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TV LICENSING left me flabbergasted :(


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Last week rang them up as had to make two payments on their payment scheme. When about to pay the 11.00 I was told oh, youve only got one installment to pay due end of next week(that being 16/01/10 of 5.50) and would you like to pay it to save you ringing up again.


I thought good idea and did so paying now 16.50 out of my benefits, thinking that would save me doing it the following week. My license does not expire till 1/6/2010 and I realise I pay half up front before that date for the convinence of not worrying about the big bill:) and then pay the other half after that date in installments fortnightly.


Any how was told they would then send me my new schedule for the new license starting 1/6/2010, fair enough and as havnt been well for a while thought it would save me some hastle this week.


Today I get the new schedule through with the usual you must keep to this etc and notice the ammount has increased to 6.50, fair enough, but the first payment is due, yes you guessed it the 16/01/2010:evil: The same date of the last payment from the previous license which is still valid.


I rang them to ask them to reschedule it for two weeks as it would have been had I not paid the additional 5.50 as I was on benefits and had to budget carefully and would not have paid the extra had I been warned they would expect another payment so soon.


I was basically put down and told well we will not be able to do it so cheaply:confused: I replied well surely the licensce is the same cost:confused: just a little extra as in 6.50 devided by the other payments that of 21 so surely there is nothing to be concerned about on their part. I was then given a lecture about having signed up to it 9 or 10 years ago that I would have been given information about how the payments are expected and I said I dont see that as relevant because it was them who encouraged an extra payment out of me in advance.


She was annoyed, I was polite and I found myself point out to her that whilst I realise the scheme helps those on benefits, wouldnt it have been shear courtesy to start the new schedule two weeks after the due date of the last payment as it would have been had they left me alone with what I was doing.


She told me they regulary advise a payee to pay the last installment with a prior one when doing it over the phone and I said its not fair not to warn a person over the phone that although I am aware payments from license to license is continous that does not make me wanting to pay more than once in a fortnight.


She said they were told to do this and as gesture would reschedule as I asked in the first place but proceded to lecture me further of the rules of the plan and that I should have known and I told her you are getting half your money upfront of the license date and should bear this in mind when dealing with people so rudely that as well as doing me a favour spreading payments, they are earning interest on my money.


She was rude so I told her poliitely to cancel the arrangement and I will pay my license on the due date 1/6/2010. As long as I am careful and plan weekly I can do this and feel it would cut down the stress from me of having to get the kids to pay it or ring them up.


I just feel they want their money and more so, bbc has gone down hill, we are forced to buy their license when I prefer itv and they treat us like poop.


So stu*f them:D

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ps. I realise I will have to put away more weekly till June and this might come accross as causing myself more hastle, but its in my bank account and I can in June pay them and then plan to put it away ammount divided by 12:)for the 2011 license.


Of course I also will not have to deal with the tvl numptie=less stress.


Its just the bbc seem to spending millions on so called modern art when the could have said hey, lets give you a license fee freeze for 1 year, they would have shot up in the ratings then, but hey ho:D

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altered from numpties, after all it was just this woman who was rude.
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Decided to ring them up again briefly and ask them to listen to the call between me and the woman.


This time I rang the same number but arrears choice on the phone and the man happily let me complain and ask for the manager. He said he will get him to ring me back.


Have been told I should not have received schedule payment due this week and he could see it should have been for two weeks later, due 30/1 and said it would have been no hastle for the woman to do as I requested and it would still be 6.50. Not at an inflated price like she chastised me. Made me wonder do they get paid a bonus?:rolleyes:


Going to wait for call as cant understand why this woman on an ego trip of lecturing me can be allowed to be so rude, whilst so wrong at the same time. Alright it may have not been her error the schedule was wrong, but she wouldnt listen. Also told that it is not their policy to encourage extra payments and send out wanting more payments for the same week. They realise peole might be on benefits.


Have been put back on schedule as suits me with no hastle of paying this week and waiting call back. I wonder how many others she has insulted to the extent they leave the scheme and whilst will plan to put the money away, might end up putting it towards their huge heating bill which is bound to arrive.


