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chewy xr VS HSBC

chewy xr

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Hi all,


First of all I am a new member and have had a quick scan through this site and I'd like to say .. what a helpful group of people :D There are a lot of really good posts and everyone seems very very helpful.


Getting onto my bank charges now. I sent the request for statements letter (not sure of the abbreviation you use on here yet ;) ) and got statements, totalled what I thought was charges (and then read on this site how to do it properley) and then sent the letter requested the refund of bank charges, and this is where I am at the moment ...


Letter rom HSBC 12/08/06


Dear Mr C


Thank you for your recent letter requesting a refund of all your bank charges.


In order that we can consider your request pleaee provide a full itemised breakdown of these charges toinclude date,description of the charge and the amount applied. please also include any propsed new charges that you will have received a pre notificatio advice for.


Thank you again for taking time to write.


Your Sincerely


Colin Lnagdale

Sensior Service Quality Manager




In my original request for my refund I didn't include all the 65p and 1.65 I had been charged as I got this letter off another website where the inforomation is very vague. My question is shoould I add these and send another letter ? To be quite honest I'd be happy to get back the 2899 they we me and they can keep the loose change as I'm going to shut my account with the thieiving **** anyway.... or should I get everypenny they owe me and lso fight the cause ?






PS I will keep you all posted as and when I have more news.

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you wouldnt be able to claim these anyway i believe what are they for btw what they mean is on here there is a template to list your charges so they can see exactly what you are asking for




HSBC £5,735.35 :D


MUM £3580.00 WIN FROM NatWest :grin:

AUNTIE 2 NATWEST WINS £1865.00 AND £2541.00


MBNA £871.16 WON WITH CI AT 24.49%

WELCOME FINANCE CHARGES £600 APPROX didnt even need letter lol

CAP ONE WON WITH CI AT 29.9% £994.26



mbna ppi

NatWest cc at mcol (ppi next)

welcome ppi

first response charges



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Right I am new to the site have read through a lot of posts and have just been reading more and read a post by imported where says "If you send the bank a letter before you have given them time to pay up demanding 8% APR they will know that you do not know what you are doing and this will more than likely end up with you NOT getting your money back." :eek: :eek: :eek:


As I had sent the letter before even knowing baout this site I have done what he says not to do :( :-| I have added the 8% !!!! I feel like a right *@$ especially after reading Bankfodders Sick thread. Sorry.


Is there anything I can do ????


I have still receieved a letter from HSBC asking for a list of dates and charges and have my schedule ready to send back.


Oh how I wish I had found this site before I sent the letter :(


Any help would be really really appreciated.


Thanks in advance and keep up the good work people.

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I wouldnt panic, first off go read the faqs and the step by step guide.


Then decide where you think you are, i presume you have your statements?


Then see what you wrote and how it compares to the pre lim template.


Decide if you want to reissue your prelim and follow with your lba 14 days later then take them to court.


Depending on how well youve written your 1st letter will mean another 14 days on the process probably/possibly





Kick the shAbbey Habit


Where were you? Next time please



Abbey 1st claim -Charges repaid, default removed, interest paid (8% apr) costs paid, Abbey peed off; priceless

Abbey 2nd claim, two Accs - claim issued 30-03-07

Barclaycard - Settled cheque received

Egg 2 accounts ID sent 29/07

Co-op Claim issued 30-03-07

GE Capital (Store Cards) ICO says theyve been naughty

MBNA - Settled in Full

GE Capital (1st National) Settled

Lombard Bank - SAR sent 16.02.07

MBNA are not your friends, they will settle but you need to make sure its on your terms -read here

Glenn Vs MBNA

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Hi all,


First of all I would like to say what an extrememly well run site and what an a amazing group of very helpful members !!


I have been a member for a few months now and have read lots of post on this forum and was amazed at how clear and useful the FAQ's and Step-by-step guides are to follow.


I have been through the motions of getting my bank charges refunded and have this morning received a letter from HSBC offering me two thirds of what they owe me.


HSBC are basically saying that they think that if the claim proceeded to court they could 'resist legal challenge in relation to these fees' They have offered me '10 working days to accept. If we dont receive your signed acceptance within this timescale, we will take it that you have declined our offer'


Even though I have primed myself from the start for going to court I am still nervous about taking it all the way to court, and obviously, nervous I could lose the £2000 they are offering !!


Has anyone else got this far and started to get cold feet ?


I really want to push it all the way and I'm sure I will but I would love to hear from someone else who has been in this situation and won, just as a moral booster lol !


If anyone is reading this post and thinking about trying to reclaim your bank charges .... go for it ,do it !!! Just make sure you read the FAQ's and Step-by-step guides on here as they are of amazing quality and are indespensible.


Thanks for taking the time to read my little version of events and thoughts.



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Hi Chewy


I know how you feel, I put off for months sending my Prelim letter to HSBC even though I had all of my statements.Even though I had been successful against other banks. Mainly because it was my main bank a/c and I have an overdraft with them that I am never out of! When I realised that my bank charges for the last six years would clear that and put me ahead again, for only the second time in as many years my letter was off like a shot.

