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    • Update. The ASB team have categorically said they want to send a letter to the idiot saying... you are upsetting your neighbor, please come in to talk about this, we need to tell you we have no power to do anything about this though... WTAF?   They also said my only option to stop idiot parking and obstructing our kerb is to park our other car outside idiots property 🤔 because the car is now not obstructing enough to get a ticket and not breaking any law! Even though it's obviously being done to cause annoyance.   Just seems beyond belief!
    • Ok, quick update on this.  Mediation didn't happen - mainly because I missed the deadline for agreeing to the date - I didn't realise the deadline was quite so tight - and I had been away for the weekend and not reading my emails - anyway - although it was bad to not formally respond, it didn't really make too much difference because due to the lack of viable evidence provided by the claimant, mediation would have been pointless.   So I've been waiting to head what court date has been allocated to my case. However, instead I received a "General Directions or Order" letter.    Sorry - I meant to bring it in (to where I'm writing this).....but basically the gist of it was that the claimant had 14 days to respond providing evidence e.g. signed credit agreement etc. - and then I had 14 days after that to respond stating whether I accepted that evidence and whether I wanted to withdraw defence.    The letter was sent around the beginning of the month - therefore their 14 days are more or less up - I haven't heard anything - albeit, I need to factor in postage times - but surely this means my 14 days are not really 14 days....but more a case of the time left before the end of October and when or if I get anything from the court of the claimant with their evidence.   My question really is:    Is it a stupid question - but I cannot really do anything until I receive anything - at the moment, the court won't know what they've sent me (in response to my CCA request) - i.e. the poorly presented application form - meaningless statements - no clear signed credit agreement etc. - so this step is basically the court asking whether there is enough evidence in order to allocate a court date?   I'm assuming I should get a copy of whatever the claimant provides to the court?   Many thanks  
    • hello again, do you think this witness statement better suits my needs witness 2.pdf
    • Hi all   Does this link indicate whether or not Woodside Park station is under the TFL Byelaws or not, as I'm a bit confused?!   https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/transparency/freedom-of-information/foi-request-detail?referenceId=FOI-2209-1819   Rgds. Andy
    • I am hoping someone can offer me some advice concerning an issue with my former landlord, please. In short, I took possession of a property he was letting out just over ten years ago. Having viewed and been offered the letting, I accepted and paid the deposit plus the first month’s rent and moved in. Meanwhile, the landlord had gone on holiday and it was not until a week or so after I had moved in that I saw him again when he came around to see if we had settled in OK. I told him all was fine and took the opportunity to ask him where the parking space was located as there is only “pay per hour” on street parking outside and a commercial car park approaching half a mile away. He said there was no parking included with the accommodation. Yet the lease which we had each signed clearly stated that the property included the use of a parking space. He told me that this was an error on his part and that there was no parking space included with the property. Having already vacated my previous letting and paid the deposit and the rental advance and moved all my effects into the new letting – in addition to not wanting a major fallout with my new landlord (I also had a wife and three children to consider), I erred on the side of caution and did not press the matter.   However, the kids have all grown and flown and we have been obliged to downsize to a one bedroom apartment (with parking, happily). This was nearly three months ago and I have only yesteray received contact from my former landlord’s lawyer stating I still owe him (the landlord) money. I am waiting to learn the grounds for his claim and have requested a full breakdown of that alleged indebtedness from his lawyer but, having been very good tenants who always paid the rent on time and not only took great care of the old property but also did a lot of unpaid work improving it over the course of our ten year residence, I am quite annoyed to be treated so meanly. Regardless of whether or not it transpires that I do, unwittingly, owe this man money I am wondering whether or not I might have a counter claim against him for the false representation of his lease and perhaps even be compensated for the ten years I spent paying for on street parking as well as putting up with the daily (often hourly) inconvenience of that.   If someone could advise me, I would be very grateful.   Thank you.  
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I need some urgent advice


I stupidly got involved with some payday loans / cheque writing i.e. Moneyshop, Poundstill Payday etc as I was helping a family member out, ironically, with debts from different kind of sharks.(human ones - gangs)


The upshot is that I went over and above my overdraft limit and more and more. I got a call from Natwest collections and I arranged a 6 month payment plan - which was all good as it was around £300 per month, which I can just about afford. However my mind was in such a state during November / early December due to the situation that I had forgotten a further two cheques which I had written. To my horror I saw them coming through on my online account. I immediately called them to let them know and pleaded with them to allow me another payment plan. Unfortunately, this was not allowed. I now have 28 days in which to pay up the lot- £2,500 - otherwise my account is to be closed and a CCJ / Default notice against me




I called CCCS for some practical advice, and they advised me to walk away from NatWest. This is not an option.


I can't afford to go to another bank for a variety of reasons (mainly personal ). Let's just say that my marriage could be at stake if my account were to close.


CCCS said that there is the possibillty that I can try and negotiate again with collections - to pay the whole thing over 3 months (which I would just about do, using the majority of my wages) - has anybody had any experience of this actually being succesful?


I also have the offer of up to £1000 10 month loan from the Credit Union but unfortunately cannot find a suitable guarantor at present which is very frustrating for me, as this, coupled with my next month;s wages would just cover it.


Does anybody working at NatWest know whether this would be viable?? any constructive help / practical suggestions at all would be gratefully received



Here's hoping.:confused:

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Just to follow this up, and for anyone else in a similar predicament with the bank - I called up my local natwest bank manager who essentially said that there wasn't a huge amoount that they could do - but he did give me some tips on what to say - i.e. come clean and appeal to their better nature. And he said to use their current key PR phrase 'treating customer's fairly' into the conversation.


So I called them back, and, using the key phrase, somehow managed to talk them round to a 6 month plan!


I am flabberghasted to be fair, because yesterday it looked as if that was that :oops:


So for anyone who perhaps has had the 28 day threat with Natwest, all is not neccessarily lost. If you do have the funds to cover the debt then you should call them back and negotiate.


Worked for me!! more than happy now.:D

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Im glad to hear that MightySword - a lot of the time they do make empty threats as a tactic to get the full amount back straight away. It also depends on whcih staff member you speak to, and if they want to take their frustrations out on you :(

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