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Many debt collectors are not using legal stationery, are using subsidiary companies to ones they are already chasing you with


These companies are not putting the legally required information on their correspondence, some don't even state that they are "limited" companies


for example Credit Solutions Ltd will use Power2 Contact and on the face of it show no connection as they use an address at the other end of the country


Check all correspondence that you receive, log onto COMPANIES HOUSE (FREE) websearch and enter the company name where you can find out if they are limited and their company information


if their letters do not contain the words LTD or LIMITED, their company registered number and their registered company address (usually at the bottom of the letter) then REPORT THEM to the Registrar Of Companies



also, put their name into your search engine - for instance "power2contact fax number" and hey presto you will find a fax number for them that they dont want you to have- you will also find a connection with other companies in this way by reading a few of the results that come up


they will then have the cost of re printing their stationery


also, if the companies house check shows that their annual return or accounts are overdue, then point this out in your letter of complaint also


here is a typical example for you to copy



Power 2 Contact Ltd

Unit 2

Westmere Court

Westmere Drive




Per Fax 01270 215743 & Post


FTAO K Hillier


Dear Sirs,




I refer to your letter dated XXXXX 2010. No debt is owed to your client and your clients claim has been disputed from the outset


Your client is also in breach of his obligations under s78 Consumer Credit Act.


I am of the opinion that you are company owned by Credit Solutions Ltd in which case you are well aware of the circumstances of this matter, as your parent company is also engaged in debt collection activities in this matter. .


If you are not a part of Credit Solutions Ltd then you will be aware of OFT guidelines with regard to the use of more than one debt collection agency to chase alleged debts and would suggest you contact your client urgently for further instructions as your continued actions may result in a complaint to the OFT with a request to restrict your consumer credit licence until such time as you are fully aware of your responsibilities under it.


You are expressly denied permission to come to my property for any reason and on no account will any discussion be entered into on this matter.


If you attend these premises having been specifically denied permission to do so your actions may be regarded as likely to cause a breach of the peace and you will be immediately ejected from the property using whatever force is reasonable in the circumstances.













- 2 -





For the avoidance of doubt please be advised that the only means by which your client can ever hope to obtain payment of any alleged or disputed debt from me will be through the order of a county court.


In view of this statement I therefore put you on notice that if you continue your debt collection activities, in the full knowledge that they can never achieve their stated aim. a formal complaint of harassment will be made to the OFT and Trading Standards.


By copy of this letter , I forward your letter to the Registrar of Companies and make a formal complaint to the registrar of companies with respect to your failure to include your full company status, registered number and registered office on your correspondence.


No doubt you will be hearing directly from the registrar in this respect.



Yours sincerely





c.c. The Registrar Of Companies

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It's nice to see that everyone is going all out and searching through all the laws and regulations to find stuff to hit the DCA's with. :D


They're getting hit from all sides now. And it's costing them a fat pile of cash to deal with it all. The recent DCA's who have taken on more staff is not because they are doing well, but because of all the extra CCA and SAR requests they they get each week, and also dealing with the flood of complaints and 3 pages letters explaining the law to them, and them having to find answers to akward questions.


Soon the foreign investors in these companies will decide that debt collection in the uk is no longer a profitable thing and pull the plug on them.


Here's hoping. :D

These are video links to show how I deal with Debt Collectors.


Fly fishing for C.A.R.S



Frederickson International don't accept my card type


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hiya all


fantastic!!! oh i love this new life of mine, getting my act together guys, but its costing me in ink and paper, but hey ho, satisfaction guaranteed for myself when my letters land on their desks, heheheh


keep up the good work all


take care all laters angel x:grin:

Im happy to help with support and my own thoughts, but if I offer any thoughts to your problems please take it as from my life experience only and not of any legal standing. Always take further advice from the legal experts in your final action.:)


my new motto is,,,",Taking back control of your life and home - such peace is priceless"


This is all due to truecall device , have a serious peek at this you will be thankful like I am x laters angel :D

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