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Help Required - Charges Applied To Account.

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Hi all.


I'm after a bit of advice/help please. To cut a long story short....


About March time I applied to my local branch of Yorkshire Bank for a small loan (£1000) to cover the costs of repairs to my car to get it through the MoT. They refused the loan, but as per normal didn't give any reason.


Obviously I needed to get the work carried out as the car was needed for work.


I decided to use the services of the Money Shop for a 'pay day loan' and wrote four cheques, 3 x £100 and 1 x £50.


I have been paying the costs to defer them from month to month, but for one reason or another, the Money Shop has presented the cheques with insufficient funds in my account, (had they waited 7 days, there would have been sufficient funds).


Now, here's where the problem starts. All cheques were presented using a £100 cheque guarantee card and therefore you would think that it would not be a problem. However, YB have decided to return all cheques to the drawer as "NOT DRAWN IN ACCORDANCE WITH CHEQUE CARD CRITERIA" and charged me £35.00 for the privilege. The Money Shop also charged £25.00 per cheque.


I have settled the cheques now with the Money Shop, but the Bank are refusing to refund the charges stating that as I had used a cheque clearing house, this was not in accordance with the cheque guarantee system.


So in seven days, the bank has charged me £225.00 (with other charges they have added on). They are refusing to budge and say that the charges stand.


This is now causing significant hardship and I am struggling to make ends meet.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi pete


Firstly you should write a Hardship letter to YB, make sure you explain why

your in hardship and the charges have deprived you of essentials.


the address to send letters:

Yorkshire Bank

Head Office Complex

4th Floor, 51 West George Street


G1 2HL

You can make a telephone complaint here: 0845 602 5410


You could also lodge a complaint with the FOS.


Under both standard banking regulations and the Lending Code (an agreement that all major banks have signed up to) banks must treat you fairly and be considerate if you are in financial difficulty.

We have therefore used these criteria as well as guidance from the Ombudsman to try and give some ideas as to what would count as hardship:

  • Can’t pay for necessities. You’re struggling to meet basic necessities eg mortgage, council tax, food, utility bills
  • Can’t pay debts. You’re struggling to make loan and credit card repayments
  • Income eaten by charges. Your income’s being eaten up by repaying charges (eg you’re being asked to pay £50 of charges from a £100 weekly benefit income)
  • Payments regularly returned. Your payments regularly get returned unpaid as you’ve not enough money in your account
  • Substantial drop in income. For example, you’ve lost your job, started a lower paid job, needed to take parental or carers leave, your partner has died, you’ve separated from your partner, you’ve started full time education or you/your partner has been/gone to prison
  • Disability or illness. You’ve needed to increase spending on something due to a disability or serious illness
  • Going bankrupt or into debt management. You’re going bankrupt, getting an IVA or Debt Relief Order or are in a debt management plan
  • Continually living off credit. You’re living off credit and regularly need to increase your credit limit
  • Regular credit card cash withdrawals. You are using regular cash withdrawals from credit cards to make ends meet
  • Frequently over overdraft limit. You frequently go over your overdraft limit. In earlier incarnations of hardship rules this was explained as having more than £500 of charges a year – so that seems a good benchmark
  • Bank charges have hurt your situation. The charges have contributed to making your financial hardship situation materially worse

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Thank you for the time and effort taken in replying, the information is certainly welcome. But the attitude of the bank seems to be that because I have now brought my account bank into a state of credit (due to a salary payment), that I can obviously afford to pay these fines, sorry charges.


I will write to the Bank and the Ombudsman and will ring the phone number you've listed tomorrow and report back.


Thanks again mate.

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Hi peter


Let us know how you get on. Other guys here will also offer advice.

Just because you've payed, doesn't make it right, you need to argue your corner.

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in seven days, the bank has charged me £225.00


That is disgusting. All the best with recovering your money.



Taking on the bloodsuckers

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Just wanted to give you a quick update.


After I wrote a letter to the bank complaining about the charges I received a letter back from the bank which I have included below.


The basis of it is that they're blaming the Conditions of Use of the APACS (no longer around and replaced with the UK Payment Administration) Cheque Guarantee System stating the cheques need to be presented no later than 3 working days after issue which seems bizarre.


I have also included my reply to the bank.


Let me know what you think please as I value your feedback.



Yorkshire Bank Complaint.pdf

Yorkshire Bank Complaint page 2.pdf

Letter to Yorkshire Bank - 30.06.10.pdf

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Hi Pete


Your letter sounds great to me. The other thing is when the FOS start looking into the matter on your behalf, Yorkshire Bank will have to pay £500 to the FOS. They are much better refunding your monies in full.:)


If they still refuse to refund in full, maybe a 'Save As To Costs' letter, a bit cheeky, but £500 to the FOS or

£225 to you, the balls in their court.

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hi pete,


how'd you get on with this? did they pay up?


i'm dealing with the horrid lot myself.

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