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    • Hi as this appears to be about a Parking Charge from a PPC,   I have moved your thread to the Private Land parking Forum, where you should get advice targeted to the situation   could you give some history about what the Invoice was for  and who the parking Contractor is  Did you appeal the charge, and it looks like you have had letters from the dreaded useless Gladstones demanding payment  Could you give the information asked for on this sticky and also post the  letter from gladstones to see if it is a Letter Before Claim/Action?    
    • it is also unlawful to change the ownership of a vehicle [or goods] to avoid enforcement action upon them. and this was done after you had already replied to the council regarding the outstanding ticket(s).   be careful upon pursuing a resolution arguing this point.   you could have quite easily changed ownership to gain a parking permit some months previously when getting the first windscreen ticket.              
    • I would start off by sending the bank an SAR. Which bank is it?
    • I agree with you DX100, but N/W don't want to play ball and send a copy of the agreement after 3 requests.  How will this stand if it goes to Court?
    • Sorry if this is in the wrong section as not sure where exactly its best suited.   We got the bank statement the other day & noticed 23 separate Xbox in game credit debits for Fortnite for £7.99 each over a 4 week period.  daughter insists she didn't order anything.    most will say "of course she would and just denying it etc" I'm not going to say I believe her even though I'm assuming using real cash to buy in game credit comes with a clear notification that your using real money (and stating the amount each time) to buy such in game credit.  I still need to check the Xbox security settings to see if as I think I did, I did set a security pin for purchases   a few things are puzzling me on a legal footing and that mainly what I want to ask about.   As the bank statement indicates the card in question is an old card I had replaced and cancelled a while ago, about the time these transactions started.  When I ordered the new replacement I asked for the previous card to be cancelled.  2   weeks later I had to report the replacement card stolen\lost abroad and ordering another again asking for that card to be cancelled to prevent unauthorized use and money being taken from the bank account.   I've already contacted the bank to enquire how and why they have allowed payments from an old debit card I had replaced and cancelled?.  They suggest that the card was never cancelled when the replacement was ordered and that the old card would remain valid until the expire date in a couple of years time!!!.    I asked them how on earth this can be the case as the replacement card has a completely different number and ordering the replacement should trigger (as per my request) cancellation and usage of said card.  The bank is suggesting otherwise as because the card was valid when setting up Xbox live that the card can always be used even if replaced regardless of reason it was replaced or if we cancelled the card.    They justified this action by saying the payments are continuous payments (similar to direct debit) and that's why they went through and referred me to Microsoft.   I pushed the issue and said they are not continuous payments but single individual 1 off payments that by nature (in game credit) and the number of payments (23 x £7.99) they could never claim them to have been continuous payments as a pre existing agreement for such payments for the game in question would have to exist and have existed when the card was valid which it doesn't.    these payments should not have been made because they are neither continuous payments and come from an old debit card that was replaced and cancelled.  The bank sort of agreed that these payments maybe are not continuous payments yet are now unsure where I stand.  I have been referred to there disputes department.   Feeling I'm going to get the same run around on the rights over taking payments from an old replaced card that was supposed to be cancelled, I'm wanting to know what members think on a legal footing?.    As its like the bank saying I can use the same old & replaced debit card details to order items online because its still in date even if replaced & cancelled which I find highly unlikely!.
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Can you fill the forms out yourself and put in for your own sequestration through the LILA thing, or does it need to be signed by financial advisor/cab advisor?



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you can fill them in yourself


ida x

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Thx Ida. I wasnt sure if I could, my CAB advisor has left and the woman thats taking his place dosnt have any appts til end of FEB!!

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