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RBS OVERDRAFT - what the hell?

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Hi...please bare with me i'm new to all this...didn't realise how many ppl were in debt in britain :(!!


Ok I have been with rbs for atleast 10 years if not more. I had a student current account with an o/draft of £1400. I was due to finish uni this year but dropped out last year etc


I did go into RBS and tell them but the woman said my account would change over automatically so i never thought any more of this.

I now work full time and have money paid into my account every month. I have direct debits and bill paid out of my account every month and definately have not gone over my overdraft in the past year.


I had just recently (literally days before) had a direct access savings account set up and had advised when setting up the account to take £160 out each month to save on the 1st of every month. As the account wasn't confirmed until this time or perhaps a day or to after i did not think the payment would come out. After paying my rent, bills etc I did not really have much money left in there...maybe about £100.

on 3/3/10 i went to buy some food before work and paid by card but my card was refused. So i went to the cash machine and it said i had nil. I checked my online banking and basically the £160 had tried to come out of my account. I waitied until the next day and tried to draw out some cash (4/3/10). The machine then swallowed my card!!!!

I phoned my local branch and they said there were no problems with the account and they would send me a new card. 5 mins later i received a call from a lady at the branch (possibly a manager) and she said that there were inconsistencies on my account and that rbs would send me a letter detailing this and i could get in touch, sort it out and have my card back.


I couldn't wait so the next day 5/3/10 i phoned back....after been thrown from one person to the next i finally got a number for the account closures team....they said my account was to be closed and they could not discuss the matter with me. no one explained what was going on.

The £120 i had left over from my wages was then taking off me leaving me with a balance owed to them of £1280.


There was nothing i could do with them until i received this letter. I received a letter saying my account was closed due to insufficient funds in my account and i would have to go elsewhere for banking etc.


I do not understand at all!!!!!!!!!!!1 my account is now closed. I am waiting to open a new account with someone else.

I have not made any payments to the account as i do not have a card to pay to their 'online repayments service'....

today i received a letter saying that...."formal notice of intention to file a default and to take action to recover the debt"

I dont understand how i can get a default for this as i have not defaulted as such....i can pay back in monthly installments but not fully...


Sorry for the essay...i am so confused....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

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have you asked for statements so that you can see what has caused the bank to think there is something wrong and that you can dispute?:mad:


Also, if you want a bank account that has an overdraft and debit card facility rather than a basic account which doesn't, then make sure you set it up before the bank places a default on on your credit file. You won't be able to get an account with these facilities if you get a default.;)


Personally, and bear in mind that I am a very embittered ex customer of this bank, I'd change to another bank anyway.8-)

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Yes they could place a default on your file.

Please be aware that I am not an expert on this, any advice I give comes from bitter experience and advice I've received from fellow caggers.


My advice is firstly - set up a basic bank account with another bank. That way you will have access to your next month's salary and you can transfer your direct debit mandates so your bills will get paid. Secondly - if you need a debit card - set up a prepay debit card account - you deposit some money on the card and then you can use it like any other debit card for shopping etc. but you can't go overdrawn. Thirdly - ask rbs to give or send you statements so you can work out what they've been doing with your account, work out a budget to see what you can afford to pay rbs monthly to pay off your overdraft. You might be able to stop them placing a default on your credit file if you do this quickly but I don't hold out much hope of that.

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Please fill in your quit date here

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