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Timescale after acknowledgement????

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I'm interested to know how long this will carry on for, Lloyds have acknowledged claim and have until 14th Sept to carry out their intention to 'defend in full', when they have done this how long usually do you have to wait for a court date, or does it vary too much to say?


Thank you



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Hi Nikki

I think I'm right in saying the court date would not be set until after the Allocation Questionnaires have been returned. I got my AQ a week after Notice of Transfer of Proceedings and then had about 2 weeks to return it to court. I suspect this can vary quite a bit reading around. Good luck with it anyway! saj x

SEE MY THREAD HERE...http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloydstsb-successes/7358-saj-lloyds-tsb.html

Data Protection Act letter sent recorded delivery 15.5.06

Compliance 1.06.06

PAR letter sent recorded delivery 7.06.06

1st denial received 13/6/06

LBA letter sent recorded delivery 21.06.06 (received 22/6)

Moneyclaim filed 7/7/06, Served 15/7/06

Allocation questionaire returned 28/8/06

Court date 1st December :lol:


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It seems to me that lloyds try to drag this out as long as possible... Hang in there.




Lloyds TSB Progess


first letter sent 10th June

Received reply 20th June

Second letter sent 30th June

Revieved final response 7th July

Filled in claim on line 30/07/06

Recieved Acknowledgment of service 4th August

Defence submitted 6th September

Allocation Questionnaire due back 20th Sept

Sent my Allocation Questionnaire back 10th Sept

Got there copy of Allication Questionaire 23rd Sept

Court date set for 25th Jan '07




Paragon Finance Progress

Sent first letter 24th August 2006

No reply so second letter sent 10th Sept 2006

Received letter back saying they are going to investigate my claim

Offer made by Paragon for full ammount plus interst! Rusult!!!

Cheque recieved *Won*




Any thing I write on this site is only an oppinion as I am not a solicitor or legal whizz!











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We received the AQ and Lloyd's defence about a week after they filed their defence (on the last day they were allowed to!).


Our AQ was sent back within a couple of days, and we also sent a letter off to Lloyd's solicitors with a copy of our AQ to let them know (out of courtesy) when we couldn't attend Court in September. This has also (we hope) instigated a dialogue with the solicitors in order that they can maybe come to their senses and start negotiating before it gets anywhere near the Courtroom. ;)


Hang in there, they (Lloyds and the solicitors) will generally try and drag it out as long as possible, if other people's experiences on this brilliant website are anything to go by.


Don't forget to post any developments onto this site, and feel free to ask for assistance. There is a wealth of experience here from people that are either going through what you are now, or have concluded their cases with the banks.



17th July 2006 - Small Claims Court action filed

20th July 2006 - Claim deemed to have been served

24th July 2006 - Defendent filed an Acknowledgment of Service

17th August 2006 - Defendant's solicitors filed a defence (Sechiari Clark & Mitchell).

24th August 2006 - Defence & AQ received.

13th October 2006 - Court orders a stay until 11th Nov to reach settlement - yeah, right. http://cag-images.co.uk/forum/images/buttons/edit.gif

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