do anyway!) , the Abbey is saying "they dont recognise the dispute" no letters informing me of this, nothing, not 2 years ago not since, nothing! and to cap it all off, when I asked him if he thought it was right that the Abbey can give him EVERYTHING he asked for EXCEPT a copy of the letter they claim they sent which is the most important piece of 'evidence', that it's right he finds in their favour?

I said, "do you think that a court of law would go along with that?.. "Your honour I have all the information you requested EXCEPT the main piece of information that proves they are not at fault" It would get laughed out of court." To which his reply was "well this isnt a court, this is based on my opinion"

I resisted the urge at this point to beat the phone repeatedly on the table!

He got quite short and simply told me that we were obviously at an impasse and he would escalate it further as I wasn't happy with the decision! and that was that!


When I did a very, and I mean VERY quick search to find out where I stood I found a wealth of information stating that its a breach of the banking code for the Abbey to default a disputed account and again a breach of the banking code for them to say they dont recognise my dispute.


The ombudsman is apparently escalating this, not that I have much hope there, lets face it, the court case turned into a debacle and now all of us with stayed cases are screwed as we cant afford to fight a risky court case that we are not guaranteed in winning, and if we lost the banks are going for full costs and with our money funding them their pockets are so much deeper than ours!


As I said, I'm keen to find out where I can go from here. The Abbey have deliberately ruined my credit, making me unable to get a mortgage or any other credit!


Since we lost the case and I have also just received a letter from the Abbey saying they are applying for a blanket lifting on stays now the case has gone in their favour with a whole load of legalese I didn't fully understand. Im resigned to the fact that I will have to repay them the disputed sum, but the case is still that they defaulted a disputed account without informing me!


If anyone has any ideas of where to go, what to do I would very much appreciate it.



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I think you've been speaking to an adjudicator and he's escalating it to the Ombudsman for review - because I don't think the Ombudsman can escalate it - could be wrong there.


He should have given you another two weeks to supply any further info or arguments for your case - you may want to consider writing the whole thing very simply including the breaches of the Banking Code, refusal to acknowledge your account was in dispute (what did they think it was - on a fishing trip???) and anything else that's very pertinent.


I'd also talk to the OFT anyway because these are not about the lost case of last year, these are about existing practices and breaches of the Banking Code.


For what it's worth, Santander have lost loads of information during the take-over from Abbey - they've messed up big time with their data, it's just never going to be known by how much.

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Hi Superheroes,


Another case where the FOS seem, unfairly, to find in favour of the bank. :mad:


Sticking to the important points, do you have a copy of your letter to the bank placing the further £1600 o/d in dispute. and did the FOS see your copy of this letter.


Was the £1,600 o/d made up purely from bank charges or where there other transactions in the o/d total.


What was the date of your dispute letter.


What date is the bank supposed to have sent you their Default letter.


If the FOS are now treating your case as a continuing complaint, you'll have to await their higher adjudication which can take ages.


In the meantime, you should put in writing to the FOS that you are not happy with the initial finding, that your complaint is not upheld, and you want the case reviewed by an adjudicator.


I would also make say:-


1. It is odd that the bank's pivotal document is missing.


2. Even if we accept that the bank could have sent the default warning, why was it sent at all when your letter had already placed the o/d in dispute because of the large amount you were reclaiming in charges.



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Thanks !:-)

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Hi all,

had a very similar case with the ombudsman for the past year.


I have to say that it has been a complete waste of my time.


Egg registered 2 defaults against me, could not produce any evidence that they had sent them, messed up all the paperwork even ADMITTING that they may have sent them to a wrong address.


FSA still ruled in their favour saying Egg acted in good faith! Absolute quality.


Having also dealt with the FSA on other occasions I have yet to see/ hear of them ever ruling in favour of the customer, as in my opionion they are scared of the banks.


Oh yes - and why is it this country is in such a financial mess.........




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