Anotherwords the tv license will get ignored, he was pleased to get me back on it, nothing personal to him, but I bet they want people back on it;)

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Lovely man rang me back. Explained why the computer had done what it did, which was fine and clear and told me it would have been no problem at all to do as I asked. He explained If I was someone with arrears or regulary ignoring paying they would have to act a little more keenly to get the money, but that their staff should know the difference between customers and treat them accordingly.


Anotherwords she was way out of order and they will deal with her.


As it is alls well that ends well, just seem to have had a little bad luck with getting this woman. I think the fact she kept stating I should remember and I should know etc when I have memory problems on daily basis due to the damage epilepsy has done, it hit a nerve with me obviously.


Just think loopinloue has been going round in circles , letting myself get upset too easily. I may be in the right on something or think I am, but have problems dealing with it at the mo. Never mind Ive cheared up and another crisis over, thank god:D:D:D:D:D

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My friend had problems with TV Licensing when his wife left. The TV licence had always been in his name but since he was paying all the bills his wife said she would put the TV Licence in her name and make the payments.


She never made any payments and got fined for not having a TV Licence not long after she packed her bags and left.


My friend emailed TV Licensing explaining he needed a licence to let his son watch TV. They emailed back saying he had to pay the arrears off the previous licence (in his wifes name) and pay the full year upfront. He was not happy so i told him to leave it with me (I am already dealing with his paperwork) and i would sort it.


I logged into my Tv Licensing account and requested a calll back. A lovely lady called me back within 5 minutes, i explained the situation and she said that my friend is not liable for the TV Licence that was in his wifes name. She said she could set up a payment plan for my friend so i gave her his details and it is all sorted.


Different people in the company say different things. Makes me think that the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing.

:cool::cool: Blondmusic :cool::cool:
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They cut their noses off to spite their faces. It seems those who go out of their way to pay get a telling off or hastle depending on the mood of the operative


Does make me still wonder wether they get some sort of bonus.

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Rang them to make payment and they went through security, fair enough. Untill:shock:


Asked me for my mobile phone number, fair enough you think, I just need to remind them they dont have my mobile number and I dont give it out.


To get told but they need it. What for I reply, you may need it, but I wont give it. To which he gets hoyty toyty and goes into, well are you making a payment then, duh duh I think, isnt that why I rang and decide to put the phone down.


Rang back to ask why when a customer does say no I dont want to give my number,it is my right to say no, are we treat as an awkward pain in the bott, to be told, we have to ask it, they want us to get as many numbers as possible.


So I said please put a note on my file not to harass me for my mobile number when I ring, cant do that I am told. So told them to cancel payment card and that I will reknew license in full end of may.:-x


Then I get thinking, do I really need a tv license, can I manage without it and I talk to my kids and we decided yes we are happier with radio, games console etc iplayer.....


I would much prefer putting the money away for the license and saving it maybe.:D

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Found a link to a website somewhere on here today, cant remember where :oops: and found out what to do to make sure they tvl know I do not intend to use live tv as of 1/6/2010.


For instance get rid of satellite box, easily done as it is on its last legs and will probably die before june, keeps going to standby:confused:


There is an old aeriel on the roof with wire through to front, but is already cut, but just to make a point there is a huge visible brown wire outside my house leading into front from it which if cut could be visibley a sign not used. etc etc anyhow you get my point.


Any how decided to ring tvl head office as they oik at card payment services went straight into a threat when I said I wouldnt be using live tv from june and how do I go about informing you of that, as in will watch it till license ends and then not reknew.


He proceded to tell me threatening letters would appear and a man would come in my house to check on me. Now having mental health problems maybe I overeact at that a little, but take from that that they are threatening me.


The head office listened to me and said yes the letters will arrive saying this house has no license etc and its ilegal to blah blah blah without a license and I told her I am ringing you to find out what I need to do. I said I did not appreciate a man was going to come in my house, it wasnt as if I would be proved breaking the law, a reason which would validate a visit, and said he shouldnt have said that. The man then told me if I would not let the man in my house then I would have to argue my case with the courts.:-x


Hang on I thought, what wrong have I been proved to be doing in advance of doing it to warrant such a threat?:confused:


She said I had every right to refuse entry and that once I had written to them telling no licence needed as no live tv, then they would update their systems and leave me alone.:D


However I have been warned they dont leave you alone, but instead barrad you with threatening letter.


