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Help, never had credit, refused bank account for adverse credit!

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I'l try and be brief, I dont know who else to turn to ;(

I'm near 30, never ever had a current account or any debt at all including contract phones or hp etc etc worked part time in same job for 7-8 years but now unemployed. Still and always have lived at my parents house/houses.

I want to work for myself at my trade and need public liability insurance and a business bank account, picked a bank(HSBC), and went to the appointment, they liked the figures and plan etc but at the last hurdle the computer said no! adverse credit! I was completely shocked and lost for while couldnt understand??

I sent away to experian for my credit report and got it yesterday, I dont really understand and cant see the adverse credit but what I can see is 2 other people with the same name, one being my father but with different middle names and DOBs.

I'll give a description of the report and maybe someone could tell me where I stand and hint at what to do next?

1*'my name including middle name and correct DOB and previous addresses'*

2*no electoral role information*

understandable never been on it!

3*Credit account info

'My FATHERS full name(first and second same as mine, different middle), HIS DOB and our address, HIS old mortgage from 04 which is 'settled'*

4*previous searches*

P1 Me, the bank hsbc

P2 same as above without my middle name printed?

P3 Me, experian generic from an online application for the report

P4 Me, Car insurance quotation from 2004, RBS

P5 Me, experian credit report

5*Linked addresses* this is where it gets wierd

B1 Me (full name), old refused bank account application from 2008 + 2 of my old addresses

B2 Credit card services, my name no middle name but defo not me, from 2002, my old adresses

B3 My fathers full name, old addresses, old bank from 2002

B4 as above from 2004

B5 My father again, this time from a car he bought in 05, our old adresses

B6 Same name as me, no middle name printed, and address Ive never heard of at the other side of the country! Aktiv kapital from 2008

B7 Same as above but from 2009 !!!!

B8 and 9 are as above but from '05 and '07 but with my old addresses!

What do I do now? What does this mean and wheres the adverse credit?

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I will do my best but credit reference agencies are not my strongest points however:


B2,B6 & B7. You need to write to the CRA and tell them that it is nothing to do with you and to remove the information.


Anything before 2004 shouldn't be seen by creditors anyway but because it looks like someone has tried to get credit in your name, it may still show.


The biggest reason you got turned down is because you are not on the Electoral Register. You can get registered quite easily. Just contact the Electoral Department at your local council and you will be put on within a couple of months

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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The weirdest thing about getting credit is that you have to have credit to get it! If you never had credit in the past then there is no information for the CRA to rate you and they will give you a very low score. What you need is one or two credit cards, use the credit in the month to buy your groceries, etc. and pay them in full. After about 6 months or so you will have a good score.


You will probably get a card from Capital One or Vanquis with no credit history.


the bottom line is that you need some credit to have any credit rating at all!


Hope it helps.

“We believe Capital One Law takes privilege over UK Law” – Sven Lagerberg – Capital One.


By supplying ALL the documents WILL NOT answer your questions but by supplying a SELECTIVE few will. – Jayne Sheenan – HSBC


Separate requests with a fee should be made to ALL relevant Data Controllers in an organisation. - Jayne Sheenan – HSBC


Our t&c's overrides ICO guidelines when reporting to CRA's - Karon A Bullock - Capital One

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Thanks for your time, will put my name down on the register for sure, I would point out though that I explained to the bank at the interview about this and the fact Ive no credit rating, he said that was no problem there would just be just no overdraft or loans, which I dont need or want anyway but the computer would not even try and apply, instant refusal which he said was 'strange'. The guy said even if I have had poor credit rating the application would still go through and I woulldnt get all the features but this was adverse or something.

How long will this take to remove and should I be checking with the other credit agencies?

Is there a basic business account available from anywhere else that doesnt involve a credit check that I dont have to pay/pay through the nose for?

This is really holding me back, I cant find part time jobs in my trade, cant work full time (single parent) and cant afford/dont want to stay on benefits any longer, the dole que just isnt my style!:sad::sad::-x

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It may be best to try to sort out the incorrect information on your file first, as it looks as though you have some details that will impede your application with other banks (follow Silverfox's advice).


For a basic business bank account, I have found RBS or NatWest to be good: A NatWest Foundation account gives your business the banking facilities it needs to get properly established and grow.. They will provide DDs and SOs, and online banking, etc for your business account. However, they, as with other banks, will conduct a search of your credit file for identity etc.


Also, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to get a business account without a credit check.

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Thanks everyone, been trawling the forum as well for answers, I will take this advice and let you know how it goes. First off is the letter to experian, is there an example or template or do I just write it as it is? Havent wrote a letter since primary school I think lol

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cplusa, just a thought but have you looked at Santander's account offering?


Completely free banking and it was an easy application when I did it recently. Even if you got turned down there, assuming it'll take a little while anyway for your Experian file to be cleaned of the erroneous info and for you to appear on the electoral roll, the failed application won't do any harm, and who knows you might get accepted!

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