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    • Hello,   Apologies as I know this topic has been done to death but I find myself in a situation I can't seem to find another example of?   Around 12 months ago, Moriarty Law contacted me about a supposed debt relating to my ADCB current account in Dubai. Nearly all current accounts come with an attached credit card (turns out they don't but one of the pages in the initial application that you're asked to sign is actually for opening a CC.... I know, should have been more studious with reading).   Thanks to this forum, last year I downloaded the "Prove It" letter and sent to Moriarty. After hearing nothing at all for 11 and a half of those months, yesterday a big parcel arrived containing the pages from the original account opening app with my signature all over it, a copy of my passport and residency visa from that time and bank statements for the whole 5 years I had the current account with ADCB.   Looking at the amount owed, it translated to around GBP5,000 at such time as ADCB passed it to ML and now they have inflated it to GBP10,000 using a combination of mystery charges and a made-up exchange rate between AED/GBP.   I'm wondering what my next move should be as others seeking help from this forum usually see a Prove It letter to be enough to shoo the DCA away. Sadly in my case, there's 3kg of paper on my desk that very much proves it.   Also I'm a director of a UK Ltd company now so would like to avoid anything that may sully that.   Any advice gratefully received, thanks very much!  
    • Will this now get allocated a court date as CLI have exhibited evidence? Or will the court review the evidence first? 🙄
    • Hi Lutz,   Go ahead with the new account.   As I said already, the bank will probably do and say nothing to help you for the next few weeks so make whatever other arrangements you can.
    • I don't think that you have told us when you bought the car. However, you have referred to a conversation in which they apparently told you that the MOT had been carried out on 11 November so that suggests to me that you bought it after that date. Although it seems as if you are dealing with quite a dodgy crowd, you may as well go through the paces of asserting your proper rights. Because you have discovered this issue within the first 30 days – you can add to the strength of your position by sending them a letter asserting a right to reject the vehicle under the consumer rights act. If a car manifests a defect within the first 30 days then you are entitled to reject it out of hand with no chance of repair but you must assert your right in writing. Send them a letter immediately – recorded delivery – informing them that you are rejecting the vehicle and telling them on what grounds and say that you are asserting your rights under the consumer rights act. It won't make a whole lot of difference, but later on if you find yourself having to take court action, then it will all help. Please let us know when you have had the AA check. Meanwhile, I suggest that you contact me at our admin email address and let me know the identity of the garage and any other identity clues that you have unearthed. It may enable us to give you additional help
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Can anyone confirm if the information given by the tax credit helpline is correct?


Last year I claimed ESA from May to November and when I found part time work (20 hours) claimed working tax credit disability element only, as I have no children.


From the 9th November 2009 to 28th February I was employed and then dismissed at the end of my trial period.


I have continued to search for work since and have now found another part time job. I contacted the helpline again to ask them to forward another claim form and was advised that I was no longer eligable to claim working tax credits. The reason being I claimed JSA instead of ESA.


The reason why I claimed JSA instead of ESA was because my doctor had received a letter from the DWP, after my medical stating that I no longer required sick notes and hence would not issue me with one.


The disability is still there and hasnt gone away and no change in my health. The lady explained that I would only be eligable to continue therefore, if I had reclaimed within six months from my last ESA claim which ended on the 8th November or I resumed claiming ESA.


I have no reason to doubt the lady but just need some confirmation as I shall have to decline the part time job, which is such a shame as I desperately need to return to work, for the company, which I enjoy. As when stuck at home the only contact with the outside world is when job hunting, arranging interviews, interviews and the fortnighly trip to the Job Centre Plus.

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Yes the advisor you spoke to was correct. For you to claim WTC (working tax credit) you would need to be working at least 30 hrs per week OR working 16-29 hrs and disabled ie: receiving/recently received a sickness benefit like ESA.


Im afraid JSA doesnt count as a 'sickness benefit'. So you would no longer be classed as being disabled and would need to work 30hrs min per week. :sad:


If you started to received Disability Living Allowance, you would be classed as disabled...have you tried applying for this?


A x

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