If this is not the experience of others I would be interested to know:)


I have warned them I taped the call and that if I am intimidated after saying I will not allow a stranger into my house 'to check'and not left alone as promissed, I will sue for harrassment.


Apparantly according to the call centre man if you do not let them in they(well him in this case representing tvl) take as an implied admission of guilt and go to court, I see it differently, dont they have to prove you are commiting an offence and isnt it my right to politely say foxtrot oscar.


BBC Your tv is rubbish and customer services rank and the ammount you waste at head office on so called modern art according to the papers in my opinion is rank also. I dont want to watch the tv anymore:cool:


What do you think of the way they try to scare us into buying a license when not needed?

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I will move this thread to the appropriate forum as there are more people around who know about this. :)



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ps telly pushing nine years old, dont have remote anymore, so cant be tuned in, only works via scart leads to external dvd etc or satelliite box, which as said will be binned.


Surely they could not take me to court when not using live tv.


Have asked them what need to do to tv and not told anything necessary to what I stated I would do. Anothewords if the tv needs something taking out of it, they dont tell us.

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Written a letter to head office customer relations basically above and asking them to put in writing and confirm dont need license and can refuse entry without being found guilty just because of that. Buzby a very helpful cagger has confirmed to me that my opinion of them and their information is correct. I Dont trust them.

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You don't need a licence if you don't use any of these devices to watch or record television programmes as they're being shown on TV - for example, if you use your TV only to watch DVDs or play video games, or you only watch programmes on your computer after they have been shown on TV. If this is the case, please let us know, as this helps us to keep our database up to date and means you won't receive the standard letters we send to unlicensed addresses.



Hi there, have posted this TVLA quote on my thread too

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We were paying by DD and then decided to rather pay upfront for the year. They refused. We were told that the DD woudl eb cancelled and we woudl need to wait 2 months before being able to buy a new licence. All we wanted to do is pay off the current year! We asked if we could pay for the licence a year in advance at that point instead of waiting 2 months and the answer again was "NO"! Plonkers.

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What gets me is their enforcers seem to have rules of their own as in own a tv, slapped with fine. I dont think its acceptable to be put in the well you are likely to use it bracket. Surely they have to be very careful that they have evidence or couldnt they be sued for defamation.:cool:

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Right tv is dead. Apart from a few jumpy pictures of arnies bum in red heat and a bit of britains got talent waving around its not worth watching anymore. Sound speakers blew and with wavey screen it has died. Feel like brass band should walk down the street very slowly as I dont want to buy another, NNNOOOOOOOOOO, apart from my harassing sone who says YYYeeessssss.


Anyhow seriously, rang them prior to license expiring telling them going to have to buy new telly and therefore would need new license to start as of old one and could I set up monthly payment card.


Begrudgingly I add, I dont want it:mad:


All goes fine untill asked for card details, apologise that as waiting new card cant do over phone till get new one with new security digits as old one stopped.


THE TONE CHANGED SINISTER and I am not exagerating. Now told could not have a license that simply run on and I said why I am ringing you in advance and by the time the tvl payment card arrives I will have new bank card able to ring you with first payment etc etc etc......Told not good enough:rolleyes: I had to make payment now, or if I didnt risk the dreaded tv inspector. I said surely thats not relevant as you can see I am awaiting payment card you set payment schedule which i will adhear to by the time card arrives. Told NO are you ready, MY LICENSE CANNOT START UNTILL FIRST PAYMENT RECEIVED BY THEM anotherwords in the meantime still at risk of fine if use telly.


Dont worry I finally got in, telly is bust and more than not I use iplayer to catch up as telly is now caput. I will buy my new telly when payment card allows me to make payment and therefore not risk being unlicensed for even one second........


So I confirmed in that case when will my license start and he repeats from the date we receive your first payment, not from the 31st or 1st of month as I had hoped.


