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Why do utilities appear on credit record?

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I know mobile phone companies appear on credit files, although i do not know why as they are utilities surely, but that is not the main drift of my thread.


I transfered to British Gas about a year ago as they gave me the cheapest quote. I was paying by direct debit. I am disabled and on pension credits. I had asked to be put on their "social" tariff. After a year they wrote to me saying I was a few hundred pounds in arrears, and if i did not pay them immediately they would have to quadruple my monthly payments.


I telephoned them and said I couldn't afford either option, and the guy said it was a mistake, not to worry they would not take that much out of my account untill it was sorted. To be on the safe side i cancelled the DD and told them I had. Good tyhing i did because dispite me cancelling the monthly payments they still attempted to take the money out of my account, my overdraft had been cancelled due to DCAs messing with my credit file so this would have caused no end of problems.


BG kept phoning me asking how i was going to pay of the arrears, and somone even admited they under setimate the cost to get customers, then hit them with a massive bill a year later. I tild the gas board that i was applying to the energy trust to get my arrears paid, but they still kept insisting i used many set asside for other essential to pay them.


I stuck to my guns and the bills where paid as i said they would be by the energy trust. I have now been put on the "social" tarriff and put back wha ti use each week and pay monthly.


Recently I have had 2 entries on my credit file for gas and lecky, why is this, they are not credit bills. even though they are shown as settled the fact that they are there would be enough to raise an question.


Is there a way i can get rid of them, they have never been there before dispite using gas and lecky for well over 3 decades.

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Look at my earlier thread on EON, I now believe they all do the same. I'm a bit annoyed by it especially if you are paying them in advance and they are holding your money and I haven't asked them for credit so why should they be recording info on my credit file.



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Only things that should be added to a credit file are things that are taken out under a credit agreement.


Hence its name 'Credit File'.


Its basically like the milkman putting markers on your file for not paying your bill.


Something that needs to be addressed by the ICO and the utilities ombudsman i think.

IVA Entry Removed

Nationwide Default Removed

Nationwide Joint Account Default Removed

Natwest Default Removed

Blackhorse Car Finance Court Claim - Won

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have just phoned British Gas and challenged the call centre operative as why they are reporting to Experian about my account, he said that I gave them permission when I started using their service and that I had signed to agree. I told him I had not signed anything and should produce a contract with both parties signatures on it, to which he said you agreed verbally. I told him I had agreed to take a gas service which is not a credit account and therefore not regulated under the CCA 1974, I told him that this practise should cease forthwith. He didn't have a clue apart from parroting the standard stuff. He went away for an extended period and came back to say he will pass my query onto their data team who will contact me in due course. Watch this space!!

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