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    • you are in the info gather phase  get it.   it could be fraud or ID theft id you've moved since that EE was taken out.   the other accounts could well be statute barred if you've made no payments in 6yrs prior to their claimforrn. and if they were that would be extremely important to any defence as SB defence would blow those accounts out the water.   dx    
    • I'm trying to understand your story and I gather that the court papers were sent to the wrong address and the claim is in respect of an alleged parking matter but at incorrect address. This correct? please respond and then monitor this thread for a full response tomorrow  
    • I paid £500 for 6 months towards the arrears.  After 6 months I wanted them to capitalize arrears.   I was also slightly struggling to pay 500 every month. I understand I should not have stopped but I made mistake.   Shall I pay £1000 tomorrow?
    • DEAR ALL I have read all of the NEWBIES sections on Car Parking Management and default judgment ( https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5585047) but I have no direct idea how to proceed this. This is important for me to resolve as I have a pending house purchase mortgage lender refused because of the CCJ and if I don't set it aside soon, Vendors will sell to someone else!!! PLEASE HELP ME. I have paid a CCJ but in the same time I have sent a cover email to both Newlyn and Gladstones that my payment is not made because of acceptance of any aspect of the judgment. A little different to the above mentioned post, I actually got a notice from CPM and Gladstones and Debt Collection which I responded to refusing the claim, as a registered keeper, denying the incident and liability. They kept on sending me correspondence with wrong street address. I have provided them an updated address but they didn't send it there (I have to put Subject Access Request first to access all data, working on it) and my landlord sent all back with Return to Sender sticker. - I moved 6 months later (march 2019) to a new address and got a final notice from newlyn debt collection which under the influence of my panicked parents I have paid them with the above mentioned cover email (the enquiries lady at northamptonshire business centre assured me I can still submit N244 if I pay, didn't take her name, stupid me I know) - BUT requesting the Particulars of Claim from Northamptonshire Business Centre, I can see that the whole Claim as well as all of the relevant correspondence sent up to date (Gladstones, Debt Collection Plus) referred to a Claim for a WRONG STREET. They claim it was parked on parallel street, whereas the photographic evidence is for a different street. There was also no sign on that side of the pavement. BIG QUESTION IS Do you think I can set a CCJ aside on the basis of this event never happening and subsequent procedural errors? (sorry, I don't speak legal terms and English is not my first language) Please if you can help me, my whole family is panicked and angry at me about this and Vendors are on standby unless I am convinced I can win this. I wrote to the Business Park management to tell them about this to just confirm the photos are not from that road but I dont think they will get involved unless I write to the local MP.
    • Thank you, do you mean to ask for the dates of when I last paid them for the contracts that I may have had with them?   Is this essential for the Defence letter?   Though I am 99.9% sure I have never had a contract with EE, surely the Claimant's whole case would be dropped if I prove this to be the case?    Thanks!
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rainbow moon

Timescales for cohens/court action?

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I put my defence in using the online service against Cohens on the 16th of November, other than a confirmation letter from the court to say they had received the defence I have heard nothing. I have been on the moneyclaim website and nothing else has been entered. I just wondered how long it usually takes Cohens to respond or is there a deadline that they have to meet with court dates etc?

Thanks for any help. Rainbow x

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Assuming this is an intitial defence or holding defence it can take up to a month or more (depends how busy the court is, is it being moved to your local court etc) before AQs are issued.




ALL unsolicited PMs and E-mails should be posted up - Not all on CAG are who they appear to be



My views are my own. If in doubt, seek professional advice. If I can help though, I will. CAG helped me!!


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