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My name is Carl Pearson and I am now making it my personal mission to take down Welcome Finance once and for all and would love to hear from anyone else who feels the same and would like to join me. I am not sure which circus these clowns belong too or what spaceship they got off but enough is enough...........!!!!!


My idea is to do a TV advert or National Documentary/Story + YouTube Videos about what they have and are doing to the people of this country and their blatant disregard of consumer laws etc

email me Edit to get involved / suggest more ideas!!


The compliance dept have just dealt with the latest batch of paperwork put on their desk by the FOS and quite honestly it is a joke...


I have enough paperwork to bury these robbing %$"@@!* once and for all GUARANTEED. I am a very patient and methodic person and would not say anything bad about anybody/anything unless I have cold hard facts...which I do and the time is now to use them!!! :)


Also the Credit Record Agencies are not entirely blameless and unaccountable for their actions as they put black marks on your record without consumers even being able to contest the entry in the first place. The 'Notice Of Dispute' on your Credit Record carries no weight against them.....fact!! This also needs to change!!!



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Dejay first of all welcome to the forum, although I like your way of thinking Im not sure if your gung ho post falls in line with forum rules of joining and putting your mail on the forum for an attack on a company without specifics.


Anyways can I suggest you make a new thread in the welcome section as a lot of us here have a lot of issues with this company and would appreciate any advise you can offer and also we are here to give you advise on your own accounts with them . .


Please check this part of the forum out.



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Moved to Welcome Forum.

Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts


Make sure you do not post anything which identifies you. Although we can remove certain things from the site unless it's done in a timely manner everything you post will appear in Google cache & we do not have any control over that.


Vir prudens non contra ventum mingit



17 Port & Maritime Regiment RCT

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Right then Carl, give US a clue to just what you do have on these ****!!!


Have you read any of this forum. If so you will see that it is the place to get every thing you have checked out before you/ WE dive in at the deep end.


I have no doubt has to your sincerity and your belief that you have stuff that can destroy the **** once and for all, but let`s see it , please.


Cheers, MARK



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Carl, seen your facebook page and your webpage




What is it you feel you know, why do you have an interest, forgive the suspicion as I was new to this forum a few weeks ago but you seem to be marketing a millionaire lifestyle programme.


People on here need help so don't use them for marketing.

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Hi everyone, sorry for the off the cuff post yesterday but I was so angry about the latest letter I had received from Welcome Finance that I felt the need to post something to vent my anger, in hindsight i shouldve just used Word 07 just to myself.

I do have some really useful stuff for you guys which I will share over the next couple of days after I speak to them tomorrow + I assure you I am not trying to sell anything to any of you, I wasnt even aware there were any links to my business web sites on here!! I have calmed down a lot now after the initial shock and will contribute to help anyone I can, all i ask is you dont mock me as I am serious about finishing them once and for all to help Everyone!!!

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DeeJayCarl, There isn`t a person who uses this forum who would Mock you. If you have read any of the threads you will know what the ultimate Goal is.


It is just that nobody wants anyone who believes they have the " Holy Grail " going in " Full Steam Ahead " and finding themselves in even more trouble than they were. Much better to get things checked out first M8.


There are people here who know just how to use things (not saying you don`t) against the **** to Great Effect. It would just be such a shame if what you have is indeed the " Ultimate Weapon ", and it was not used to Our Full Advantage.


So fire away M8. EDIT!!!:D


Cheers, MARK

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I think Major Player is gonna get CAGBOTTED with that link haha. .


anyways Carl, whatever you got planned good luck tomorrow, we all appreciate your offer of help and it will be greatly received but for now your the one in the hot seat so let us help you as im sure your fully aware one wrong move and its all over and their is power in numbers. so share with us were you are upto. . . .



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Thank you all for your constructive comments and I understand everything you are saying. I am calling the Compliance Dept as soon as they open today....I will let you know the outcome today! :)


my case is that although the loan was front loaded with all the interest, they added on PPI & a random 5 year life insurance after I had left the office and didnt send me the loan paperwork hard copy until nearly 2 months after so I wouldnt notice what they had done. The xtra ticks and writing on the paperwork is not even in my handwriting

I told them to take the xtra things off as I am self employed / didnt ask for them in the first place. They said they could cancel them but I would still have to continue to pay for them....