So rather than get new telly in bank holiday sales I decided to leave it another week and as the telly started to smell funny recently decided not risk even listen to it with no sound and wavey lines.......destined for the tip, but as weighs the same as a small family car, very oldfashioned one, then I will need to hire a jcb just to get the bleeding thing out of my house, now I am exagerating......:D


Point is the tvlicense people today confrimed something I suspected all along, they lay it on thick or could be said to tell porkies or even some of their people to put it bluntly BLEEDING LIE.


Received the card and schedule which asked for payment by 8/6 but suprisingly after the lecture I got prevously the license said it carried on from the old one as in 31/5.


So I thought what was the purpose in them making me feel like a bleeding crim ringing them in advance trying to set up new license for telly I dont want to buy and throw in bullsh** instead of the facts I would expect.


So told today when said surely the license starts when first payment received and as not bought new telly yet, want it to start the day I buy it. TOLD NO has to start on first of the month or 15th of the month.:confused:


Told them previoulsy given duff informaition and annoyed and suspected a couple of weeks ago that they were just being funny because I couldnt make the first payment there and then due to not having valid bank card and as license still valid what they hell were they playing at.


Passed to supposed manager, who I must admit, didnt souldn like a manager, sounded confused and as if just passed to next station. Told has to start on first of the month, so I said I dont think thats fair, I have been led to believe at risk of fine, so left the purchase and now told have to pay for prevous week anyhow, gggrrrrrr. I then said well start it on the 15/6 as just told and I will buy telly then.


ARE you ready for this told cant do it on the 15/6 not allowed. Hang on man just spoke to said 1st or d1`5th, OOOHHHHH hes made a mistake.


I asked who they were and was told I think IQOR does that make sence, if not happy to edit.


Point is these people are borderingon intimidation and allowing people to feel vulnerable to fine when not the case. Either they dont know what they are talking about or just there to get as much money and as early as possible from members and why just to add does it feel like you are talking to a bailiff whenever you ring as if going to jump down the throat.




What the hell is the bbc doing dealing with these people?

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Told not telco as one man said but IQOR very different names, odd.
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Could also anyone else confirm some information they told me. I said well if I therefore buyit from the post office on the day I buy the telly surely it will start that date and told no. If for instance buy a telly end of june but prior to july you still have to pay for june even though didnt have telly then, I FEEL SOMETHINGS NOT RIGHT HERE.:mad:


Are they telling the truth or just trying to get me to buy if from them?

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Have asked them due to their deception to do either of two suggestions. one to give me june free or two to give me 100.00 that I lost by putting of purchase of telly want as sale not now on, which do they prefer for being lieing gets.....


Waiting for call back, but thought worth a try. Its alright to say a person has to backdate a license based on duff information, but they dont like the idea of backdating a telly offer for me, arrhhh diddums.

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I dont know what it is about me, due to my illness I go through periods where well can we say not with it, in fairly land. I have for a long time took what told as the law and not questioned anything. Since shall we say becomming a little less niave I have made sure i do my best to at least only ring these firms when more alert, common sence.


Lately I seem to have a red flag indicator that appears in my head when people lie, I seem to pick it up quite quickly, lets call it the bu** ***t indicator and i get very upset not rude, but cant seem to tolerate liers.


I am just shocked how many companies mislead people and would have thought that even the bbc would want to make sure people are encouraged to buy their license not pushed away from them or intimidated when not even unlicensed yet.


No exageration they clearly told me I was in trouble for not giving my bank card details to them prior to old one expiring as would take a few days for the payment card to arrive and therefore inspector could call. I rang just under two weeks before expiry of license why were they intimidating me to make payment there and then, bit like start of this thread encouraging payments stating one thing and then trying for more moeny contradicting what said. LIEING to me

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Panic this comapny dealing on behalf of tvl taking payment license plans have said they are called IQOR.




If so would explain keeness to get money, must be on commision and secondly confusion on information, they said they were first telco then iqor are they multipurpose for different companies, I dont know, but dodgy the bbc would be involved with them unless a debt was involved, but scaring the hell out of me.


IQOR the man said, dca that speaks to me. I had to push him and dont know if he was allowed to say this, he said tvlicensing is the company and I said you operate on their behalf what is your company and he again said IQOR

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