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Apologies that this thread is long, and thanks to all those that read/reply to it.


I have ongoing problems with my now ex-landlord, I believe the issues that I had amount to illegal eviction and I'm pursuing this with my local private sector housing enforcement team. They have said that they will pass my statements to their solicitor to see if a case can be brought, but I'd like any advice or experience that may be relevant to my case please.


A brief(ish) summary of the problem is:


* 6 month AST agreement was started on the 1st September 2009

* Subsequently disrepair issues arose which I informed the landlord of each time an issue came up and he did not repair them, so I wrote him a letter that was hand delivered at the property on the 24th Nov 09 giving him 4 weeks to rectify the problems before I reported them to the council

* No further repairs were undertaken and in Jan 10 a council inspector came to see the property to assess the disrepair. After the assessment they served the LL with a notice to rectify the problems, including for him to obtain a gas safety certificate.

* He ignored this notice and then started threatening us on and off either at the property or in the street.

* In Feb 10 I withheld rent on this basis, and in April a second inspection was done to find that the work had not been completed, a second order of works was issued by the council

* The threats continued by the LL and my car was damaged on 4 separate occasions, despite there being cameras on the front of the property covering the driveway we did not get good images of the offenders and there was therefore nothing to link this directly to the LL. Each of these incidents was reported to the police, including the threats.

* I sold my car to prevent further damage, and a 3rd inspection of the property was done by the council in May 10. This showed that there was a category 1 hazard in addition to the previous problems. This was that the boiler would not produce hot water. We were without hot water from mid April until we moved out at the end of June.

* On 3rd of June my partner was again threatened by the LL and another male. This male and 2nd male assaulted myself and my partner in our home on the evening of the 3rd of June, assisted by the fact the LL had given them a key to enter. Again this was reported to the police, and we did obtain good CCTV footage of them entering the property and the threat during the day.

The offenders are pending arrest, but the police do have address details.


Do you think that I have a good case against my LL here? In addition he did not protect the deposit until 2 days before the end of the AST, I hope that the recent Universal estates vs Tiensia case may clear this up for us as the scheme used was mydeposits.co.uk.


Is there anything else that I can do to make this a good case, and is going through the council to obtain a conviction the best way to go about this?


Many thanks to those that have read this far, I'm eager to hear any opinons.


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