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My daughter has just received a letter from Wescot asking for a payment of £26 which they say is owed to BT for her broadband monthly bill/ line rental from her previous address. This amount differs from the one on her final bill which was paid by DD. BT had my daughters new address and they've never been in touch with her. She left the property in August 2009. She's fuming about this 'cos of her credit rating being affected when she's planning to get married in 2 years. What should she do?

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Well if it was me I would ring BT and ask if there is any outstading balance owing from the previous address, if there is just pay BT there and then on the phone.


If they say there isn't anything outstanding, then write to Wescot and tell them there is no outstanding balance, you have checked with BT. So you will be getting nothing


Wescot are just chancers and will certainly take no action to recover £26, not even worth their while. It is unlikely it will effect your dauthers credit rating, but keep an eye on her credit files to make sure

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I have just got off the phone to BT (after being cut off the first time halfway through a conversation)


She explained to me that I owe them money for the 'cancellation fee' that BT apply when you leave them - which is £25 - and that that bill was sent to me dated 2nd September 2009. However, the woman admitted to me that they had made the mistake of not sending the bill, and the subsequent reminders, to my forwarding address that they had on file when I told them that I was moving.


After an argument about figures - as BT seem to calculate simple sums different to me?! - something was not right. I stated that I would have had no problem paying the cancellation fee a year ago IF I had received the bill, however a year down the line, and because I now have a debt collection agency on my back because of their mistake, I refused to pay their fee. She fully admitted that BT should have sent the bill to my new address but was not backing down. I told her that I was in this position because they made the mistake - the mistake that she was owning up to - so they were not getting a penny out of me.


In the end, she admitted that the mistake lay wholly with them and that they would waiver the charges. She said that she would let Wescot know immediately that the debt should be cancelled via email. I asked for all of this in writing - but she blankly refused to do this. I have her full name and her supervisor’s name. I was not going to pay a fee a year later than it was requested, which had escalated to debt collector level, because of BTs incompetence to get the address correct at the top of the letter!!


I guess I will just ignore the whole situation for now and trust that BT will do what they said they would - and hope that they actually stick to their word this time!!


Thanks for your advice :)

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