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    • Ok my managers know of my asthma. Though never had an asthma attack at work like that. Asthma has got worse - probably had covid a few days before 1st lockdown. No test centres for 40 plus miles at the time.    I have messaged my union rep - also an employee at the store. She is going to put this as a incident and look at any risk assessments done. Plus asked for colleagues that witnessed/helped me during the attack to get their side of the story. As  I was in shock and not fully understanding what was going on.   The refit has been a bit of a shambles imo. No clear plans so literally some rooms needed to be emptied immediately when contractors were told they are there to do the floor, paint the walls etc.  We were told to empty lockers. Then they were taken away with no replacement. Staff not happy with leaving personal stuff in offices. 
    • Lots of uncertainties about whether to contact Horizon for and sar or Tesco.  My suggestion to contact Tesco was after finding out if  the original PCN was non compliant.  Most of the ones I have checked in the past have been for several different reasons. That means that the liability for the alleged debt cannot be transferred to the keeper.   Once it is confirmed that the PCN is non compliant the OP can write to Tesco as the keeper pointing out that as the keeper he has no responsibility for the debt and has been denied the facility of appealing to POPLA because of the NTK not being received  at all. POPLA may well have cancelled on appeal because of no keeper liability.  In addition  the stoppage in the car park was for less than the consideration period. The keeper could then add if it was true, that the driver was an infrequent patron of this particular car park and the keeper will ensure that a similar occurrence does not happen in the future.   One could point out that if the camera operator had thought that they had not observed any children in the car, from the Court's point of view  they would have expected the operator to have attempted to mitigate the situation by explaining to the driver that they should either move the car to avoid a ticket or explain where the children were [ref. Jopson v Homeguard]. Then perhaps it could have  been explained that the wife and children were dropped off at the entrance or the children and their mother were already in the store and the driver was there to collect them. [They should also have issued a windscreen ticket since they were in the vicinity but of course that would have meant that they would have had to wait several weeks longer to be paid. It is a practice frowned upon but overused by greedy  car parking companies].   The above paragraph obviates the need to  admit parking wrongly and suggesting possible  reasons for parking there without admitting that either scenario actually happened.      
    • Hey everyone I rented some rackspace from a company on a month to month contract but the customer support has been quite poor of late, my services went offline a few times and they advised my servers had gone over the allowed power limit on my account and required an upgrade which I agreed to but I had enough of the reply times taking hours, never any answer on the phones when I needed support I requested to cancel my services on the renewal date, they advise in their terms of service that if there is a open invoice this must be paid before they will allow collection of your hardware and if not paid within a set time the hardware becomes theirs and can be sold off, reused by them ect I have noticed in their terms of service that it does not state at any point the amount of time before the due date the new invoice will be created which I feel should be a important part of any contract on a monthly billing they will pre advise you of the amount of time before the payment is due when they will invoice you   I was also meant to receive IPv6 addresses as part of my package but never had these although I had requested these many times they advised they were not available but are mentioned as part of my overall package on my invoices     They are asking for nearly £700 payment before they will even discuss allowing anyone to collect my hardware (worth about £5000 in total) and if I do not pay this within a set time they will take ownership of all my servers and use or sell them   Thanks   Update I had advised them I will be hiring a man and van service to collect my hardware, they have suddenly advised that I cannot do this and must use a certain type of company who specialist in server transport. I do not feel this is fair as it is my hardware, fully owned and paid for my me but start trying to set out new rules that have never been made aware of until today after making my request to cancel.  
    • Fraudsters are using the details of firms we authorise to try to convince people that they work for a genuine, authorised firm. Find out more about this 'clone firm'.View the full article
    • Hi,    Any advice much appreciated...   I sold an item on Ebay.  It was an above ground swimming pool which the buyer paid £900 plus £60 delivery.   Ebay took quite a chunk in fees which left me more out of pocket than I anticipated.  I therefore looked for the cheapest courier.  I booked Tuffnells via Interparcel.  I opted not to take insurance as it cost £35 and I had a quick google and found I could buy £900 worth of Parcel insurance for £10.  However when I went to do it, they didn't cover Tuffnells, so upshot was parcel was uninsured.   It was collected from my property all ok, boxed up and very heavy as driver needed trolley to get it to the lorry.  However when delivered to the customer, she reported the packaging being ripped and the courier being able to lift the parcel.  The customer contacted me a couple of hours after delivery to report that the main component of the box - the swimming pool liner - is missing.   I have contacted Interparcel who have contacted Tuffnells.  I am unable to speak to Tuffnells directly as they are hiding behind the fact I booked through Interparcel.    Obviously, if the liner is not found and the item is 'lost' - I will have to refund my buyer and will therefore be £960 worse off.   I have seen there have been a few people taking cases like this to the small claims court.  Would this case be eligible and what would I need to prove?  I have the tracking details and the buyer took photos of the contents of the box minus the liner.  I have pictures of the box prior to collection.    I look forward to any advice.
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dyn27/AIC /Lloyds


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Hello, Could somebody please give me some advice.


I was involved in claiming back my bank charges from lloyds like a lot of others. I didnt use the account i had with them, but because they wouldnt close the account i accrued an unauthorised overdraft of around £1300 - all charges! I attemted and hoped to get this overdraft wiped clean and to reclaim other previous charges with them.


While the court case was going on, i applied to the FOS to have my case looked at through the Financial hardship route - I genuinely couldnt afford the repayments lloyds wanted me to repay the overdraught. Lloyds eventually told me all they could do was to refer my debt to a recovery company.


