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Can anyone help with this problem?


My workplace has started doing 'employee interviews'. Prior to said interview each employee is given a question sheet with a space provided between each for an answer. The questions cover a wide range of employment issues, some of which don't make any sense. We have been told that the questions don't mean anything, I have asked if I can just hand in the answers to said questions in order to save time but managment state that we must speak them...


At work this morning I discovered that the interviews are conducted by two members of managment, one asking questions while the other takes notes. What I find odd is that the interview is also being recorded and not one member of the workforce has been asked if this is ok with them, some of them have not even been aware of the recording device being present. When our line manager was asked about this he stated that the device is to aid note taking only, even though notes are being taken with a pen and paper aswell.


I find it odd that if the interviews mean nothing, why are they recording them. Surely if we hand in the answers to the questions there would be no need to take notes.


Any advice on the use of recording equipment in interviews without getting consent etc would be a great help?

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Hi there. This does sound odd to me as well. A lot of people on this forum record meetings themselves, using a mobile phone. Have you considered that, because then you would have your own version. You don't have to tell them you're recording it.


Are they prepared to release their recording to staff? It's always useful to have that in case their notes disagree with your own recollection.

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Do you know what the nature of these interviews is?

Is there anything in your T&C's of employment regarding them?

I wouldn't worry about it unduly. As Honeybee said, if your phone has a recording facility, you could make a recording yourself.

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Thanks for the quick replies. We were told before Xmas that the company were going to perform 'employee interviews', and that we would be given the questions prior to the interview so that we could formulate answers. Some of the people at work have been there for 10+ years and have never experienced this.


It probably has something to do with the fact that the company has replaced alot of its staff with contractors. It has been stated, though not in writing, that the remaining staff places are safe, but who knows...


I do intend to take a recording device with me to the interview.

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