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    • I understand it does probably look a bit weird to Barclays transferring this amount back and forth. Barclays have said it can take up to 40 days for the investigation. I’m hoping I don’t have to wait this long due the the vast majority of my funds being in my Barclays account. After this investigation I am moving away from Barclays. 
    • Schipoo, you haven't mentioned what Slick said on March 16th, is there a reason for this? I thought there was another relevant point but I can't find it atm, I'll keep looking.   In your first paragraph, it isn't clear to me how you came to be dealing with Maxwell and FTR at the same time. I think that would be worth clarifying but see what Slick thinks.   HB
    • Hi, this is my draft for submission on Thursday. Let me know what you think   I would like to appeal the decision to Strike Out the tribunal, for the reasons stated below.    I was approached by Maxwell Accountancy ( how and when plus why did they contact e.g. referral by friend ) to make the claim for expenses during 3 tax years. I did not give FTR Ltd any such authority (what was the basis of any authority you gave them) and nothing was ever mentioned about the EIS, I had never heard of it.  There are notes on my file ( be specific with date and what file  ) where I called in (who did you call) and asked for other tax years to be opened up because I believed I was claiming expenses linked to those tax years on my call to HMRC that was all that was mentioned.  (explain what you belief was about the expenses)   My earnings in those 3 tax years wasn’t enough to justify making the investments FTR Ltd say I made.  The Ltd Co they say I invested in has the same director as FTR Ltd.  What was it that prompted HMRC to investigate my case?  Was it because the officer thought that the amount of investment outweighed what was possible on my salary?  Did the officer doubt my ability to afford such an at-risk investment. No checks were made whatsoever. (I would remove this sentence as it suggests you might have taken the risk)   Any information delivered by an approved method of electronic communications on behalf of any person shall be deemed to have been delivered by him unless he proves that it was delivered without knowledge or connivance. (explain where this comes from i.e legislation)   The funds were requested to be sent to a nominated bank account given by FTR Ltd in a bank account in their name, I didn’t authorise them to do that, and subsequently I found out 12 months later that I only received 1 third of the full amount. (You say that you did not authorise them to do this.  It might help, if you stated this a bit clearer.  e.g. there were no  communications with FTR to authorise any tax rebate payment to be paid into a Bank account in the name of FTR Ltd)   I did not see, review or sign any form for any claim with Alan Maxwell of Maxwells Accountancy. Nor did I see any return from HMRC to say I had claimed to having made any investment under the EIS.  Nor did I see what was claimed by FTR Ltd.  The loss sustained by HMRC was brought about by FTR Ltd and they were facilitated by HMRC’s policy of pay now and check later.   The amount of people who have now been affected by an EIS type fraud is rising and I can refer to other cases where they have not been struck out and have been successful in getting to Tribunal.   
    • Are you sure you can get student finance from Student Finance England for the Course you are completing ?   Is the basis of your thread that you want to defer the previous loan debt from October 2019 to the current date, so you can apply for student finance, if available ?  That seems like a very long shot !   Read the terms of your original loans to see whether they include any terms about backdating deferment. I suspect that the legislation Government passed for these loan types, included strict rules regarding deferment.   If you are not sure, why not contact Student Finance England to ask about backdating deferment rules for loans taken out 1994-1996.    
    • Sorry for being a bit jumbled   For the years after the sell off (2013)  to 2019, when my account was terminated, I had successfully deferred every year to Erudio. I had never had any issues in those intermediate years, only until this termination due to their online portal.   I've read many of your advice guidance and comments and yes, now  I'm fully aware now what these muppets are! Grurr.... Thank you!  
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