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    • so ask for a quote for their removal. you say due to the state of the tiles but give no indication as to what that is. You do need to have something specific to wave at them to get any movement and at the moment you dont. For all they know you could be telling lies just to get a few quid to go travelling with. so get proof of asbestos and a quote for removal if the roof is too far goen for repair. Pictures to show what they shopuldnt have missed will also bolster your case. I also note that it was 3 years ago so you have enjoyed the benefit of the roof for that time regardless of what it was made of. An estimate of the age of the roof will also be needed as that will help determine whether they should ahve been looking for such materials in their survey.
    • Has any one else had issues with the MCS scheme for renewables? We had a dreadful experience and had to fight for nearly 3 years to get a Biomass boiler removed after it was fitted incorrectly to work and unsafe. The scheme and its relevant bodies did everything to protect the installer and but us as a consumer at a disadvantage.  The consumer code body of the scheme requested the installer to record the meeting held at our house to discuss the issues with the heating system. We only became aware of this when the consumer body stated the meeting was recorded by the way, and this was evidence the system was working correctly. ICO has looked at this incident and concluded our data protection was breached.   
    • It was a data sim because my internet in the house was down I bought the sim from EE and used it in a data module that I also bought from ee at a cost of £100, They performed a credit check so had to give them my nationwide bank details for this.   It was just a sim card no phone or module or insurance, it was £20 per month on a rolling contract where they took the £20 in advance for the data. On my credit file they have a default of non payment of £20 dating back to 2016
    • you will have to start opening any mail that arrives so you can head problems off at the pass
    • we will need more details of hjow the phone sim ad bank accout are linked and why insurance seems to be what they are grouching about. Start at the beginning, name the bank and phone provider and whilst you are at it go through your bank statements to see if there is anything that resembles what yiyu are accused of. Also look at your credit files and see who has been  putting their feet all over it. if you have a great block of red inkl courtesy fo a phone provider them that will be the link but also understand that you might not have bought a data contract but some other product linked to the phone or not connected to it in any way
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    • Hi,  
      I was in Sainsbury’s today and did scan and shop.
      I arrived in after a busy day at work and immediately got distracted by the clothes.
      I put a few things in my trolley and then did a shop.
      I paid and was about to get into my car when the security guard stopped me and asked me to come back in.
      I did and they took me upstairs.
      I was mortified and said I forgot to scan the clothes and a conditioner, 5 items.
      I know its unacceptable but I was distracted and Initially hadn’t really planned to use scan and shop.
      No excuse.
      I offered to pay for the goods but the manager said it was too late.
      He looked at the CCTV and because I didn’t try to scan the items he was phoning the police.
      The cost of the items was about £40.
      I was crying at this point and told them I was a nurse, just coming from work and I could get struck off.
      They rang the police anyway and they came and issued me with a community resolution notice, which goes off my record in a year.
      I feel terrible. I have to declare this to my employer and NMC.
      They kept me in a room on my own with 4 staff and have banned me from all stores.
      The police said if I didn’t do the community order I would go to court and they would refer me to the PPS.
      I’m so stressed,
      can u appeal this or should I just accept it?
      Thanks for reading 
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Legal Advice Warning--be Careful!!!!!!

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Sometime last year when I visited this forum using a different pseudonym I was in the round, as I still am today, in praise of the good work and value that the forum had for many. However, I was very aware that there was a small element of member 'experts' who were portraying their limited legal knowledge way beyond the true level of its value as I viewed it.


I realised then that if I left the spell checker off and deliberately paid no regard to grammer or layout etc the forums groupie experts would engage me with their legal knowledge of the law which was often portrayed as fact. When I replied to posts using my normal acquired style and addressed the law with which I have had a love affair for over 30 years both professionally and these days as a hobby I found that these same experts were reluctant to engage in debate.


This I personally found to be rather sad as when I was cutting my legal teeth if a day went by when my then mentor did not turn my face red I felt that it was a day when I had advanced very little.


It is often said that forum members are sometimes just retelling other peoples reported experiences, this of course is fine and one of the many things that makes it such a great site. However, as I have witnessed some of this 'retelling' is often regurgitated and portrayed as legal fact. This of course could be dangerous to the very many who just view this site to perhaps gain some knowledge to assist in their own circumstances. Although the site team do a good job they cannot monitor some of the downright misleading legal statements portrayed as fact and not opinion.


For my part I am merely passing through and would be unlikely to visit again for some time.


So when I was choosing a new name for this current fleeting visit I could not resist the name "Lawdoctor" from where I was sitting some of the legal statements being bandied about as legal fact to me appeared to be legally unwell and in need of some legal medicine from the visiting locum - "Lawdoctor".


I may not be a legal surgeon but I hope that I have, in my forthright approach, lent something to this forum, if I have then I am glad - if I have not then the person who says so can expect a cyber writ from me as I consider cyber liable to be actionable!!



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There are no legal experts here. None. (Apologies to any legal experts here who keep their expertise quiet for professional reasons ;) )


"Lawdoctor" has studiously avoided claiming any official legal expertise.


"Lawdoctor" most certainly has been challenged here because he has been wrong a number of times.


"Lawdoctors" name is, in my view, unwisely chosen for the above reasons.


I suspect that any perceived lack of challenge to "lawdoctor's" opinions is due to the fact that the response is often extremely patronising, and being patronised by someone you don't respect is extremely irritating :D

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I refer you to the post below or above as the case may be Section 21 notice advice.


Who was clearly misleading pepole you or Lawdoctor!!

Edited by lawdoctor

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I would think that the unqualified advice you gave was potentially very damaging, and is your worst habit on this forum.


But you should know it is bad etiquette to mix arguments between posts.

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Etiquette can be put to one side when the legal health of the forum user's is at risk!!



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So when I was choosing a new name for this current fleeting visit I could not resist the name "Lawdoctor" from where I was sitting some of the legal statements being bandied about as legal fact to me appeared to be legally unwell and in need of some legal medicine from the visiting locum - "Lawdoctor".

Legal "facts" from "lawdoctor":

- as soon as you receive a section 21 notice, you can clear off and stop paying rent at any time without telling the landlord.

- section 21 notices sent by post are always unenforceable.


Evidence for legal fact 1. None. "lawdoctor" retired hurt for a few months after a big row with Mr Shed and me (but not before issuing his "humourous" letter requoted above and claiming that he was a journalist researcher).


Evidence submitted in support for legal fact 2. An article read on the internet that turns out to be about a tenancy that is not an AST, a notice that was not a Section 21 notice, a notice that was not received by the tenant, and a legal appeal that used an inapplicable part of the law to prove that the notice was relevant. The subtleties of all of this went straight above our dear "doctor's" head.

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