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Help/Advice needed - Phones4u & Orange mobile complaint


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Finally I have found a website that seemse useful!

I just really need some help advice on my ongoing problems thats causing me so much stress!


I have been with t-mobile for around 4 years and really not had any problems with them, customer service was great always had good signal etc and I've wanted the new Blackberry bold 9700 for ages. I had around 7months left on my contract and I heard phones4u buy out contracts if you go with them..this was the end of Febuary so around a month ago.


I went into my local phones4u store and asked about this, they said they can do this and offered me a contract on orange. 24 months, £40.00 a month and they offered me £100.00 cashback if I traded in an old phone. Sounds great?


Anyway I explained to the advisor I really dont want to be going over £40.00 a month and I've heard the signal on orange is awful in alot of places. I asked for a signal check and he explained his system had crashed thus he could not carry one out and that the signal is great in the area I live in. He also said he couldnt lower the amount per month. I also specified would i be charged anything on top of the 40.00 except from voicemails as I know most providers charge for this service he explained no the 40.00 includes the VAT and all charges so unless I use voicemail I will only be paying 40.00 a month.


So I purchased this contract and left the shop feeling happy.


Little did I know only in the first week of using the phone the signal is AWFUL. My phone is constantly going onto SOS with no signal at all even in my own house at times. Calls always fail to connect first time, when people ring me the calls dont even come through and ring it just appears as a missed call which is extremely frustrating me! I receive signal hardly anywhere and he promised me that I would I feel so cheated. I understand that they dont guarentee signal but seeing as I'm paying 40.00 a MONTH for TWO YEARS i expect decent signal!? And its not a fault on my phone as I've altered/tried every single setting and checked so many websites it's just orange.


So moving on, I rang orange explained this, the man was rude and blunt basically saying he cant help me because I bought the phone in a shop I would need to go to the shop...so I left it for a few weeks to see if it improved its just getting worse!


My first bill came through at £65.00 which was obviously me being charged a months in advance which was fine even though nobody told me this! I went to my online bill the following week to find I have an unbilled balance of £20.00!!? I immediatley rang orange and questioned this, recieving poor service and stupid answers such as I had gone over my minutes? I definatley hadnt used 1200 mins in one week! Secondly that I'd gone over my picture message allowance? I dont even send picture messages?! and finally told its because they CHARGE for delivery reports! I could not believe this? I have never heard of any network charging for delivery reports, I specifically specified that I dont want to pay over 40.00 pounds for anything except voicemail and he never once mentioned this to me, could this be seen as mis selling? I have read oranges code of practise and read about mis selling and it sounds pretty similar to whats happened to me here. I was completely irate about this and the lady explained it should be in my t&c but I recieved only terms and conditions from phones4u which are too tiny to read with the human eye. I really need the use of delivery reports as I need to know weather messages are even being delivered due to work/personal reasons and I am actually really upset about this I feel I have been totally mis-led on 2 major things that I require when using my phone that I pay £40.00 a month for!


I have contacted orange about this and recieved no help at all, I am so disappointed at the signal and charging of delivery reports I totally regret even considering joining orange and I really want out of this contract as it's 2 years and I cant go on for 2 years with this awful signal and the fact the service is so poor and I feel I have been mis sold this phone/contract by phones4u.


Does anyone know if I am in my rights? I really want to cancel this with no penalty charge. I emailed orange they said I need to follow their complaints procedure but nobody has given me an address to write too and I cant find one anywhere that is current.


I' always had excellent service from t mobile and great signal I'm really frustrated I just want out from orange they dont care about customerss and as for phones4u they just want a sale and I feel I have been totally mis - sold this product.


Any advice or and address would be great.



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I really hate to be the bearer of bad news - but a phone contract brings with it a shedload of commitments you don't really want, gives them the right to mess with your credit file and possibly screw your finances up for 5 years, yet people STILL do it.


As for your rights, only one applies - to terminate for unsatisfactory service within 14 days of activating the contract. After these 14 days gave gone, you are locked in, and have no opportunities to get out of the remainder - unless you die, and some companies even then will make a claim to the executor to close the contract by paying the shortfall (but the credit file blemish will not be a problem).


