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Peaceful protest against the banksters


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Was on BBC news24 last night.



Suppose theres another agenda here too that no one has thought about......the muggers will have a field day as they watch and target those alone with loads of dosh.

They are just copying what the banksters have done in a massive way already...

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Bankstas now trying to make it illegal to protest to take your OWN money out of the bank!!!




oegevoegd: donderdag 23 dec 2010, 10:23

Update: donderdag 23 dec 2010, 15:20

In het openbaar oproepen om zoveel mogelijk geld van een bank te halen, wordt mogelijk strafbaar. De ministers Opstelten van Veiligheid en Justitie en De Jager van Financiën bereiden een wetsvoorstel voor.

Ze willen dat mensen die oproepen tot een zogeheten 'bankrun' maximaal vier jaar cel kunnen krijgen of een boete van maximaal 19.000 euro. Volgens de ministers kan een bankrun een bank ernstig in gevaar brengen.

De ministers stellen dat de ondergang van een bank bij een bankrun eerder een kwestie van uren dan van dagen is, omdat een oproep met de huidige communicatiemiddelen snel te verspreiden is. Banken kunnen zich daar niet tegen verweren en moeten daarom strafrechtelijke bescherming krijgen, is de gedachte.




Aanleiding voor de strengere aanpak is de ondergang van de DSB Bank. Rekeninghouders haalden in elf dagen ruim 600 miljoen euro van de bank na een oproep van Pieter Lakeman van de Stichting Hypotheekleed.

De bankrun was de opmaat tot het faillissement van de bank van Dirk Scheringa.



In een reactie zegt Piet Lakeman dat een wet om oproepen tot een bankrun tegen te gaan "krankzinnig en schadelijk is voor het publiek". Hij noemt het de 'anti-Lakemanwet'.

Lakeman vindt dat het verbieden van zo'n oproep mensen compleet afhankelijk maakt van incompetente toezichthouders. Zelf wil hij de wet gaan omzeilen door mensen in minder uitgesproken bewoordingen te adviseren.


bablefish translate..


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Just happened on this thread, and pleased to see some people at least trying to think of how to fight back against these criminal organisations. I have spent over 4 years fighting seven banks, and can hardly believe the catalogue of lies etc. I've been subjected to.


I'd also like to know how the legal system is allowing the banks to get away with murder - a district judge allowed HSBC to get a CCJ and ultimately a Charging Order against me when they had no CCA, he completely ignored my case law and then stated that the situation was 'complicated for a layperson to understand'. A legally trained friend suggested it was probably a political decision. Despite being absolutely spitting mad that this could happen, I haven't dared appeal because I no longer have any faith in the legal profession either.


I would like to join any campaign which might achieve what the courts, or the OFT, or the FSA, don't seem to be doing in giving the banks their just desserts, so if you are organising one, please let me know!


Good luck!



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I have just read a suggestion about how to get back at the system and think it is certainly worth doing.


If you have a credit card, pay it off in full and don't use it again... BUT overpay by 1p. That way the credit company will have to keep sending you out statements with a credit of 1p on it and it will cost them a lot more than that to keep sending them out!!! :) And also if you don't use credit cards they won't get any late payment fees if you forget or any benefits from charging the shops a percentage from your purchase!

Hit them where it hurts... get your own back

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this is about the american bankster system but it also has references about UK and Europe systems and as they are all interlinked and work the same way it is well worth watching and why WE the PEOPLE need to stop these crooks and fight against them enslaving our children and great grandchildren for the lifetimes. The slavery HAS to STOP!



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RBS and Natwest fined by the FSAWhich? say banks are still failing customers


11 January 2011


As the Financial Services Authority (FSA) announces it has fined Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest £2.8m for multiple failings in the way they handled customers' complaints, Which? say 'banks must fundamentally change they way they treat their customers'.

The FSA found that the banks were falling down in a number of areas. These included delays in responding to customers and poor quality investigations into complaints, with complaint handlers failing to obtain and consider all the appropriate information when making their decision.

Other problems that the investigation brought to light were the issuing of correspondence that failed to fully address all of the concerns raised by customers and failed to explain why complaints had been upheld or rejected as well as customers not receiving their FSA referral rights within the appropriate time period.

