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Incorrect Default Date / Move it?

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Apologies for the long post...


A little backgound

I entered into a DMP in July 2007 (via CCCS)

Currently trying to get a mortgage and need to be clear of defaults from the last 2 years - and it's interesting what I have found on my credit report!!


Some creditors have defaulted me some haven't - however some of those who have, appear to have entered the wrong data on my credit report.


I'm not disputing the defaults, I'm fully aware of my situation and very realistic about it, however I was wondering if there is anything I can do to challenge the dates they've entered??


I've seen quite a lot about the Information Commissioner - but I wanted to get a feel for whether I have a case or not.


Sainsbury's Credit Card

Default Registered: 15th May 2009 (Just under 2 years since I originally defaulted)


12th Sept 2007: Entered an Arrangement to Pay - stated for 12 months

12th Sept 2008: Arrangement to pay seemed to end but with no further contact from Sainsbury's

13th Feb 2009: Default Notice Served - stating if you have not paid the amount requested within 28 days or made satisfactory proposals to do so we will pass details of the default to a CRA, Payment Proposal was offered and they accepted payments

15th May 2009: Default registered on my credit file

20th May 2009: Received letter from Blair, Oliver & Scott - offered same repayment amount = accepted.


When I look at this situation, Sainsbury's were prepared to accept my offer, even had an Arrangement to Pay. Payments through CCCS were maintained throughout but they still defaulted me nearly 2 years after I originally 'defaulted'


HSBC: 2x Overdrafts & 1x Loan

Default Registered: 22nd October 2008


11th August 2008: Initial letter threatening default

29th August 2008: Subsequent follow up letter declining offer

01st October 2008: Formal default notice


HSBC knew from 2007 that I was working with the CCCS - they chose to refuse the offers of repayment I was making to try to get me to take out a Managed Loan (which i refused). There delay tactics resulted in the default not being registered until 15 months after I entered the agreement with CCCS


HSBC Credit Card

Default Registered: 21st March 2008


28th November 2007: Received a Final demand letter

21st March 2008: Default Registered on Credit File: - but no default notice can be found

27th March 2008: Debt transfereed to Payment Services Bureau - advised that the repayment is acceptable

18th June 2008: Final demand issued

10th October 2008: HSBC Sold the debt to Link Financial (I was not informed until 16th January 2009 via letter)


Now I appreciate that this may be a tricky one however the default was registered 4 months after the first Final demand letter


Appreciate that this may be a long shot, however, downsizing from 2 houses to 1 will greatly improve my financial situation.


Having had a quick look at the information on the ICO website - I did notice something about 6 months from when you originally defaulted, both the HSBC and Sainsbury's ones seem way outside of this.


I'd appreciate your thoughts on what I could do..


Thanks in advance.

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