Delivery reports can be charged OR free, depending on the network and/or tariff you have signed up to. It would be up to you to check with P4u on the tariff you were agreeing to and see what these costs would be. If they were free originally, and then subsequently charged, you should be given the opportunity to reject the increase and cancel if they do not waive the increase in cost, but as Orange do charge for Reports I do not think this is an option in your case.


It is NOT up to the salesman to verbally explain each and every charge you might encounter - not everyone cares about delivery reports, so unless they were specifically mentioned, and you got an incorrect answer, the responsibility is with the purchaser.


As for 'specifically specifying' a cap of £40 on your bill - how you could expect this to be adhered to amazes me. Your use is based on what you do with the handset and the services you use (either knowing or unknowingly). If you went for a weekend to the Isle of Man, you;d be hit with roaming fees for your continued use of the phone - but they're not responsible for this, you are. Even if you start receiving premium SMS texts, it is not their problem - but yours.


You would have an impossible task of proving P4u missold you anything. You certainly 'mis bought', but that is not their problem - I make carp buying decisions at times too, but I cannot blame this on the shop I went to.


As for your signal issues - all is not lost. Orange and T-Mobile are merging, not only their services, but their networks - and the consolidation will mean where you had great T-Mobile coverage, you'll find Orange will have the same cellsites and remove those that are duplicated. So it's not all bad news. If someone offers you £100, the first think I look for is the gotchas.... did you think there wouldn't be any?


Hopefully though, you'll have the service coverage you're paying for. In the meantime you could move.... :) but as long as you can make calls from areas promoted as having coverage, you'll not be able to cancel.

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Thread moved here.

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Ah, thank you buzby it's just very annoying paying when I dont feel like I'm getting the service im paying for. I bought the phone through phones4u and only found out after buying they dont even offer a cooling period - doesnt seem fair? Is this right/allowed? So I didnt get that chance otherwise I would of cancelled straight away.

Do you know when they are merging?

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They may not offer one - but the networks do, so you can often get round it that way. I understand that OFCOM is looking at ways for force a fairer way of permitting cancellation after purchase, and formalising it at 14 days across the board, but this isn't in place yet - which is why using the DST and buying online is the best way to go. (But after this period, you're still back a square one!).


The process of merging is ongoing - they got approval last month. There's talk of them keeping both brands going in the short term, but I don;t believe it will happen. Orange, being the purchaser will wish to wipe out all mention of another Telco.

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Oh right, it's been 14days so I doubt I can get a cooling off now unless I tried to explain to orange phones4u didnt offer me this would they take this into consideration?


Whats DST? Sorry not too familiar with these terms. So is there absolutley nothing I can do? I had already wrote a complaint letter to orange have not heard as of yet though.

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They don;t even admit the networks offer 14 days, so you won;t make much headway with P4u that they should have told you and can they make an exception.... Since it is the networks that block the modification after this time, I doubt P4u would have any sway whatsoever, even if they tried to (Which I'd doubt).


DST, sorry, typo on my part - DSR: The Distance Selling Regulations that give non retail consumers a massive leg-up compared to the rights whilst standing in a shop (especially when you change your mind) which isn't a reason to cancel in person, but IS through DSR.

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@Buzby I have just tried to return a phone to customer services that my daughter got on contract from a retail store on Mar 28th less than 7 working days ago, they are refusing to allow her to return it under any circumstances. You mention above a 14 cooling off period, where is the legislation for this? They say this is wrong, there is no cooling off period bought in shop contracts. She is returning due to poor reception. I am happy to start my own thread just want to look at the legislation.


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@Buzby I have just tried to return a phone to customer services that my daughter got on contract from a retail store on Mar 28th less than 7 working days ago, they are refusing to allow her to return it under any circumstances. You mention above a 14 cooling off period, where is the legislation for this? They say this is wrong, there is no cooling off period bought in shop contracts. She is returning due to poor reception. I am happy to start my own thread just want to look at the legislation.


As Busby said...

They may not offer one - but the networks do.


Contact the network who will release your daughter from the contract due to lack of coverage.

If in doubt, contact a qualified insured legal professional (or my wife... she knows EVERYTHING)


Or send a cheque or postal order payable to Reclaim the Right Ltd.


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