Of the complaint files reviewed by the FSA, 53% showed deficient complaint handling; 62% showed a failure to comply with FSA requirements on timeliness and disclosure of Ombudsman referral rights; and 31% failed to demonstrate fair outcomes for consumers.

rest of article..






Do you still want to keep ANY of your hard earned money with these robbing banksters? They keep their massive bonuses BTW no bother... the slaves get to keep on being slaves to them...... so WAKE UP sheeple!!!!

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RBS does not treat its customers properly when it comes to complaints as evidenced by the FSA fine.

How about not doing business with these people, no I am not just talking about not having an account with them or taking your money out... I mean not doing business with them... or talking to them. For example, if you are a builder, a plumber, don't do their repairs. Don't work on their cars if they want a service/ repairs.


They have treated us like second class citizens for far too long, time the redress the injustice if the legal system is failing to bring them to justice and give them decent fines for their wrongdoing

The governments are robbing pension funds ... illegally... to continue to bail out the banksters. They get free money and lend it out (that is if they actually do) at massive interest rates.

They pay savers nothing despite 'official' inflation being 3.7%, so if you keep your money in the bank you are paying them to keep it there! Why? They do NOT have enough money to pay all the money out that savers have in the bank if they all wanted it. The Irish people have realised this and are continuing to pull money out of the banks. Good for them!

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Oh and if you were wondering why the UK reported a big jump in inflation today, thank Ben Bernanke of the US Fed and the rest of the money printing central banksters. Zimbabwe Ben says that his QE2 will not produce inflation and he is 100% certain he can control the situation.... (yes he DID say he was 100% certain)

there are now riots around the world and people have died because of massive food and fuel inflation.

Conveniently the governments don't like to include such bare necessities because they are 'too volatile'


Those in power have fat salaries and they are starving the poor and robbing pensioners.


There will be riots nearer to home soon because of huge inflation in things you need for existence at the basic level.

You can't eat iPods, DVDs and TVs



Changes in prices of goods


(% change over 12 months) Source: Office for National Statistics

Heating oil: 48%

Cameras and video cameras: -17.8%

Air travel: 13.5%

TVs and DVDs: -8.1%

Petrol and diesel: 12.9%

Sports equipment: -4.4%

Cooking oil: 11%

Second-hand cars: -3.7%

Soft drinks: 9.6%

Financial services: -2.2%

Fish: 9%

Games and toys: -2.2%

Fruit 8.6%

Shoes: -1.4%

Rail travel: 7.4%

Furniture: -0.4%


The RPI figure for the whole of 2010 was 4.6% - the highest rate since 1991.

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Food Riots 2011



Food-Riots-2011-250x187.jpgThe stunningly violent food riots in Tunisia and Algeria show just how quickly things can change. Just a few months ago, these two northern Africa nations were considered to be very stable, very peaceful and without any major problems. But now protesters are openly squaring off with police in the streets. Many of the protesters are throwing "fire bombs" or are shooting fireworks at the authorities, and the police are responding with a tremendous amount of violence themselves. In Algeria, several protesters have been killed by police and several others have actually set themselves on fire to protest the economic conditions. In Tunisia, more than 100 people have been killed and the president of that country actually had to flee for his life. But on a global scale, food shortages have not even gotten that bad yet. Yes, food prices are starting to go up and food supplies are a little bit tighter right now, but much worse times than these are coming. So what in the world are the cities of the world going to look like when we have a very serious food shortage?

Just as we saw during the food riots of 2008, when people get to the point where they can't even feed themselves anymore, they tend to lose it. In the video posted below, you can really feel the desperation of these young Algerians as they riot in the streets....

rest at:



you still want to keep your money with the banksters or do business with them when they are causing hyperinflation in things you need to exist?

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"Mark", a member of the ever growing cadre of disillusioned, disenchanted and disgruntled millions of American unemployed, has written a letter shared by A Company of One, in which he explains the plight of 99'ers (those whose extended unemployment benefits are set to expire) in which he chronicles his plight and his terminal disappointment with the American system. One can only imagine how all the "99'ers" would feel if they did not have the benefit of living at least partially subsidized for 2 years in the socialist state of America. If Bahrain is any indication, where the government's attempt to purchase the love of its people just failed today, pretty soon not even the 99 weeks of EUCs will do much to suppress what is an unmistakably rising anger among the broad US population.

