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I am new to this site and not sure how to use it so i am afraid of not ever finding the page i found today about egg selling thier debt to apex!


I have sent a letter (last week) to apex requesting my CCA (advice of a friend who directed me to this site where i got the template letter to send) after egg sold my debt to them without my knowledge or permission- like 'jon' i had an agreement with egg of reduced affordable payments (£100 a month)

When i recieved the letter from both egg and apex in the same envolope saying my debt had been sold, i phoned apex and had a go.

after speaking to said friend he said for me to not speak to them again and write to them in future starting with the CCA template - i am now waiting the 12 days.

my question is - can apex come round and take things from my house while waitng for apex to respond ? (i know they cant harrass me on the phone)

can they start adding interest again? (had it frozen when i entered in agreement with egg)

to be frank i am quite scared of what will happen next.

there is also a £200 discrepency i.e. apex say egg have not transfered that to them yet.

i paid regularly every month - but as of end of Dec if this doesnt get sorted i will then be 'in arrears'.

sorry this is long but i am very worried. Help!


thank you so much for your time

Don't worry you are doing things correctly by asking for your CCA from Apex. They cannot come to your property and take anything, they would need a possession order to do that & to get that they would have had to of obtained a CCJ against you which you would have had failed to pay. To get a CCJ would be difficult too & would take many months, so please don't worry about anything like that happening & ruining your Xmas.


Now Apex have bought this debt they cannot add interest or charges, so whatever the balance was when it was transferred is all they can legally claim if the CCA is enforceable & even then you can only be expected to pay what you can reasonably afford. In the unlikely event that they applied for a CCJ against you for non-payment, a court would look at your circumstances & decide a repayment plan you can afford after looking at an income & expenditure form which you would have filled in. But as I said, anything like this is a long long way off even if it were to happen.


Your friend is quite right about not speaking to them on the 'phone, everything from now on must be in writing, in that way it will leave a nice evidential paper-trail + they will not be able to deny any agreements or occurances which may have happened. Besides, on the 'phone they will lie to & threaten you... something they would never dare to do in writing.


When you get a response to your CCA request if you scan it, remove identifying details and post it up we'll have a look for you and advise from there.

Anthrax alert at debt collectors caused by box of doughnuts


Make sure you do not post anything which identifies you. Although we can remove certain things from the site unless it's done in a timely manner everything you post will appear in Google cache & we do not have any control over that.


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