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    • You know what you're old username was and do you have access to that email address?
    • Can you explain a little bit more about the delivery please. Somebody sent them to you – was it a retailer who sold them to you? If you have to claim against Hermes then if you declared only a £300 value then this is probably what you will have to settle for. You pay £95 shipping costs – that is extraordinarily high for Hermes. Can you explain why it was so expensive.   Have you made a formal claim to Hermes? And have they responded?
    • I'm sorry there are a few typos in my post - a hangover from injuries I had at the time being discussed. I did try to tidy it up straight away but wasn't allowed to repost after editing it.
    • You posted in a solid block of text and it's rather difficult to read. Please will you make sure that your posts future are properly spaced and punctuated and that way people will find it easier to give you the help and support you need.
    • I arranged the delivery of a set of drum kit wood shells with hermes, I booked directly online. They have told me the item is lost 70x50x55 cm box???   They asked me to fill in a claim form which I have done i declared a value of £300 for the parts sent and paid for extra cover. I had recently purchased the whole drum kit for £650 and shipping costs of £95.00 to get them to me.    After investigating the cost of replacing the shells, not a direct equivalent but similar, it will cost around £450.00 with delivery.   I want to get compensation over the £300, is that possible, i have informed them of the total loss with delivery costs, prior to shipping with Hermes as £745.   I am more than happy to go to the small claims court for the difference but would it be dismissed,   Should I go for the full cost of the loss or the cost of replacement shells only I have all the receipts for the drums and shipping costs prior to hermes losing my items.   I still have the remaining parts that a pretty much worthless now, unless i get a new set of drum shells.   Its probably going to to take ages, I've written to CEO of Hermes about my complaint as well just to cover all bases. Next stop will be the small claims court as i read they pull delay tactics and low offers.   They really didnt care and also didn't seem surprised when i spoke to a service agent.
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Abbey phones a friend

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Last year, as I could not meet up with a friend to collect £10, I suggested that she paid the money directly into my credit card - an Abbey credit card administered by MBNA.

This year, as I could only make reduced card payments, MBNA started calling her and asking her to get me to call MBNA as I had not made the full payment to my account. She has given them my telephone number. I have told them to contact me in writing only. They are still calling her at least 4 times per week asking to speak to me even although I have never lived at that address.

She asked the caller how they got her details and they have confirmed verbally that it came from taking the details from her Abbey card number - the one that she used to do an electronic transfer into my account.

I have written to the Information Commissioner and got a standard letter saying that they are very busy at the moment... I have also written to the FSA Ombudsman and they told me to contact the bank direct.

I have paid all the money owed back to Abbey (and have receipts from their own bank) but they have claimed not to have received it.

Any advice welcome on how to proceed. How do I take them to task for breach of the Data Protection Act and also the laws on Harassment?

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If you can get that admission on record, we could help you.


You need to install a call recorder and then call them again and see if they will say the same thing.


Never, never, ever do business on the phone with these people without recording your calls.


Now you know why

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I have a letter, which was sent to my friend, which she will allow me to use. It confirms the date when they got the details from the card and also confirms that they took the data from her bank card with a promise that it won't happen again - but they have still continued to call her after she received the letter.


Verbally, one of the callers claimed that they took the details from a phonecall made to make payments - but it is a new phone number - BT can prove this - so this is not possible.

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I now made a data access request for this account but have not been able to get it. What I have had is a letter from MBNA saying that they have not gathered the information from the credit card but as a result of a phonecall made to them. Although this is not correct, even if there had been a call it would have been made by my friend and not me.

MBNA have said that they have the right to collect any phone numbers used to make payments on this account under section 13a of the contract that I signed.

I still have the original contract. 13a allows them to collect any details of any calls that I make but not which are made by any third parties and does not give them permission to call them.

However, Section 13B states clearly that they will only keep my personal information for as long as is needed or as they are allowed to by law.

I have received over 100 calls from them along with emails and letters etc. Am I best to take this through the small claims court claiming a similarity to the following cases:

David Lloyd V Bank of Scotland

David Lloyd V Halifax

Alison Turner V Halifax

Ferguson V British Gas

Alternatively should I go through a mainstream court? Also, any idea how long it takes to get things through the courts?

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If you can get that admission on record, we could help you.


You need to install a call recorder and then call them again and see if they will say the same thing.


Never, never, ever do business on the phone with these people without recording your calls.


Now you know why.




I have copies of their phone records and my own phone records. I also have a letter from the Ombudsman saying that they have broken the data protection act by storing details of third parties and contacting them but I am still having problems with MBNA - I have to court very soon about this and would like some guidance as to what I should be doing. The records, provided by MBNA show almost 100 phone calls but that is only for a three month period - I can't get access to all their phone records despite doing a subject access request. I have complained about this and have to go to court about this to try to get the full records.

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