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I have posted all details in November, but briefly, we have two outstanding bills, one for approx. £1000 and the other for £1500. The first one has now gone back to Court aparently and the bailiff threatened that would put my husband in jail, however I have been reassured that it wont happen, as its not that we wont pay, we cant pay. For the second one I sent all the paperwork backto Rossendales and asked if we could make repayments at £20.00 per week, they refused and said we had to pay £500.00 per month for three months. Our incomings at the moment are £520.00 Tax credits, £120.00 Child benefit, £600.00 student nurse bursary and my husband is a self employed window cleaner and bringing approx £800.00 if the weather is good.(all monthly) OUr rent alone is £650.00 and we spend about £550.00/£600 month shopping, petrol to get me to Uni or placement and my husband on his round is about £200.00 monthly.....Then there is all the other bills, I am sure you can see where this is going:( I qualify in 5 months so will hopefully get a staff nurse position then at which time we can afford to start paying more off our bills and debts. My husband had some time off work after having an operation, self employed = no money coming in from him andbasicallys its all got out of control since then. I am not blaming anyone for this situation except ourselves....

Anyway the second bailiff from Rossendales has been round again today, with a notice through the door that says he will be coming back in 24 hours to take our stuff. I emailed the council back in November and have spoke to them basically they were not interested in taking it back. All i want to do is start paying some off this debt and then up the payments when i get a job next May.

I know I read somewhere that sometimes MP or Councillor can help.

I am studying to be a mental health nurse but i think it will be that needs help by the time i qualify!! Christmas is a couple of weeks away and I have not bought a single thing for my kids, with no prospect of being able to do so.... I am so desperate that I used our last £50.00 yesterday paying a loan broker to try and find us a loan to clear it all up, we are also behing with rent as we missed a couple of payments when husband was off sick! Sorry for the huge message, it kind of helps to get it all written down.

Thanks again

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Further to the above I have just looked at the piece of paper the bailiff from Rossendales left, the amount is written in pencil :) classy! But I have just noticed that this call is for the first account that the last bailliff said he was passing back to the court. Is the WPO still in force? It was dated 7 September 2009. He has added 30.00 for knocking at my door, which I am not convinced he did as my dogs normally bark for ever when someone is at the door and there was none of that this morning. It is now in the hands of a Mr Chapman? no first name so cant check whether he is registered. So i am confused as to why they have not passed back to the court, we still have no means to pay this bill and we didnt agree a payment plan on this one. Sorry if my situation is confusing!

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