THIS IS THE BIT THAT WORRIES ME - just before Christmas i had a phone call off a company, I think it is Allied International?, i explained that the case was still with the FOS, which at the time it was.


I have now had another phone call off this company demanding my employers details so that they can take the £1300 out of my wages. They have asked me if I drive a car that they could take and they have asked how i intend to repay the debt. As well as asking if i have any savings.


I have offered to pay a small monthly amount (of which i can afford), until October and then settle the rest of the debt in one payment. (i will be given shares in October that will cover the debt). i have refused to give my employers details at the moment, but the worry is getting to me of what powers they have and what they could do.


If anyone has a bit of knowledge or advice about these things i would be very grateful.

Thank you


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Is the case still with FOC

Allied International or AIC as they are also known are just another bunch of lowlife.

If I rang up would you give me your details - no I'm sure you wouldn't - so why would you ever give them the info.

Just threats from them.

Next time, if you take the call, tell them to put everything in writing and tell them as you don't know who they are or what they want you want it in writing. You need to know if they have actually bought the debt or are they just collecting for the bank this should be more obvious from letter.

You'll have a better idea when they put it in writing.

Dont go through any security checks and if they try it tell them they should know who they've rang


I have no legal training my knowledge comes from my personal life experiences

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Thank you. The case has been dismissed by the foc. Thanks for your advice, its what i wanted to tell them the first time they rang, but wasnt sure of their credibility or my rights etc.

They rang again ealier(before i had your reply) and were a lot less threatening. They offered me a reduced figure if i could pay in 2 days time. I again ststed that i was in no state to repay a lump sum, and they also said that they would take my offer back to lloyds - they have never mentioned lloyds before, only that they know of my debt with them.

thanks again


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Welcome to the site Lee.I will move your thread from here.

Feel free to ask any other questions.

Have a happy and prosperous 2013 by avoiiding Payday loans. If you are sent a private message directing you for advice or support with your issues to another website,this is your choice.Before you decide,consider the users here who have already offered help and support.

Advice offered by Martin3030 is not supported by any legal training or qualification.Members are advised to use the services of fully insured legal professionals when needed.



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Hello all,

I wrote in to this forum last month regarding debt collectors (allied international) demanding my lloyds debt of £1200.

I had lots of good advice, but there has been developments!!


I recieved a letter this morning from Moorcroft Debt Recovery again demanding the money and threatening litigation and legal proceedings if i dont pay in 7 days.


The debt is from an unsuccessful bank charges claim with 'hardship', i couldnt afford the payback charges lloyds wanted, and now these companies expect me to pay all up front?


The last time i spoke to allied, i made them an offer of a small contribution every month and then a final settlement in October of this year (i have some money coming to me). Was this fair? Should i be offering this?


This is really worrying me now and any help will be very much appreciated




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you mean they have sent a standard threa-o-matic, calm down and re-read it, I bet it says we may or we could or they might


and if it is the same debt as your last thread best to keep it all in one place






Getting There Slowly



Advice is given freely but is in no way meant to be taken as Gospel:-)

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It is highly unlikely that Moorcroft will even think of taking a case to court involving charges as the whole issue of bank charges is on again.


I am not sure how much information is available on this site at present, but I woulld suggest that you look at Mike Dailey,s comments on Govan LC.Com.


The banks wont want anything going through the courts at this stage.



Edited by Crocdoc
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If you challenged your charges under the "old" rules and it was unsuccessful that is not the end of it. The supreme court said the old rules did not apply but that charges could possibly be reclaimed under "new" rules.


Crocdoc is right and you should look at the Govan thing.


A fresh challenge is not out of the question.

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ive put a few threads on here before about my lloyds overdraft/hardship/charges case.

Ive had another phonecall tonight off Moorcroft Debt Recovery threatening court action which upset me yet again!!

At the moment this is what i'm thinking and want advice on.


1) i'm going to send the template letter off this site about threatening DCA's etc to Moorcroft


2) After having my case for hardship rejected by the FOS, i'm going to contact lloyds again telling them of my intention to reclaim my charges back under the new rules, on these grounds;

i) lloyds fully knew that i did not use the account, but still charged a monthly fee and a number of overdraft charges each month because the monthly fee would take me more overdrawn. Every month these charges have snowballed to around £1150


ii) LLoyds call centre informed me that as i did not live near the original branch, i could call into any branch and downgrade to a basic account. But when i did, i was told i could'nt as i was overdrawn! (although i have no specific dates)


iii) even though i eventually claimed hardship because i could not keep up the repayments - lloyds never means tested me to actually find out what i could realistically afford each month.


3) My original claim was for something in the region of £2500. I was considering asking them to just close my account and wipe my overdraft clean as a settlement? I'd be happy with that just to get the DCA off my back.


4) what actual power has this DCA actually have? How far will they go? They have told me that they are acting for lloyds (not owning the debt)


5) Is it worth asking to go straight to court and have a judge rule it? have i got grounds?


I have tried looking through the forums but i'm a bit upset with the DCA phoning and nothing seems to be going in??!!


Thanks for all your help. I hope ive made sense



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3 Threads merged.


dyn27, please stick to one thread on this subject as it makes it easier for people to help you, seeing what replies and help have gone before.







Any advice I give is honest and in good faith.:)

If in doubt, you should seek the opinion of a Qualified Professional.

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