From Mark's letter:

To the unemployed, sick, disabled and poor:



I'm unemployed over two years now, a 99er without any benefits for three months. I followed Unemployed Friends almost from its start, never posted until now, but am grateful for my time with you all. I did as asked with calls and e-mails, etc. I've a confession to make to you all. I'm a criminal.

I've obeyed the 10 commandments and all laws except: I'm unemployed and that's now a crime, I'm poor and that's a crime, I'm worthless surplus population and that's a crime, I'm a main street American Citizen born and raised in the USA and that's now a crime, and I'm euthanizing myself as I write this note -- so arrest my corpse. This isn't a call for help, the deed is done, it's not what I wanted. Death is my best available option. It's not just that my bank account is $4, that I've not eaten in a week, not because hunger pangs are agonizing (I'm a wimp), not because I live in physical and mental anguish, not because the landlady is banging on the door non-stop and I face eviction, not that Congress and President have sent a strong message they no longer help the unemployed. It's because I'm a law abiding though worthless, long-term unemployed older man who is surplus population. Had I used my college education to rip people off and steal from the elderly, poor, disabled and main street Americans I would be wearing different shoes now -- a petty king. Hard work, honesty, loving kindness, charity and mercy, and becoming unemployed and destitute unable to pay your bills are all considered foolishness and high crimes in America now. Whereas stealing and lying and cheating and being greedy to excess and destroying the fabric of America is rewarded and protected -- even making such people petty king and petty queens among us.

Since the end of 2008, when corporate America began enjoying the resumption of growth, profits have swelled from an annualized pace of $995 billion to the current $1.66 trillion as of the end of September 2010. Over the same period, the number of non-farm jobs counted by the Labor Department has slipped from 13.4 million to 13 million -- there is no recovery for the unemployed and main street. We taxpayers have handed trillions of dollars to the same bank and insurance industry that started our economic disaster with its reckless gambling. We bailed out General Motors. We distributed tax cuts to businesses that were supposed to use this lubrication to expand and hire. For our dollars, we have been rewarded with starvation, homelessness and a plague of fear -- a testament to post-national capitalism.

Twelve years ago, I lost the last of my family. Ten years ago, I lost the love of my life, couldn't even visit him in the hospital because gays have no rights. I fought through and grieved and went on as best I could. Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with Diabetes and Stage 2 high blood pressure with various complications including kidney problems, mild heart failure, Diabetic Retinopathy. These conditions are debilitating and painful. I am on over eight prescribed medications, which is very difficult without insurance and income. But I struggled on and my primary caregiver was very pleased with my effort overtime with my A1C at seven. Still these physical disabilities have progressively worsened, and I have had a harder and harder time functioning in basic ways. All the while, I give thanks to God because I know there are many more worse off than me -- and I tried to help by giving money to charities and smiling at people who looked down and sharing what little I had.

I am college educated and worked 35 years in management, receiving written references and praise from every boss for whom I worked. Yet, after thousands of resumes, applications, e-mails, phone calls, and drop ins, I've failed to get a job even at McDonalds. I've discovered there are three strikes against me -- most 99ers will understand. Strike one -- businesses are not hiring long-term unemployed -- in fact many job ads now underline "the unemployed need not apply." Strike two -- I am almost 60 years old. Employers prefer hiring younger workers who demand less and are better pack mules. Strike three -- for every job opening I've applied, there are over 300 applicants according to each business who allow a follow up call. With the U3 unemployment holding steady at 9.6percent and U6 at 17 percent for the past 18 months, the chances of me or any 99er landing a job is less than winning the Mega Million Jackpot. On top of that, even the most conservative economists admit unemployment will not start to fall before 2012 and most predict up to seven years of this crap.

