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Hi All

Can any one help me.

I was given a preliminary disciplinary hearing letter on Friday last.

I attended the meeting and was told that I was going to be given a stage 3 warning.

I was not given any chance to put my case. I told my boss that I was going to see my GP, I was then told by my boss that if the job was getting to much the I should leave.

What can I do.




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Hello and welcome to CAG. I'm sorry to hear about your problem, it sounds tough for you.


I'm not being funny, but it would be a good idea to remove your name if that's your real one, because employers often read this forum and it may not help you to be identified.


I'll post more in a minute.


You can alter anything you post by hitting the edit [i put save just now, shouldn't have said that!] button on the bottom left of your message.



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addition of missing information.

Illegitimi non carborundum




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Well, I can see a few potential problems with this and will start things off, although we have gurus who know more than I do. For now, it may be more questions than answers from me, but anything you can tell us will help us to advise you.


Is it a large company you work for?


When you had this meeting, were you advised of the purpose of it beforehand in writing? And were you told you could have someone with you?


A company should follow its own disc procedures, which should be in your employee handbook or employment particulars, assuming you have been given them. Failing to do this will not look good for them. Are you able to tell us what you're accused of doing?


I don't know what a stage 3 warning is, could you educate me please?


How long have you worked there, is it over a year continuously?


Can you tell us a bit more about how you weren't able to put your case and why not?


I can imagine you're going to your GP for stress, or is it something else? And was it planned before this meeting?


I'm sure it can't be in order just to tell you to resign if the job is too hard. Are there reasons why you couldn't carry on doing it?


I'm sorry this looks like the Spanish inquisition, but any info helps. And I apologise for teaching you about posting messages when you've been here longer than me. Oops.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Just a short back ground first.

I have been with the company for 3 years. I was made team leader of despatch in Jan this year. I have been doing my best for the past 20 weeks now.

I have made some blunders yes, but I have had no training what so ever.

I was told that me and my two staff would be getting training 4 weeks ago. I did not hapen. I was then told I would be shadowed last week that never happend. On Friday I was given a letter regarding a preliminary disciplinary hearing.

1/ The Company is a mid sized company.

2/ No company hand book it is kept on computer in the HR dept.

3/ Stage 3 is the last warning before the sack.

4/ I was not given chance the boss was more interested in me leaving of my own accord, he even offerd me more notice pay just to get me to go.

5/ Yes it was stress I had not slept since Friday as you can guess I was shatterd. I am now off work for two weeks with stress and miled dep.




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I can understand mild depression, poor you. I know I said it before, but are you sure having your name on your posts is the right thing to do? What if your boss takes it into his head to look on here, and they do, will he know it's you? Even if you hate him with a passion, you don't necessarily want him reading your tactics, I'd say. As I type this, there are 5 guests viewing and they could be anyone, including HR bods and bosses. It's up to you, of course.


Subject to what others on the forum say, I think you could be heading down the grievance route for the way your meeting was carried out, being made ill by the job, not having adequate training [or support or resources?], etc. Watch this space and I hope someone will be along soon.


Not following laid-down procedures and putting you under pressure to resign will not make them look good.


In the meantime, if you want some reading to send you to sleep :), you could look at the websites for ACAS and directgov. ACAS also have a confidential helpline that you can ring during working hours, which probably aren't as late as this. You could also try bullyonline to see if you think this could be the sort of person your boss is.


Take care, HB x

Illegitimi non carborundum




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