I worked out the Loan, Interest at their high Apr rate incl the acceptance fee and told them that I was going to stop paying them once the loan & interest were paid and they wouldn't get another penny more.

The case has dragged out over 2 years after I stopped paying them involving the FOS and they finally awarded the case in my favour October 09. Welcome were supposed to according guidelines pay me £200 compensation or deduct it from what they thought I owed them + take off the PPI, Life Insurance ALL the Interest Accrued over the 2 year case (shouldnt have been put on in the first place because it was an official dispute being dealt with by the FOS & supposed to be frozen until an outcome is reached!!)


The paperwork that I received from Welcome Finance (Dated 11th February) which finally pushed me over the edge and caused me to write what I did on my first ever entry on this Forum was....

They have not taken anything off at all, the complete opposite in fact


They have taken the PPI, Life Insurance, Interest accrued over 2 years added on another lifecare policy, interest on all of the above + charged me another acceptance fee + more interest on top of that...


So bearing in mind on a £4000 loan that I have paid + over £1500 interest they now want to charge me another ficticious £4.414.55 made up of Interest on interest on something that was not supposed to be there in the first place! Ingenious business...wish I'd thought of that one ;)


The other thing I find amazing is that even though there was a dispute going on and even after the outcome they have put the worst possible score on my Credit Report which they wont remove until I pay the above. The Credit Agencies wont take it off even with the Ombudsmans Report unless Welcome say so...Experian say I can put a 'Notice of Dispute' only on it, but as we all know people looking at your report dont look at the sea of green entries only the one in bright red jumping off the page at you. Credit Agencies need to start taking responsibility for their actions as they are messing with peoples lives too. They should be held accountable for their part in just putting whatever a company says on consumers records without the option to challenge it BEFORE it is put on...!!


I am going to end this Hell journey with Welcome Finance once and for all today or make them take Legal Action through the Courts so I can give them a taste of what having a black mark against you feels like...!!

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Just read your posts in great interests, to be honest im not surprised at their actions as there are heaps of us been treated just as bad on this forum, its hard to be shocked anymore. Keep us updated on your progress and let us know if you need help. My best advise is not to phone but to put everything in writing.



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Hi Ozzywizard,

Just phoned them even though I knew it would get nowhere...they put me on hold...passed me around depts....fobbed me off....kept going through security checks to make the phone call last longer to make some money out of it too...

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First off, cheers Ozzy for taking the mick! My first cagbot! Oops!


Carl, I apologise for the suspicion but I have seen on here that there have been cases where people are not genuine. Your case is appalling but not surprising.


I thought that I would just give an insight into how the media/ negative publicity usage can be very effective and give you a few pointers as you will pick up a trend that Welcome don't very often play by the rules!


Firstly I have seen cases whereby establishments like the BBC, The Telegraph, The News of the World, ITV and Sky have attempted to do an expose on WFS and by the time the Welcome Lawyers have gotten hold of the story it as resembled nothing of the actual crimes that they have comitted due to their threats of counter suits and libel laws. However the stories were ran and those involved (The customer) often got what they wanted as a kind of hush money - the media can be a powerful tool in the right hands but all i would say on this for you would be careful as to what you put on public forums as they will look to try and scare you off with threats of legal action.


The second point here is that I applaud your success with he FOS and the fact that they have messed up your supposedly corrected agreement is scandalous, I think many others on here will echo the sentiments that the complaince department and team are useless. To call them stupid would be an insult to stupid people!


You may get better results by going straight to the top and bypass the muppets. If you wrote to Greg Stevens (The corporate Affairs director) and told him of your plans, you will more than likely find them all running scared and your demands will be met, send a copy to Paul Mackin the chief exec of Welcome for good measure. Both can be found at the Nottingham address......................Good Luck!

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Thank you for the useful information Major Player I will definitely look into what you have suggested.