I believe the Congress and President have no intention of really aiding the unemployed -- due to various political reasons and their total removal from the suffering of most Americans, their cold-hearted, self-serving natures. Had they really wanted to help us, they could have used unspent stimulus monies or cut foolish costs like the failed wars or foreign aid, and farm subsidies. The unspent stimulus money alone cold have taken care of ALL unemployed persons for five years or until the unemployment rate reached 7 percent if Congress and the President really wanted to help us -- and not string us all along with a meager safety net that fails every few months. In any case, if I were to survive homelessness (would be like winning the mega-millions) and with those three strikes against me, in seven more years, I'll be near 70 with the new retirement age at 70 -- now who will hire an old homeless guy out of work for nine years with just a few years until retirement?

So, here I am. Long term unemployed, older man, with chronic health problems, now totally broke, hungry, facing eviction. My landlady should really be an advocate for the unemployed -- she bangs on my door demanding I take action. A phone call and a "please" are not enough for her -- she is angry. She is right to be angry with me, I am unemployed -- as apparently everyone is now angry with us unemployed.

Two hundred and eleven and social services cannot help single men. Food banks and other charities are unable to help any more folks -- they are overwhelmed with the poor in this nation. So I have the "freedom" to be homeless and destitute and "pursue happiness" in garbage cans and then die -- yay for America huh? It's the end of November and cold. A diabetic homeless older person will experience amputations in the winter months. So I will be raiding garbage cans for food, as my body literally falls apart, a foot here, a finger there. I have experienced and even worked with pain from my diseases -- hardship I can face. I just cannot muster the courage to slowly die in agony and humiliation in the gutter.

I have no family, I have no friends. For the past two years, I've had nobody to talk with as people who knew me react to the "unemployed" label as if it were leprosy and contagious. I am not a bad person, in fact people really like me. But everyone seems to be on a tight budget these days and living in incredible fear. It is hopeless since we all are hearing more and more that we unemployed are to blame for unemployment, that we are just lazy, that we are no good, that we are sinners, that we are druggies, yet we are the victims who suffer and are punished while the robber baron banksters and tycoons become senators, congress, presidents and petty kings. So the only option left for me is merciful self euthanasia.

It is with a heavy heart that I have set my death in motion, but what I am facing is not living. So off I go, I have made peace with God and placed my burden on Jesus and He forgives me. This nation has become evil to the core, with cold-hearted politicians and tycoons squeezing what little Main Street Americans have left. It is not the America into which I was born -- the land of the free and the home of the brave with kind folks who help neighbors -- it is now land of the Tycoon-haves and the rest of us have-nots who march into hopelessness and despair.

Every unemployed person I have met over these past two years have been saintly. Sharing what little they have, and being charitable -- being kind and patient and supportive. Isn't it amazing that we Americans who suffer so much, have not taken to the streets in violence, riots or gotten out the guillotines and marched on tycoons and Washington in revolt as would happen in most other nations? But rather we plead with deaf politicians to please help us. We don't demand huge sums -- just 300 bucks a week, barely enough to cover housing for most. Most of all we say, please help us get a job, please allow us dignity.

I can't help but juxtapose our plight to the tycoons and politicians. They are never satisfied with their enormous wealth, and always want more millions no matter whom it hurts. They STEAL from pension funds, banks, the people and government, and little Wall Street investors. Then rather than face punishment, they become petty kings in this world. They are disloyal to America, unpatriotic, and serve their own foreign UN-American greedy causes and demand more and more and more. I feel that this is not the nation into which I was born. I was born in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. America, where people give as much as they receive. America, where all people work for the common good, and try to leave a better and more prosperous nation for the next generation. America, where people help their neighbors and show charity and mercy. This new America is alien to me -- it is an America of greed and corruption and avarice and mean spirited selfishness and hatred of the common good -- it is an America of savage beasts roaring and tearing at the weak, and bullying the humble and peacemakers and poor and those without means to defend themselves. I am not welcome here anymore. I don't belong here anymore. It's as if some evil beast controls government, the economy, and our lives now.

I must go now, my home is someplace else. Goodbye and God bless you all. God bless the unemployed and poor and elderly and disabled. God bless America and the American people except the tycoons and politicians -- may God retain the sins of tycoons and politicians and phony preachers and send them to the Devil.


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