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Old - Sold debt

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Hi all, just a bit of guidance.. I have just recieved a letter from a debt collection agency ...lovell portfolio 1.....asking for money from an "ALLEGED" debt "3" mobile from 2003 that my wife has, (news to us both). we contacted the company (3) and all they could say is that the account number i quoted was from 2003 and have no further record and information for us. we quizzed the operator about the alleged debt and she went quiet.

Now i still have an account with 3 as that is my current mobile provider and always has been since 2001, my wife only had a 3 mobile back in 2003 for 1 year and it was a "contract" so they had our bank details and still do.

Why 6 years later after no contact whatsoever regarding the matter would they sell it on without trying to contact us,

Is the debt legal after this amount of time.. (although we were totally unaware of it.).. i dont believe we even owe anything..in two weeks it is literally 2010 making it 7 years old..


main jist of letter letter reads..









we are writing to let you know that starting 09/12/2008. you should pay the outstanding balance of £xx.xx on your 3 account to lowell.....blah blah.

the balance on your account is made up of the following:-


Airtime debt - £

Early termination fee £

= total amount due £xx.xx







thats the main jist of the letter


to me it seems a very amateur letter without filling in the missing debts.


Any advice guys? this is a strange one.. or at least i thin so.


PS. once my current "3" contract runs out it will never be renewed.

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Welcome to the site.

The 6 year end would obviously depend on what month in 2003 the account was allegedly defaulted.for example if it was December 2003 it would be coming to its end now.

Lets assume it is near 6 year end-its not unusual for debts with a few weeks or months left to be moved around for a final push at collection before they become statute barred.

Mobile phone accounts are not covered or regulated under the consumer credit act,however it does not remove your rights or protection from regulation under OFT debt collection guidelines,Consumer protection laws 2008 nor others that may come into play.


First you should deal with this in writing,and keep copies and proof of posting.

I suggest that you put in writing your response from 3g.

That you state clearly you do not, nor have at any stage accepted any liability nor responsibility for the alleged debt they are seeking to collect.

That you ask them to provide you with documentation that shows their legal entitlements to seek repayment of this alleged debt from you.

That they record your dispute of the alleged debt,and that they forward you a copy of their complaints procedure.

I would also either send off £2 for copies of your credit reports to experian and Equifax or else look at them online and see if theres anything there.

If 3g have entered adverse info there,they had an obligation to inform you.

If 3g sold the account to Lowell and Lowell have re-registered or have taken on credit reporting-they too had an obligation to inform you.

If no adverse entries exist,then of course you are faced with lesser actions to challenge.

If Lowell continue to seek repayment whilst ignoring your notice to them,then report them to your local trading standards and make a complaint to Consumer Direct.

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Advice offered by Martin3030 is not supported by any legal training or qualification.Members are advised to use the services of fully insured legal professionals when needed.



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Lowell and the Infamous 3G mobile phone [problem]! (allegedly:D)


They tried this on with a family member earlier this year, and it was for a few pounds and pence, and as per normal Lowlifes were their usual professional selves, and 3G were again excelling themselves in the customer care department:-|


After the intervention of the BBC's Watchdog, it transpired that some of the 'alleged' debts were indeed a mere figment of their imagination and they soon backed down.


Course of action should be denial, and tell them to prove it.


At the same time file a formal complaint to the OFT, TS through Consumer Direct and OfCom.


The Office of Fair Trading: Contact us


Consumer Direct




BBC - Watchdog: Lowell - chasing debts

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