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    • Attachments (Exhibits)   FTMDave and I have called them "Attachments" but I note Andyorch used the term "Exhibits".  I don't think it makes any difference which you use but perhaps Exhibits is more correct.  Whichever you use, make sure you use the term consistently.  (i'm going to use Attachment for now).   You use Attachments as supporting evidence for things you mention in the numbered particulars of your claim.  Might be a report from a third party or a quote from a third party.  In the relevant numbered particular of your claim you refer to the appropriate Attachment supporting that part of the claim.  eg like this "(See Attachment A)".   You can use numbers or capital letters to identify each Attachment.  I don't think it matters which but be consistent in your usage.   It helps if the Attachments are organised and incorporated into your claim in a logical sequence.  (eg A, B, C etc)   Make sure each attachment is clearly labelled "Attachment A"  etc.   If it is not immediately clear to the reader what an attachment is, put a brief description.  Eg "Quote from XXXXX Ltd to complete unfinished plastering" or whatever.  Make sure the reader can understand what each attachment is.   Ideally each Attachment will be no more than one page.  So you can make the labelling of attachments even clearer by labelling them "Attachment A  -  page 1 of 1" etc etc.   If an attachment is longer than one page you label it "Attachment A - page 1 of 2" and then "Attachment A - page 2 of 2", or whatever it is.   By doing all that you are making it easier for the judge to follow - and you want the judge on your side...   Now - what you've posted in #109 is helpful because it adds up to to £16577.  Which is good.  But if I were the judge, I'd want to know where the individual items come from.     So what you have posted in #109 should - I suggest - be your final attachment.  Let's call it "Attachment H" for now.  So at the end of your particulars of counterclaim where you say you are claiming £16577 from the defendant, you put the reference "See Attachment H".   The judge then looks at Attachment H and sees a total of £16577.  What you then need on Attachment H next to each individual item on there, is a reference to which earlier Attachment that item comes from.  eg "See Attachment C".  The judge can then look at Attachment C and understand where the item on Attachment H comes from.  By doing that rigorously and methodically for each item on Attachment H you are justifying each item and the total of £16577.  Yes?   Your schedule in #109 is OK but raises questions that need answering.  eg: spelling as spotted by Honeybee13 Grand total as spotted by Honeybee13 TBA or estimates as per my previous post and Honeybee why is it in two separate sections (£8577 and £8000)? The item numbering is absolute garbage At the end of the day it is going to be the detail (or lack of detail) in your attachments that will win (or lose) you the case.  It has to be just right and you have to be consistent.  It has to be logical, methodical and consistent so it can be understood immediately.   I don't want you to give me answers to these questions.  I want you to act on them.   As I said earlier, don't post any more work you have done for now.  Wait until FTMDave is back this evening so we are all working from the same page at the same time.   If Andyorch or FTMDave suggest anything that disagrees with me, go with what they say.  They know more than me.   (I suspect one of them might suggest some kind of contents list identifying and listing all the different attachments)    
    • Hi again I sent my letter off on Monday, signed for delivery as I wanted to make sure it's got there, it was finally delivered yesterday Last night I had a text from them:   "There is a 50% settlement discount available on your account.  If you cannot pay in full this can be paid across 3 equal monthly instalments of £339.57.  To take advantage of this offer please visit" and then a website link.   Hopefully they will be in touch soon to say they've taken the letter on board and will leave me alone now.   I'll update this thread if I hear anything, it really helped me to see others had been in my situation. Fingers crossed
    • It hasnt caused tfl financial harm, those cards are paid for by the public purse. Your abuse of that is what you need to get acrossYour   id also state a criminal record will destroy your future career totally.   Dx
    • sure, this is the email i will send today unless there are any changes i should make?   Dear Sir/Madam,   I am emailing as I wish to ask for an out of court settlement regarding my case (case number). I realise that my actions have caused TFL financial harm and for that I am truly sorry, and would like to help remedy this in any way. Whilst there is no excuse for my actions, at the time, I was struggling to afford transport as a student working only 6 hours a week. Student finance did not provide maintenance for masters and on top of this, I was on universal credit during that time. I have since been paying for the travel using my bank card and despite going into overdraft multiple times, I continued to pay the full fare for the past 4 months and will continue to do so. This is a mistake I truly regret and am willing to pay the entire amount stated to settle this as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your consideration.   Kind regards,    
    • Ex-Credit Suisse chief António Horta-Osório went to Wembley on same day he attended Wimbledon.View the full article
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Help with debts from Santander and HSBC


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Hi guys I have been readin on this site for a little while now but i am still cluless on what to do! I owe money to Santander and HSBC. They have 'passed' this on to Moorecroft Group. I thought HSBC was Metropolitain and I called them and they (metro) said they had 'sold' my debt to Moorecroft!! Now I have just come off the phone to Moorecroft say I have just started a job again and I dont get paid untill the 27th July and I can start to makes some payments then to clear this debt. They said it isnt good enough they wont acceopt this as I have to pay the full amount now on each accounts or pay £13.59 - so I replied what part of I have no money right now because I have just started work again do you not understand? I am offering what I can and saying when I can start paying. they said I will be getting a letter about court as from monday. I have had a few heated disscussions in the last month and to be honest they are rude and one guy shouted at me down the phone about 3 weeks ago saying why arent I on the the doll so I can pay my debt!


Please help me I dunno what to do I'm 22 and im scared and I have offered what I can do but they wont listen.

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As you are a newbie, we won't lambast you for not following the rules :D


These are:


Never speak to a DCA on the phone

Never believe anything a DCA tells you


Always correspond in writing

Never sign a letter

Always send letters by recorded delivery.


Anyhoo, moorcroft are giving you a load of bull. Most of the wouldn't know the inside of a court from the bar they are usually propping up drowning their sorrows.


If you could elaborate a little on what the debts are, we should be able to help, (NO accurate figure, just what type of debt and a rough figure)

Edited by silverfox1961

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Hi cara, welcome to cag


Take a deep breath, first rule when dealing with DCAs is never to speak to them on the phone as you can gather they will say anything. Everything must be in writing.


Are these accounts moorcroft are chasing loan or credit card?


if they are, then you need to cca request moorcroft to see if they have a right to collect the debt




edit to suit


Try not to be imtimidated by moorcroft they full of hot air

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Hi guys! sorry bout not following rules! i'm just so scared!

They are for bank overdrafts. The total amount is under £3500! Most of the Stantander is bank charges both were only £500 overdrafts..... The HSBC is £535 ish its the Santander thats is the killer! the debts are bout a year old on both.

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The CCA letter is irrelevant for overdrafts. I would put this account in dispute right away on the grounds that it comprises mostly of charges. I have amended a template for you:




Dear Sir/Madam,


Your ref:


I do not acknowledge any debt to your company.


I am in receipt of your letter of **DATE**, the contents of which are noted.


As holders of a Consumer Credit Licence you are obliged to comply with the Office of Fair Trading Guidelines on Debt Collection. I dispute your claim for payment on the alleged debt as it comprises unlawful bank charges.


As per OFT guidelines Section 2.8k you are required to cease collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt.


Take notice that I will not discuss this matter on the telephone, and all further communication must be in writing. Any further telephone calls will be perceived as harassment, and dealt with accordingly.


Yours faithfully


You can now have some fun with Moorcroft because they are as thick as Elephant poo.

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