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Credit Resource Solutions

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I have read many topics on here regarding these jokers.

Credit Resource Solutions Ltd


I was really interested in reassuring the many unwitting recipients of these guy's threatening letters and phone calls.


My advice to you as someone who was also a target of CRS, Samspon legal, ScottCall!!!!!! Is this:

DO NOT RING THEM - it is useless to reason with these low-lifes AND IT COSTS YOU MONEY


I didn't actually correspond by post - IT COSS YOU MONEY, especially if you send it recorded.


I used their generic e-mail address;



Be sure to tag your e-mail with a receipt and read. You will not recieve any notifications including a non-delivery notice. In other words they have received it.


Attach all previous e-mail/scans/etc to your ensuing e-mails. It costs you nothing other than abit of time but does create a demonstrable record of your efforts. Make sure YOU SAVE your e-mails, attach them to your next e-mail.


I would suggest a great proportion of the 'debt' they either buy or act agents for is either unenforceable, dubious or just plain wrong! As was mine. They rely upon you being gullible/fearful/lazy. Don't let them bully you.


The Golden rule, any debt is not legally recoverable by methods such as baliffs or doorstep recovery agents, UNLESS IT HAS BEEN SANCTIONED BY A COURT OF LAW.


If you believe the disputed 'debt' is wrong, ask for proof - whether that be your signature or photo in whatever scenerio you are debating. There's plenty of advice on this great site regarding this.

Don't be harrassed by the rent a letter solicitors (£1 a letter!), or the implied threat of a door step call. They have no legal rights what so ever.


Beat them at their own game, I treated it as abit of joke in the end. Whenever I recieved correspondance, I just knocked up an e-mail when I had time - basically deeming them bottom feeding **** and calling their bluff. If I received phone calls - always automated - I just left the receiver off the hook until their automated hang up cut in.


Eventually they even started e-mailing me back offering me a discount if I paid soon ;). This is when you actually find their specific e-mail addresses like Chris@creditresourcesolutions.co.uk or Melissa@creditresourcesolutions.co.uk .


Obviously you can then add their e-mails to spam lists for impotency drugs and debt consoladation companies :lol:.


See you in Court was my usually response. They've long since gone, but are no doubt, worrying/harassing many other innocents.

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Sadly a lot of people don't know about this site and get sucked in by these [problem] merchants - yes they are scams and they know it.


Since finding CAG I've queried every non-current communication which has come in and saved myself a lot of grief by finding out either a) the alleged debt had been paid to the original creditor some time ago, b) the alleged debt was statute barred, c) the alleged debt was not even mine.


On Friday there was a Provident lady outside the flats and I refused to let her into the common areas, she was not pleased and threatened to report me to the managing agents for not letting her in to do 'her business' I pointed out its a block of flats and she has little right to come touting round here.


I too beg some of these people, especially Robinson Way and Meritforce to take me to court but so far nobody has.


If only CAG was more widely known about, I know they tout the National Debtline, CCS and CAB but CAG is more able to help faster than some of the other agents, who are funded by the very industry that creates the problem.


Off soapbox now.

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