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Hi everyone,


Not sure if this is in the right section or even the right website but you have helped me on so mant other things that i thought i would give it a go.



I recently bought a new build house before it was built so only seen the plans when i purchased, Onthe diagram of the property it showed that next doors parking spaces would be slighly outside my living room wondow and questioned the sales agent about this, She told me that it wouldnt affect our view from inside and the reason was becouse the row of houses was ment to be 3x 3bedroom houses and 1x4 bedroom house but they changed the plans of the house and thats why the parking spaces was slightly out,


Anyways after living here for 5mths somebody has in the last week moved into the property next door and started parking his car and sometimes his van directly in view of my living room window so thats all i can see from my £128,000 house :(


Taking that aside, My young 15yr old daughter and my partner often sit in the living room in there pyjamas and dressing gowns and when the guy from next door comes home to park his car foward into his space hes looking straight through my window which is making them both feel very uncomftable, As barrattts changed the plans on the houses but not the parking spaces and i was basicaly told that it would not be a problem, Is there anything i can do as this is going to end in tears with us moving property to resolve unless something within the law can help us in this matter


Thanks for listining

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If Barrett have properly followed the agreed planning process, then there is not a lot you can do. Unfortunately you cannot believe what sales agents say. When I bought a new house the first thing I had to sign was an acknowledgement that nothing verbally promised by the sales agent was part of the contract!

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The first point is whether or not the neighbour has the right to park where he does. If he does, then clearly you cannot stop him. It is, after all, not his fault if you were misled.


The second point is to establish whether you were misled and, if so, whether you have a cause for action. That is going to depend on what the questions were that you posed to the agents and the answers they gave; whether any disclaimer of the type referred to above was signed and, if so, whether it binds you; what questions your conveyancer asked and the answers he was given; what the contract and other sale documents say. The best person to advise is the conveyancer who acted as he will know more than anyone posting on this forum.


When buying property if you have any doubts or queries you really must bring them up with your conveyancer. He will be able to raise the questions with the seller's solicitors and ensure that any assurances given are properly documented.

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