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Hi all,

I am having some worries over my suitability as a tennant. I have been renting my house for 9 years with no arrears or problems at all. My fiancee ( we don't live together) has a flat he rents . He has been in it for about 9 years also with no arrears or problems with rent . We are looking to moving in together and need to rent a place between us- I have a daughter so there will be 3 of us. However, I have some debts which are being delt with by the CAB, and my fiancee has had problems with debt, although his are coming to an end as he has paid them off - over a number of years. How do we stand over finding somewhere to live? Will our poor credit ratings make us undesirable tennants - or will our excellent records as tennants override this?

Thanks so much,


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Hi, sorry nobody has replied any sooner.


When we were looking most places credit checked you, the estate agents said if anything comes up you can explain it in a letter to the landlord. Luckily the place we went with didn't credit check us, it went off a reference from a previous landlord, as I am sure private landlords would do aswell.


Hope this helps.




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