I have had a lot of support from my brother, who has a few on the go at the moment, with more tricksy banks.

I too received a letter offering just short of what i had been requesting, it arrived the day after I completed the MCOL, and just over two weeks later another letter offering the full amount has arrived. Whoohooo!

You have nothing to loose in waiting that extra time crack on and file with MCOL if you haven't already.




Halifax prelim 23/5/06, LBA sent 31/5/06, moneyclaim 27/6/06, Halifax intend to defend, halifax paid up!19/7/06:D Donation made.

Amex prelim 22/5/06, LBA sent 5/6/06, Final LBA sent 9/6/06, settled 30/6/06:D Donation made.

Barclaycard prelim 26/5/06, LBA sent 9/6/06......to be contd

HSBC prelim sent 6/9/06, LBA sent 19/9/06, MCOL 12/10/06....

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I know it's easy for other people to tell you to stay strong, especially when it looks as though you might be nearing a court 'battle' to resolve the issue.


What I can tell you, without doubt, is that any organisation who feels as though they have a clear and definitive case that would produce a victory in court would (a) not offer you cash to go away and (b) would want, more than anything else in the world right now, to win that case and put an end to this process once and for all.


They simply don't have a case that would stand up in court - they know it, we know it and I'm sure that in the back of your mind you believe it too.


Ask them if they would care to point you in the direction of previous cases where they have won! (There aren't any, of course....)


The only thing they have is the ability to offer cash.


Tell them to (politely) stuff their offer and make it clear that you would relish the chance to hear their defence in a court of law since it is YOU that is the more confident of winning.




Opinions given herein are made informally by myself as a lay-person in good faith based on personal experience. For legal advice, you must always consult a registered and insured lawyer.



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I have received my Acknowledgement of Sefvice about 5 minutes ago and much to my supprise HSBC are defending ALL of he claim !!


I was just wondering if this is common place now ?


I can't beleive that they are disputing the whole claim or is their stalling tactics ?


If anyone could offer an advice / share their experiences with taking HSBC to court I'd be very grateful indeed !


Thanks in advance,


Chewy xr

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Hello Folks!


Great to see you all here!


It is normal for them to let you put in your mcol, then defend, sometimes even let you put in an AQ, then pay up.

They always pay up.

Dont worry about it too much!:D




(it would be great if you could stick to your own theads folks if you have a question, it keeps things tidy and helps us to help you...:D )



HSBC WON three times!!!!! Read about my continuing battle (claim FOUR!) Link HERE

Capital One WON Link


GE capital (5 accounts) WON link HERE

Lloyds bank account WON second claim starting! link HERE

Budget insurance cough up WON link HERE

Principles WON link HERE

A&L (Mrs Crusher's account) claim link HERE

Barclays claim link HERE


Any advice given is on an informal basis only and without prejudice or liability. In in any doubt, consult a qualified lawyer.


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I have just noticed that the lovely people at HSBC have charged me 75 quid on the 18th November even though I am in the process of sueing them via MCOL.


Would I be ok ringing and asking what they think they are playing at and demanding they credit my account or would this be detremental (sp) to my claim ?


Any advice much appreciated !

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No - just because you're doing one thing doesn't mean to say they won't be doing another! Let your action proceed as normal, and when it comes to them arranging to settle (as they surely will do) you draw their attention to the follow-up charges and ask for these to be removed too. If not, you'll be raising a fresh action for those too!

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I have noticed today that the kind people at HSBC have charged me again on the 17th November for 75 quid even though I have filed a claim via MCOL !!!


Would it affect my case if I was to ring and ask them nicely to refund the money ?


Any advice would be appreciated !!

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If you claim again....




Buzby's idea sounds good, try and get it added to the current claim.


If you ring it will go in as another claim, the account will be closed. (This is what happened to me ;) )



HSBC WON three times!!!!! Read about my continuing battle (claim FOUR!) Link HERE

Capital One WON Link


GE capital (5 accounts) WON link HERE

Lloyds bank account WON second claim starting! link HERE

Budget insurance cough up WON link HERE

Principles WON link HERE

A&L (Mrs Crusher's account) claim link HERE

Barclays claim link HERE


Any advice given is on an informal basis only and without prejudice or liability. In in any doubt, consult a qualified lawyer.


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  • 1 month later...

Right well finally I've won!!!!!!!!!!!


I come in from work tonight to a letter offering me full payment including interest.


The only question I now have is there is no details about how they will make payment so I'm a bit worried about that !!


Does anyone know how this will happen (the payment that is) ?

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Hi Chewy......HSBC credited my account even though I asked for a cheque. I think that's the norm. Check your account over the next couple of days. I've just opened another bank account because I've another claim to submit! Congrats too!;)

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It'll prolly be an account credit - BUT before you tell the court the matter is settled, ensure that any other 'late' charges are addressed too. If not, thern you simply modify your claim to reflect the (reduced) limit, and carry on as before.

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Well done Chewy,


Good to here you have your offer as i was following your case after hearing that you had submitted the new approach to Aq and had sent of the draft ordr for directions.


I send my Aq off last thursday with the draft and am hoping to recieve and offer very soon. Not sure my nerves can take much more of this!



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