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    • OK, well done.   So the next step is to prepare your Witness Statement.  You've mentioned several times on your thread about their rubbish signage, LFI has pointed out how they don't respect POFA, etc.  So when you have time post a draft.   Have you looked up planning permission?  Both for HX Parking's signs, and for Alma Leisure Park itself as it's unlikely the original PP was for just one hour's parking.
    • She has taken all the paperwork for the house and is going to a solicitor to try and make me sell so I am here for information to where I stand as I don't want to pay out on a solicitor unless needed and I just needed to clarify where I stand, it's been 50/50 on mortgage except one month where I had changed my job,
    • So neither of you want to sell? What is it you need advice on then? Nothing needs doing as far as the ownership of the house is concerned if neither of you wants to sell.   Although I can see that both living under one roof may be a problem you first need to decide between you what you want to achieve. Neither of you can make the other sell or move out.   If it's not possible for either of you to buy the other out then you may have no choice other than to sell the house, divide the cash between you and each go your separate ways. Dividing the  sales mone can take into account that you originally put in different amounts of deposit.   Are you both still paying the mortgage 50/50 each month?
    • Happpy Erudio Friday!!!    I never received a default and nothing has appeared on my credit file? What does this mean? 
    • Thank you for your email. As previously advised, your queries relate to your most recent complaint and as such your correspondence will be processed by our Complaints Team.   Following review of your email dated 18 May 2022, my understanding is that you are alleging that there was a delay in issuing the Default Notice in order to prolong the limitation period. Therefore I felt it was essential for me to fully understand the chronology of the account before addressing this dispute.    Our client’s records show that the last deferment date was the 24 April 2011. The relevant limitation period in respect of this type of claim is 6 years pursuant to section 5 of the Limitation Act meaning that based on your last deferment date, the account would not have been considered Statute Barred until the 24 April 2017. However a Default was registered against you on the 12 January 2017, and pursuant to section 29(5) of the Limitation Act, the relevant limitation period accrues afresh on the date of default.    When a student loan account reaches its 60th month and there is still an outstanding balance, the account matures. This means it will exit the Terms and Conditions of the agreement and the balance becomes due in full. The maturity date is moved on by 12 months with each deferment period meaning that this account matured on the 31 March 2016. The Subject Access Request supplied to you by Erudio enclosed a number of letters that were issued to you throughout 2016, in which they clearly informed you that your account was in arrears. These letters made it clear that the client wished to work with you to agree an affordable repayment arrangement and that failure to do so may result in a Default being registered against you. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach an amicable resolution resulting in a Default being registered on the 12 January 2017.   As such, whilst I apologise if you feel that our client deliberately delayed issuing the Default in order to prolong the limitation period, I assure you that is not the case. As set out above, Erudio are contractually obligated to allow a 60 month period between the last deferment date and the account maturity date and acted in a fair and reasonable manner by allowing an additional 10 months after the account maturity date to give you the opportunity to resolve the matter before the Default Notice was issued.
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