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how to take a debt collector to court???? please help

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'lip rate'

is however much you charge to speak to them, per hour minute etc.


I set my charges for letters based on what an any good solicitors(if they exist?) charge for letters plus my time in research to write that letter.


My charge for my telephone conversations is based on how i value my time,,,,,,, and as 'my time' on this planet, granted to me by my maker(whoever that is:D) is an undisclosed time i value my time VERY highly and i have the right to charge as i see fit..... they can always 'rebut' those fees if they dont agree to them. they have seven days in which to 'rebut'(refuse) the fees.

hope this helps Jimbo


and as for ' high court enforcer' s comments - are you realy a court enforcer?? without wishing to sound rude........ the courts are a de-facto court system, meaning they are maritime courts, courts of the high sea.............. and me,apart from living on the land, well i am a natural born man with inalienable natural rights, and if i so wish i can remove any judges authority in a court room, his pathetic 'statutes' have no power over a 'freeman' if that freeman does not consent....... so how will the courts be able to say i cant charge what i like for my time, if the statutes he would use to argue those fees aren't 'the law' just some trumped up statute for robots or the unaware to follow????

Have you read my 'notice's i have posted? they are written under common law, the only LAW in this country........... and Edward heath, tony Blair, Margret thatcher and others should all face charges of treason and sedition as they are selling our countries sovereignty to the fascist EU.

search Albert Burgess on Utube...


back on topic please

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If solicitors can and do charge high fees!


Why then can a ' Litigant in Person' not copy these high fees and lay them before a Judge when they are awarded costs?


If I have spent 10 hours work on my case with support from Caggers + letters + phone calls. Why can't I claim 10x £9.25?

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