Its understandable that many people would feel intimidated by Legal Jargon and would accept 'hush money' if it was an easier option after all we had to be pretty desperate for money to go to them in the first place.


I really do hope that one of their Legal Team does read what I write as I want them to do something other than giving me the run around indefinitely. I am tired of their games.. and I guarantee you no amount of money would be enough to stop me finishing what I started at this stage!!


Thank you guys for being so supportive it is much appreciated! :D


Welcome Finance UPDATE (As Promised) 15th February 2010


Before reading this Post please take into account that I have been dealing with my problem with Welcome Finance for just over 2 years now and I totally understand there is no point phoning them whatsoever but I do it merely to get more information out of them, the more they say the more ammo you have as I too record the conversations! ;)


The first phone call this morning resulted in lots of waiting on the switchboards as usual and being passed from person to person. When I finally did get to talk to the compliance Dept. they said someone would call me shortly and hung up.


I then phoned customer services and asked to be contacted by a senior member of staff from the Compliance Dept that could answer my questions as I wasnt going to be put off easily. I also added if they didnt call me back this morning then I would be taking further action myself.


A lady phoned me back within 45 mins and said she was just giving me a courtesy call to find out what I wanted (even though I suspect she already knew).


I asked her why they had sent me D/D Mandate & a Loan contract for £4,414.55 when they were supposed to be taking off the PPI, Interest etc etc as per previous posts on here. She said she wasnt familiar with my case and that was the company procedure for cancel & re-book according to FSA & FOS guidelines. I obviously refused to fill in their paperwork or I would have been agreeing to their new terms and conditions and more importantly that I still owe them money which I dont.


She seemed very put out that I didnt agree with what they had sent and got very defensive and short with me. I asked why they couldnt work everything out first and then tell me what they THINK the balance I owe them is, no answer other than this is our company procedure!


She also said because I chose to stop paying the loan that all the interest accrued over the 2 year dispute period would still stand even though THEY hadn't dealt with my complaint at all in that time (thats not what was in the FOS Guidelines either!)


Its really cute that they want you to abide by their contract terms and conditions and signature when they dont even follow the Guidelines that they keep telling you about in their phone message themselves! Hypocrites


I INVITED, no PLEADED with them to take me to Court to which she said in a sarcastic voice 'if thats what you really want then so be it' and then hung up on me! Finally they get the message!! ;)


I am now writing a letter to one of the Top Senior People in the Company to arrange a meeting at the Local Office (with a 3 week limit from today to give them plenty of time to reply and organise themselves!) where I originally took out the loan to put this matter to rest once and for all. If they dont turn up then it is not going to look very good on them IF they do go ahead and take me to Court as I asked...


If anyone from Welcome Finance or connected with them is reading this then just keep this in mind....You cant Intimidate me, you definitely can't buy me off and you are most definitely not dealing with an idiot.


In closing I am really really looking forward to my day in Court! Come on Welcome Finance don't let me down!!!

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Interesting read, which leads to a couple of questions.1 who are welcome's lawyers.2 If all the posts on this site are true then how would these big media back down . 3 dj may have a long wait before a court hearing fos appear to have no clout plus I think the box of dirty tricks is not open yet.

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Hi Sand-Dancer,

I dont know who their Lawyers are yet but look forward to finding out!;) Its true the FSA, FOS & OFT dont really have too much power but people do in numbers....lots of them!! hence why I am joining to help others and myself succeed in the fight against them!

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Sand Dancer to answer your questions:

(1) Welcome have their own legal team in house that deal with these media type of cases (Corporate Affairs) but externally have used same firms that sue customers in extreme cases.

(2) Media don't back down but have to revise their stories for fear of counter suit for something like libel, so for example if its a human interest type story - Welcome would get their name removed from the story so the story ends up being something like Loan shark or lender rather than them specifically. Generally speaking the media don't know the actual law so Welcome bamboozle them with jargon like they try to do to customers and basically bully their way out of being exposed.

(3) Carl seems keen to fight this, it might be a long battle but two years has already elapsed so hopefully it is nearing a positive conclusion for him.

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